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By | 22/08/2022

The iPhone xiii Pro camera tips yous need to know

A close up of the iPhone 13 Pro camera

(Image credit: Howard Boucheverea via Unsplash)

A few iPhone thirteen Pro camera tips and iPhone 12 Pro photographic camera tips tin can go a long style to assistance y’all become outstanding shots with Apple’s well-nigh powerful smartphone. The iPhone 13 Pro packs one of the all-time cameras bachelor on a phone – or rather four of the best, and the camera’s ane of the areas that has seen near improvement. On both the 13 Pro and the larger 13 Pro Max, y’all go three cameras on the back and 1 on the front. On the dorsum, at that place’s a12MP wide.v, 12MP telephoto with 3x optical zoom and a 12MP ultrawide. On the front, you have a 12MP wide.

That’south a lot of numbers, but what tin can you do with them? Well, with a few iPhone 13 Pro camera tips, you can create a range of pro-quality photography, from portraits to creative video, fifty-fifty in low light conditions. Portrait manner offers cracking flexibility and the new macro mode is also impressive for when it comes to taking detailed pictures of close-up things like food, bugs or plants. You can also shoot in ProRAW format, which is slap-up if you do mail-production work.

All in all, the iPhone 13 Pro has a lot of camera tools that can assist you achieve fantastic shots, but you lot might not necessarily detect them if you lot but accept your phone out of its box and starting time shooting. In our guide below, we offer a handful of iPhone 13 Pro camera tips to help you lot become the all-time out of your device – and many of these will likewise as iPhone 12 Pro camera tips if you have the older iPhone. Not nevertheless decided on which telephone to buy? Then make sure you run into our complete iPhone 13 Pro review and see our guide to the best camera phones for more options.

Pinnacle iPhone 13 Pro photographic camera tips for improve shots

The iPhone 13 offers a range of tools to improve your shots, from improved dark mode, portrait way and macro mode to photography styles that tin can let you lot to find a signature look for your shots. Here are our tips to get the most out of the iPhone 13’s cameras.

01. Get to know the iPhone 13 Pro lenses

iPhone 13 Pro camera lenses close up

The iPhone 13 Pro photographic camera sports iii lenses on the dorsum

(Image credit: StorresJayrMx via Unsplash)

The iPhone 13 Pro camera’s big selling point is its multiple lenses, with a versatile threesome on the dorsum. Every bit we mentioned, y’all get a 12MP broad (f/ane.5), a 12MP telephoto (f/ii.8) with 3x optical zoom and a 12MP ultra-broad (120-degree f/1.8). The all-time iPhone 13 Pro camera tip nosotros can give you lot is to get to know these lenses and what each one is practiced for.

For portraits, both the wide-angle lens and the telephoto lens can be useful (to switch betwixt them tap on the Portrait pick, and tap 1x or 3x in the bottom left corner). The 3x telephoto is too not bad for making an impressive object like a building stand out in a scene, isolating it from other, distracting elements (yous may need to step dorsum to fit your subject area in the frame).

The ultrawide, meanwhile has a macro focusing characteristic that tin get bully shut-up particular shots equally we’ll see beneath. The ultra-wide camera and the forepart camera can create barrel distortion at the edges of images, so one iPhone Pro camera tip is to plow on lens correction. Become to Settings > Camera and turn on the Lens Correction toggle. See our smartphone photography tips for more pointers on shooting with a phone in general.

02. Shoot in ProRAW

iPhone 13 Pro camera app with ProRAW shooting enabled

Enable ProRAW shooting on iPhone 13 Pro, and a RAW toggle will appear in the top right of the camera view

(Image credit: Future / Apple)

A nifty characteristic of the iPhone thirteen Pro for professional and enthusiast photographers who practice mail-production editing is the ability to shoot in the ProRAW format. This mimics the look of a RAW picture, retaining a lot more than detail than what yous get with a compressed HEIC or JPEG image. ProRAW images volition be BIG files – at effectually 25MB for each epitome, y’all may find your phone filling up fast, just they open up upwards a lot more possibilities for editing your shots later in a program like Photoshop or Lightroom.

While the iPhone offers editing options like its Automobile edit magic wand and the usual editing options, they’re non going to give you the flexibility you lot go with professional editing on high-resolution files that retain more item in the shadows and highlights. The larger ProRAW files can allow yous to rescue overexposed areas or bring back visibility in dark shadows.

To enable ProRAW, get to Settings > Camera > Formats and nether the new Photo Capture section, you’ll detect the toggle. Once enabled, you’ll see a new
button at the top right, which will now allow you to quickly switch between ProRaw and JPEG. If you’re not sure what programmes to use to edit your ProRAW images after, see our guide to the all-time photo-editing software.

03. Notice a signature await with Photographic Styles

Screenshot of the iPhone 13 Pro camera's Photographic Styles tool

Adapt your Photographic Manner preferences and the iPhone 13 Pro will call back the settings for next fourth dimension

(Image credit: Future / Apple)

If you don’t go in for postal service-product, you can still create a signature visual manner with the iPhone thirteen Pro photographic camera. The new Photographic Styles feature allows you to define a manner before y’all shoot, rather like a filter applied before rather than later on taking a shot.

There are four preset Photographic Styles to cull from (Rich Contrast, Vibrant, Warm and Cool), and they tin can be adjusted to find the balance of tone and warmth you’re looking for. To get started, open the Camera app in photograph mode, swipe up from the lesser and tap on the icon with the three squares. You can and then swipe through the Photographic Styles. Tone and Warmth sliders appear below the viewfinder when you select a way – the phone volition call back whatever changes you make here, retaining them until you change them again.

An extra iPhone Pro 13 camera tip hither: if you find a style you lot similar and want to prefer it as a signature, y’all can set it as default: Open your iPhone’s Settings app, scroll down to Camera and find the Photographic Styles option. Tap to choose which style you desire to shoot in and it will automatically exist selected every time you open up the photographic camera.

04. Plow off automatic nighttime mode

Dark Manner on the iPhone thirteen Pro is impressive and a massive improvement on previous versions, merely for the all-time shots, you probably don’t desire it kick in every time you’re in a low light situation. Sometimes, it makes night shots wait like they weren’t taken at night at all, which often isn’t what you lot want. It can also lead to blurry pictures if you’re trying to shoot a discipline that’s moving.

Y’all can turn off Nighttime Mode each time while y’all’re in the camera app, but that will soon get annoying if you find yourself having to do that each time you have a shot in the dark. Instead, we’d suggest turning off automated Night Fashion birthday so that y’all can but enable it when you want it by tapping the Dark Mode icon (a moon). Become to  Settings app > Camera > Preserve Settings and toggle the Dark Way switch.

05. Go in close

The iPhone 13 Pro ultrawide camera’s Macro manner allows you to go a lot closer to subjects

(Prototype credit: Apple)

Another big advance offered by the iPhone 13 Pro’south cameras is the introduction of macro focusing for fantastically detailed shut-upwards shots. Macro focusing has been introduced on the ultrawide lens both in photograph mode and in video, including slo-mo and fourth dimension-lapse. You can put this to dandy use past playing with shots of flowers, bugs, textiles and annihilation else that would commonly be too pocket-size to shoot using a phone. Put the principal equally shut to the center of your frame as possible and tap to select a specific focus bespeak, then choose betwixt x.5 and x1 magnification.

By default, you’ll find that Macro Control is switched off and it will kicking in automatically when you’re inside 14cm of a subject. If you desire to switch off the automatic macro focusing to give you more command, caput to Settings > Camera > Macro Control. A Macro symbol (a flower) will then appear in the bottom left corner to allow y’all to switch it on and off.

06. Shoot more flexible video with Cinematic mode

Screenshot of the iPhone 13 Pro camera in Cinematic mode

Cinematic mode lets you shift focus while y’all’re shooting

(Prototype credit: Time to come / Apple)

The iPhone 13’s Cinematic fashion is a delight for videographers, allowing you lot to modify the focus in video while filming. Yous can shoot in Cinematic mode by opening video way and choosing the Cinematic option at the bottom of the viewfinder above the shutter push button. Swipe up on the viewfinder (or swipe correct to left if yous’re holding your telephone horizontally) and y’all can and so adjust depth past tapping the ‘f‘ and exposure by tapping on the circle marked
+ –.

Start recording and then tap a subject in the viewfinder to change focus as yous record. You can double-tap to automatically rail a subject or you tin can touch and agree to lock the focus at a specific distance. This is a great iPhone 13 Pro photographic camera tip for content creators and YouTubers, allowing an easy application of creative effects like walking into focus or shifting focus betwixt subjects.

Another quick tip here. You may observe parts of your subject field out of focus with a shallow depth of field, then hit that f push button and step up the depth to around 5.8, you’ll likely find a close subject field in focus while all the same getting some blur on the background.

Note that the iPhone 13 Pro can shoot in Dolby Vision up to 4K at 60fps but this isn’t activated equally default considering of the amount of storage it uses. Only if you lot want to shoot ing the highest quality video, go to Settings > Camera > Record Video and select 4K at 60fps. The same section besides lets you turn on HDR.

07. Adjust video depth of field after video recording

Cinematic manner also allows you to change depth of field and focus Afterward you’ve recorded a video. This is something of a gamechanger for post-product on the iPhone itself. To change the depth on a Cinematic video after you’ve shot it, select the video in the Photos app, select Edit and tap ‘f‘ (annotation that the changes will apply to the whole video.

You tin also edit focus points later on recording. As you lot scrub through a video, the focus indicate is indicated with a yellow square while other recognised potential subjects will have a white square around them – you lot can tap those white squares to change the focus indicate to that subject. You lot tin can also effort borer other objects in the frame. Like when recording, you tin double-tap to set automated focus tracking or touch and hold to lock the focus at a specific distance. Tap the focus push button to bandy back and forth between automatic focus tracking and your own selected focus points.

08. Utilise Alive Photo to shoot long exposures

Screenshot of the iPhone 13 Pro Live Photo options

Save Live Photos are long exposures to create DSLR-like blurred effects

(Image credit: Future / Apple)

A neat iPhone thirteen Pro camera tip is that yous can shoot quick videos in photograph way. At that place are actually two means to do this. Yous can hit Alive Photo in the superlative right (a target icon comprising 3 concentric circles) to record a motion photo. This then gives you options to loop or bounciness (click Share and Relieve equally video to save the resulting footage in a video format yous tin use elsewhere).

But nearly interestingly you can also turn a Live Photo into a long exposure, which is a great culling way to get impressive nighttime shots with calorie-free streams or blurred movement in shots of moving subjects like waterfalls (we’d suggest using a small tripod to concord your camera steady). To edit a Live Photo, find and open it in the Live Photos album on your telephone and hit the Alive Photo icon. This will bring upwardly options to loop, bounce or create a long exposure.

Yous might not realise you can also shoot video in Photograph mode on the iPhone xiii Pro by holding down the shutter button. Once shooting, you tin can slide your finger upwardly to zoom in and down to zoom out, a feature that isn’t actually enabled in video mode itself. If you lot desire to shoot a longer video and don’t want to keep holding downwardly your finger, merely swipe the shutter push button to the right. You can so remove your finger and the video will keep recording, allowing you lot to also tap the button to have still photos at the same time.

09. Create iPhone 13 Pro camera shortcuts

Information technology doesn’t accept a huge amount of time to open your iPhone 13 Pro’southward photographic camera app and start shooting, but the small-scale delay can even so be long enough to miss a shot if something happens rapidly, especially if you’re taking spontaneous street shots. The iPhone’s programmable shortcuts can help here.

The Shortcuts settings allow you lot to combine several actions into a single command then, for example, y’all could gear up your telephone to open the camera app, showtime shooting video and save the video, when you double-tap on the back of the device. To fix a new shortcut, open the Shortcut app and tap the ‘+‘ symbol. You tin also use Siri to control your camera.

ten. Adapt Depth and Lighting in Portrait style

Screenshot of the iPhone 13 Pro camera's Portrait mode

(Paradigm credit: Apple)

The iPhone thirteen Pro is nifty for almost DSLR-like portrait shots, only to get the almost out of Portrait style, you lot’ll need to do a footling tinkering. Don’t overlook the Depth Adjustment and Lighting Effects to enable truly stunning shots. When you’re in Portrait way and have your subject framed, you’ll find the Depth Adjustment push button (‘f‘) in the top-correct corner of the screen. Tap there, and a slider volition appear below the frame (y’all can also fine-melody this after you’ve taken the shot).

Every bit for Lighting Effects, you can conform the position and intensity of each effect, for example, to burnish up eyes and facial features. Cull the Portrait manner and you should detect a carousel with 6 Lighting Furnishings at the bottom of the screen. Tap the icon (past default, it will be on Natural Light), and y’all’ll be able to rotate the carousel to select the consequence you want.

When you lot’ve chosen an upshot, tap on Portrait Control push at the meridian of the screen to bring up the Portrait Lighting slider below the frame so you can fine-tune the consequence. Again you can also accommodate this subsequently taking a shot. Studio Light will brighten upwardly your bailiwick, while Contour Light will create a more dramatic contrast between highlights and shadows.

11. Relieve your iPhone 13 Pro camera settings

Our final iPhone 13 Pro camera tip is to save your preferred settings. Once y’all’ve found the settings you prefer and use more frequently, you can customise the iPhone 13 Pro camera to remember them to avoid you having to manually accommodate them each fourth dimension you launch the Camera app. Just go to the Settings app > Camera > Preserve Camera and customise the settings all you lot desire, from aspect ratio to Night manner settings or anything else.

Of grade, you might not want to employ the same setting forever, only handily you tin can also set up your iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max to retain the camera settings that you practical the last time you used the camera app. To practice that, go to Settings > Camera > Preserve Camera and toggle on the settings y’all desire to preserve.

For more tips on iPhone photography in general, run into our guide to how to take pro photos with iPhone. And to acquire how to process your images after you shoot them, see our guide to how to edit photos.

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