Is Iphone 7 A Good Phone

By | 17/10/2022

Buying a new Apple iPhone tin exist very expensive; peculiarly if your taste is on the new releases – just be set to cough out more than a g for an iPhone 11 or higher. The newer version of the Apple iPhone could be worth the same every bit a Mac Pro laptop ie.if y’all are looking for one with the latest features and upgrade.

But for someone who simply needed a smartphone that is capable of doing and so much yet not besides expensive {as to put a hole in the pocket}, the iPhone 7 price could be a good starting point.

Merely before you go straight to social club for your iPhone seven, you want to brand sure that y’all read many reviews online on the type of phone and the features you lot want and probably enquire yourself if, for instance, the iPhone 7 price is the right budget for you lot in 2020?

This review guide is all yous demand to point you lot in the right management if the iPhone vii is right for you lot or non?

Today the iPhone 7 price is considered a better and cheaper entry-level phone the Apple visitor has released in a long while. And it nevertheless maintains its popularity among users due to the awesome features that made it survive the different updates which still makes a very good option for people looking for affordable smartphones in the market.

Nonetheless, in contempo years, smartphone manufacturers like Samsung have been coming upwards with super-rich features that brand their devices more than competitive so it’south of import to consider if ownership an old model iPhone 7 is worth it in 2020, here are some insight that might make you determine correctly



The iPhone 7 model is a fleck not likewise impressed with its non-expandable storage feature. Unlike some smartphones or even some iPhones, there is always an pick to upgrade or aggrandize the phone retention but that is non the case with iPhone vii. What this ways is that for case, if yous buy a 32GB memory, you lot won’t be able to add more retention to your telephone when it’s filled to capacity. However, the iPhone 7 has a different memory pick from the 32GB to 64GB, and the now discontinued 256GB.



If you are looking for a phone with some unique feature to make outdoor activities fun, then opting for the iPhone 7 tin get y’all more fun than you tin imagine. For example, the iPhone 7 allows you to rapidly make a phone call or send a text message in the rain.

Aye, the iPhone seven is specially built to resist water or grit so you can drop your phone in water that is not too deep and retrieve it inside 30 minutes and your phone will nevertheless be working fine. Obviously, the sooner yous get it out of the water the amend your chances of saving every data you have on the phone.

Where is Jack?


If you are not too concern virtually your iPhone missing in on the headphone jack, then the iPhone 7 should be okay. This is the iPhone version that did away with the headphone jack which was not too pleasing to many people. With the headphone jack off the telephone, it means many people will not be able to utilise regular headphones.

This makes information technology quite annoying particularly when you desire to heed to music and yous don’t want everyone around you lot to get disturbed. For case, you might be waiting in line to see your Doctor or waiting for your mechanic to modify your oil only without the headphone jack, there is no way you can plug in a headphone to listen to your music privately.

Although you have an option to become the lightning adapter and the Apple AirPods which are great alternatives to your headphones they come up with actress cost and will likely add upward to the iPhone vii price.

iPhone vii Price in 2020: Should I Buy?


If you are still wondering what the future of iphone 7 is in 2020, it’s probably correct to say that iphone vii is still a worthwhile buy considering the iphone seven price is then cheap, information technology’s very affordable for everyone. In fact it’due south one of the cheapest phones out there that is affordable and with lots of great features plus it can salve you some more money especially when yous can just purchase information technology as used or refurbished. To score a bargain, caput to Phonebot’s sales section for a wallet friendly  cost on iPhone seven

Buying an older phone from a carrier offer a deal could be very tempting especially when information technology’due south iPhone 7; yous could be tempted to intermission the bank when the price is just what yous are looking for. But as a rule of thumb, I don’t subscribe to buying a used or refurbished phone because they tin crusade you more pain than y’all wait.

For instance, transferring ownership from 1 person to another can be a big issue due to Apple’s strict policy that makes sure it locks the phone to a certain iCloud account unless the possessor is able to properly deactivate the account.

Also, you might fall victim to dishonest vendors who sell bad or damaged phones which are disguised to await practiced on the exterior but completely bad on the inside.

Note – Apple has stopped the auction of iPhone 7 and therefore you won’t get any software updates.

in case yous just bought one or you’re looking for where to purchase an iPhone 7 in 2020, y’all tin can always buy a used iPhone 7 or purchase through a carrier. Although I will say the iPhone vii cost is quite inexpensive correct at present because in that location are newer versions on the market but bluntly speaking, in 2020 the iPhone seven is not worth buying.

If you are looking for something cheaper that won’t put a pigsty in your pocket, the newer iPhone models should work perfectly. Although they might be a bit more than expensive than the iPhone 7 toll, yous volition yet become more than features for your money.