Is A Degree In Photography Worth It

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Is going to schoolhouse for photography worth it?
Allow’due south notice out!

The affair is:

Getting a college degree is a serious engagement. You demand to dedicate your time, focus, financial resources and a whole lot more than for y’all to get through information technology all. And they say that after all the difficult piece of work, yous’ll reap what y’all sow past landing an employment or getting yourself into business. Ideally, that’s how information technology should go.

I’ve heard that a more than than a thousand times already. While there’s really aught wrong with it, I can’t assist just wonder if that nevertheless applies in courses that take limited job opportunities in the existent globe, such equally photography and other art related sciences.

Let’southward admit information technology…

In that location’s merely a scattering of opportunities for people who have photography skills lonely (no cognition in editing, retouching, marketing, etc.). In this twenty-four hour period and age, nearly companies require you to have multiple skills if yous want to bag the job.

And then, does that hateful you need to really attend university to get that kind of a well-rounded education? And practice you actually have to major in moving-picture show and/or photography to increment your odds in becoming something large in the industry later?

Well, maybe, or maybe non.


Is photography worth getting into? Specifically, is a
in photography worth it? To some, it’southward YES. To others, it may be a NO.

While I can’t pinpoint the exact solution to this consequence, since it’s a affair of personal preference, I can lay down the pros and cons of going to college and majoring in photography.

Degree in Photography: Pros and Cons

Here, I’ll show you what the advantages and disadvantages of getting a formal education in Photography (and/or videography) in this day and age.
Permit’s brainstorm.

The Good

  • Well-rounded teaching

This is the best function of enrolling in an bodily school or university. Even if y’all
major in film and/or photography, you will nevertheless take a lot of other small subjects that may or may non be related to information technology. If yous want to increase your chances of getting a bang-up place in the industry, then you lot should take this time to learn several other things, especially branding and marketing.

Why those 2?

Well, they are the most useful knowledge you will take if you lot want to put up your own photograph studio or if you want to work as a stand-alone photographer. You will demand all the marketing skills to promote your work and proper branding will ensure that your clients know it’s your work.

  • Network

This is some other major advantage if you lot
nourish a formal school
(especially if it’due south 1 of the large universities). You will encounter a lot of people during your 4-yr stay in the university, and in that span of time, I’m pretty sure your social network volition continue to abound. This will help you lot and then much once you get out into the real battleground. I hate to acknowledge it, merely the more than connections you take, the improve your chances are in this industry.

  • Gratis apply of photography equipment

Gears and equipment in this specific area of report are actually expensive, and that’s the bitter truth. If you explore this study on your own (as a beginner), chances are y’all’ll but have access to a express number of gears: the camera body, one or two lenses, and a tripod.

On the other hand, most universities and professors provide a lot of these things for you to experiment on. For instance, you may be able to try out
various types of lenses
in form and explore a whole new unlike field of specialization.

  • Diploma

Of course, we should never forget this one. Getting into higher and studying photography is the simply way to become that official diploma. Fifty-fifty if you attend a lot of workshops and seminars, you still won’t get the same certification as finishing a degree.

Nevertheless today, not many companies crave a diploma to hire a photographer. In fact, they don’t base on credentials, but rather on the skill set and bodily portfolio.

The Bad

  • It’s expensive

Spending 4 years in a university (even public ones) can be very costly. And if you end upwards in some well known individual colleges, then the toll will be ten times more than expensive than usual. That’s why some would fifty-fifty consider getting a degree in photography a luxury – well, there’s some truth to that.


Check out the online photo courses/platforms I’ve reviewed.

Why would it be so expensive if the state runs the schoolhouse, you might ask.

Well the matter is, it’southward not but the tuition fees you need to spend on. You volition take projects, educational trips, activities, and other things that will require financial resource.

  • Not all subjects included in the curriculum are useful

I detest to break your bubble, just this is a fact not just in Photography courses, but in any other degree also. It’s adept to have lots of noesis, just over stuffing your mind with totally unrelated topics might non practise you lot whatsoever good. Instead of focusing on things that are truly important, you merely end up dividing your limited time by studying other unrelated subjects.

  • Some professors are not good in the didactics section

This is i major factor that either makes or breaks your unabridged college life. The set of mentors you get volition grade part of your unabridged 4-year journey. If you lot happen to meet professors who are
experts in photography and a nifty teacher
at the aforementioned time, so you’re obviously very lucky. Simply that’s not always the instance.

Sometimes, you meet teachers that will make you detest the field of study as well. And when that happens, y’all end upward losing interest in it, or worse in the entire course. Trust me, that’s the last thing you’ll want.

And then, is getting a photography degree really worth it?

If you lot still can’t make up one’s mind whether it’s good to pursue a caste in photography, and then probably these 2 videos from professional person photographers will help you decide for yourself.

College for Photography? Final Thoughts


Should you go to college to become a lensman (or videographer)
? Is it worth information technology to major in photography?

As a concept, getting a formal degree is all the same believed to be good.

If you have the opportunity and resources to pursue it, then past all ways become ahead and enroll.

Just for those of you who think information technology’south improve to explore the craft on your own, at that place’south besides a lot of good things y’all can get from that. Afterwards all, information technology’s just a matter of personal preference.

And I’ll be honest, since not a lot of your clients will intendance about your portfolio and your experience, and you don’t actually need a diploma for that. To learn more well-nigh this craft, you could easily invest in online photography courses and that will cost you lot MUCH less.


Hither’s a list of all the online photo courses/platforms I’ve reviewed.

Just call up, it’s non the caste that matters. It will always be your skills that will take yous to a bigger and more challenging battle out their in the industry.


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