Iphone 12 Pro Max Vs Dslr

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Re: This might sound crazy simply the iPhone 12 Pro Max volition replace my DSLR.


To answer some questions addressed hither:

Why did I buy a DSLR in the get-go place?Well, I am in my 30’due south at present, when I was effectually 16 or 17 I got my first digital camera, information technology was a point and shoot and I don’t fifty-fifty call back information technology was 2 megapixels. I kept ownership new bespeak and shoots through the years but I got more interested in photography and video. I.E. shooting RAW, shallow depth of field. Dorsum when it was brand new I got the Canon Rebel T1i and I was learning photography with it.

Out of sheer luck, through a friend, I became friends with a rather famous director, but I volition not name drib here. He was doing an independent film and wanted to use my place for some scenes. This was when the 5D Marking ii was new and he was seeing if he could do an entire indie picture with just natural light and he used the 5D Marking ii. At that time I had a Canon 7D and eventually a 5D Mark ii.

I myself and then went and shot many music videos for artist you take heard of. But for my personal photographic camera, (the one I shot with at dwelling house, non anything rented for budget videos,) I had a Canon 5D Mark iii.

I then quit shooting music videos and got out of professional person photography. I was shooting weddings and did not savour them. I likewise am a Christian and so the type of music videos I was involved with was challenging. I didn’t feel as someone who was living out their faith that I should be involved with those videos anymore.

Fast forward to later, I am by and large but taking Landscape photos, photos of family, photos of animals. But because of my background I obviously care about how they look.

I am an introvert and do not like to draw attending to myself. Therefore I do not similar to take a DSLR out in public. I take a 5D Marking 4 and I practice like it but it only gets used at homes or on Landscapes where I know I have a shot I desire.

I had the RX100 for a while and information technology was okay. I besides had the Sony AX100 for a home video camera, it shot 4k 8 bit and was enough for abode utilize, but again, while it wasn’t heavy or big like a pro photographic camera, it was still a big camera to conduct around. Larger footprint than a DSLR.

I now have the iPhone 12 Pro Max and I can honestly say the ten chip HDR video, fifty-fifty when converted to SDR looks better than that AX100 did and it’due south in my pocket. It too looks better than the Catechism 5D Mark Four. Surprising enough, considering of the larger sensor in the Max version, you tin get more than shallow depth of field than you probably think you can.

The photos also looks stunning. The only thing I notice myself missing is resolution. Of course I can zoom in or ingather a 12 MP file the way I could a 30 MP file or even a 20 MP file. But the manner it looks is incredible.

I exercise prefer the way it looks over the RX100 even though it has a 1 inch sensor. I think this is due to Apple’s processing and smart HDR. IF you don’t listen using a public beta you can already become Apple tree ProRaw, information technology has a LOT of dynamic range when using that.

And so far it’s withal hard for me to believe information technology has this much dynamic range. With ProRaw y’all tin can take a photo in almost pure darkness and turn the exposure upwardly and it looks fine.

The low light functioning in video is very adept likewise. The stabilization works so well I no longer feel like I accept to have the gimbal every time.

I know that was long just since someone said people like me should take never bought a DSLR in the first place if ane day I was just going to be satisfied with an iPhone, there ya go.

Of course I am using information technology for not pro purposes, however, I can honestly say, if I was to get back into shooting music videos I absolutely would utilise the iPhone 12 Pro Max for certain shots. Particularly where I didn’t need to blow the background out.

I recollect this is the time to come because Canon, Nikon, etc aren’t going to get-go putting processors that compete with iPhone chips and building software around it. And it seems that software and processing ability can cause things to happen that we previously did non think was possible.

I expect that in a few years portrait mode will await then perfect you won’t exist able to tell it wasn’t a true full frame 1.iv lens. Requite it 5 years or so. And in one case they go up to twenty megapixels you’ll be able to print larger, zoom in, etc.

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I wanted the iPhone XS Max to be this. It introduced a telephoto camera and 4k at 60FPS simply it only wasn’t there. This time they finally did exercise it.

If you want to meet an example, get to YouTube on a display that tin see HDR. Blazon in iPhone 12 Pro Max video 4k HDR. If yous practise not accept an HDR display so yous can at to the lowest degree encounter some of the quality.

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