Is Nikkor 50mm Good For Toy Photography

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  1. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Camera Phones

    It seems at that place hasn’t been any real discussion in regards to cameras for a while. I’ve been interested in upping my game, and then I was hoping we could talk pros and cons. I am a total beginner when information technology comes to all of this, and then please excuse my lack of knowledge.

    I am most interested in the following topics, in regards solely to toy photography.

    1. Cameras versus Phones, and how much you need to spend on a Camera for it to exist significantly ameliorate than the Phone . I already quite like how many of my photos for IG come out, and this is where they will primarily be shared.

    ii. Compact cameras vs DSLR . Will a photographic camera similar LUMIX LX100 meet well-nigh of your needs for taking outdoor pics of toys? Or is the additional brunt of DSLR worth it? Possible recommendations in either category? I’grand thinking 1k would be around the maximum. While I know you can get a skillful DSLR for this amount, lenses are additional (con).

    3. Most important features when picking out a camera solely for toy photography.

    Appreciate whatever input you all have to share!

  2. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Camera Phones

    I take a decent Catechism camera, nowhere near professional style but not crappy either….I yet take 99% of my photos with my iPhone. Laziness plays a massive part in that tho

  3. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Photographic camera Phones

    If yous’re not looking to sell your photos equally prints, photographic camera doesn’t really matter. Also, IG takes downgrades the quality of your photos anyway regardless if you’re using a $10k camera or an iPhone.

  4. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Camera Phones

    I had assumed this may be the case, unfortunately. No fun! Lol

  5. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Camera Phones

    If IG is your preferred platform, and so using a camera other than the one on your phone is going to exist more complicated. Information technology’s upwards to you to decide whether the extra work to get your pictures from camera to cloud-based photo resource to Instagram is worth information technology.

    I accept a Pixel 3, and although it’s pricey and I’ve seen complaints about the camera from other folks, I’one thousand very happy with information technology, particularly the Night Sight feature.



  6. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Camera Phones

    @Roger those shots are beautiful. I know Pixel 3 is supposed to have the best photographic camera of all the phones and I’ll exist buying a new model over the next few months. I’ll definitely be keeping this in listen instead of upgrading to the next gen Note telephone.

  7. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Camera Phones

    Not necessarily! I shoot with a Canon Rebel t7i, and not just do I accept wireless transfer via Bluetooth or WiFi, merely I besides have an SD card dongle that plugs into my iPhone for instant choosing and transfer. Earlier that, I was e – mailing myself the RAW images and opening them upwards on my iDevices for editing/posting. The dongle takes seconds!
    I would like to upgrade my photographic camera even farther, though, as I do occasionally print my photos as either fun gifts, or for the fundraisers. Simply I’1000 also occasionally experimenting with shooting exterior of toys, so I’d like to be a petty more well rounded.

  8. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Photographic camera Phones

    So would yous take to go DSLR to get the full advantage of improve photos relative to telephone cameras? Or, do you recall a compact like the LX100 be simply as practiced for my purpose? Likewise, as a beginner, I’thou weary I couldn’t even have full reward of DSLR. But, I am willing to acquire, if the consensus is that it’s truly worth information technology.

  9. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Photographic camera Phones

    I hadn’t considered the possibility of connecting the camera to the telephone via a cablevision or wireless. Does the telephone recognize the camera as a drive, the way it would when you hook it upwards to a PC?

  10. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Camera Phones

    @Madmax405 Sorry, I didn’t mean to accident off the primary question! I definitely wanted an DSLR afterwards using my phone for a couple years, particularly with the toy photos. I was using apps to become the depth of field effect, and it was cool at beginning, just so information technology started to look worse and worse the more I came to know what DLRS’southward are capable of. As far as a DSLR or meaty/point and shoot, I’d accept to go DSLR. There’s more than functionality, more potential for mail service editing(which I’g a HUGE fan of), interchangeable lenses, etc. Signal and shoots are pretty much exactly that. In that location isn’t a whole lot of options, and most settings are fixed to just requite people an average, simple photo.

  11. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Photographic camera Phones

    @Roger With the dongle, you lot merely place the SD carte inside of it, plug information technology into your phone, and all your images on the carte du jour come on your phone through your Photo’s gallery. Y’all tin can individually select photos, or select all, striking “Import” and they transfer into your gallery!

    The dongle:

    I’ve never plugged my camera into my laptop, admittedly. My screen doesn’t produce colors to their true shade, and then I avert editing on it. When I hook upwardly my phone and camera via WiFi, I shoot through the Canon app, which allows me to toggle majority of my settings, shoot, and transfer photos wirelessly via the app on my phone, or whichever iDevice.

  12. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Camera Phones
  13. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Camera Phones

    @Roger Incredibly handy! Information technology’s saved me so much time. And information technology’southward really smashing now, since more and more than editing apps(I don’t utilise/own any legitimate software) are supporting RAW images. So it’s been pretty killer!

  14. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Camera Phones

    Very nice photos! That GID shot of Twintail is beautiful!
    Actually, if you lot use the Google CHROME browser, install the IG app, and yous can instantly upload your photos using the app interface. That’s what I use, super easy (browse to your file and upload from your computer)! The only affair is that you can’t read or cheque IG messages.

    Download the free Chrome IG app here…tagram/nlhjgcligpbnjphflfdbmabbmjidnmek?hl=en

    *One time installed and logged in, the interface looks like the frame of a cell phone with all the familiar push doodads…

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  15. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Camera Phones

    I use a Nikon 1 J5 mirrorless camera. Essentially a fancy point and shoot. I’m happy with the results. I upload to IG predominatly but sometimes throw them up on Flickr.

    I can transmit pics to my photo via a wireless link, similar a mini, local wifi network.

    Sometimes I employ my iPhone likewise, of grade. You can tell by the location of the motion picture or subject.
    Boys, dog, inside toys – iPhone.
    Outdoor toys, badass within toys – Nikon.

  16. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Camera Phones

    I’m of two minds:

    1 – A phone does
    everything a signal-and-shoot does, you already have one, and it’s much smaller and more convenient. So if yous’re going to buy a second photographic camera you lot may likewise go for the biggest departure from what y’all already take, which would exist a DSLR.

    2 – Coming from someone who by and large uses cameras while traveling, DSLRs are cumbersome. A point-and-shoot is much less cumbersome and
    perform many of the DSLR functions that phones cannot. And they’re much less expensive.

    The DSLR features that a P-A-S can kinda do, that phones can’t, include adjusting shutter speed and discontinuity. These are the two most important features for controlling what your motion-picture show will look similar. I’m not familiar with the LX100, but I would say if you do decide on a meaty camera you should get 1 with a removable lens so you can add together or upgrade lenses as you get more than into information technology.

  17. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Camera Phones

    I utilize a iPhone xs and the photographic camera is so much improve than older phones. I utilise it over my DSLR for IG

  18. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Camera Phones

    Cheers @DrilOne and @—NT— these are swell things to hear your opinions on

  19. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Camera Phones

    Information technology depends on whether you lot are taking studio photos or walking-effectually photos of your toys. If it is more the latter, I can’t say that I’d recommend a DSLR. If more the former, I personally feel that you cannot replicate the command and tactile experience of using a DSLR with a phone camera (P&Due south or mirrorless cameras can get yous pretty shut).

    Right at present, I am using a Canon EOS M3 and Adobe Lightroom.

    Eventually, I desire to movement dorsum to a normal DSLR (probably a Canon model so that I tin can share lenses with the EOS). The EOS is expert for traveling due to the smaller frame, just I don’t like it as much as a full DSLR. In particular, the manual focus feels very mushy and the interface is cumbersome.

  20. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Photographic camera Phones

    Totally agree here. Studio setting = DSLR all the way. Unless cost is an issue, in which case yous tin can get peachy results from a mirrorless camera.

  21. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Camera Phones

    @Madmax405 , if yous go for a camera with detachable lens (DSLR , mirrorless), invest in nice lenses over the type of camera trunk. If video isn’t a concern, Most ten year one-time DSLRs, for example, will suffice to your needs. The cameras coming out today are well beyond what most people will utilize them for all the same kit lenses never lucifer up to sharp drinking glass.

    Just and then you know where I’g coming from – I went to school for photography, was a photographic camera salesman, and was a professional photographer/ fine art photographer earlier my wellness decided to go turncoat and tanked that passion and everything I had congenital effectually it. Now I am forced to employ my phone almost of the time, granted it’s not one of the top in photographic phone capabilities, but whenever I accept the physical assistance and Practise use my camera equipment , homo, the results make me smile like an idiot. The images just don’t compare! There are many reasons for this, but one of the obvious ones (and circling back to my original statement) is the size and quality of the lens.

    Some food for thought : )

  22. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Camera Phones

    My GF has a Nikon D3000 in the firm, and ii lenses (non sure what). Should I endeavour to get a feel for DSLR photography with this, then?
    Or is this as well much of a stretch? Non sure how well such an old camera volition hold up confronting my Note 8 for pocket-size format (IG) photography.

  23. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Camera Phones

    @Madmax405 , if you already accept that photographic camera on hand, I would definitely start at that place. It’south considered a beginner DSLR anyway. I honestly couldn’t say what the comparison would be if the lenses are the 18-55 vr & 55-200vr (other than zooming / telephoto capabilities without compromising image quality), as those are “kit” lenses, like I was referring to. Are those the ones she has? Entry level cameras like the D3000 tend to be a tad slower, but if predominantly shooting toys, that won’t thing. It apparently doesn’t shoot RAW, but take you been using that on your Note 8 either?

    What I would do, seeing every bit y’all’re in New York, is rent (if your girly doesn’t already have something comparable) a fixed Nikon lens of higher quality and good for still life photography (like the 35mm / f 1.8 for example) from somewhere like B&H for the weekend. I haven’t lived in New York for over 13 years, so B&H may not be the become-to anymore. But a larger rectilinear lens with a wide aperture will provide more than light to enter, allowing for some nice toy paradigm options, where only a department of the toy is in focus to the whole toy being in focus and in a diversity of lighting situations. The beautifully blurred backgrounds volition also surpass those of the kit lenses too. You should take some with each to compare, along with your Annotation eight too.

    At the stop of what sounds like a fun adventure
    you lot will accept a improve grasp on what you would like to exercise next without investing in something that may non turn out to exist what you want anyhow. I wholeheartedly recommend taking advantage of the D3000 being available to y’all correct now though. You tin discover How-Tos and Reviews for about whatsoever camera and lens online to guide you in your use too.

  24. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Camera Phones

    I would definitely exam bulldoze the Nikon DSLR if information technology’south available to you. If you lot have never used a DSLR earlier, office of the feel is learning about all of the menus and dials on the camera. Just exist warned: your outset 100 photos will probably expect awful and you will feel like you don’t know what to adjust to brand it better. It probably helps to read guides and such, but in the cease, it just takes a lot of practice to go decent with a DSLR.

    My other two cents is that I wouldn’t necessarily chuck the kit lens and explore the specialized lenses. If you lot are just starting out, information technology volition just add one more than thing to the list of unfamiliar things on the DSLR. Based on my feel, I would try to go familiar and relatively competent with the kit lens earlier branching out. They’re sort of a one-size-fits-all lens, but they’re skilful to learn on, and you will eventually empathize its limitations (that can be overcome with the specialized lenses).

    (FYI, I’m coming at this as someone who picked upwardly a DSLR without any technical knowledge of photography.)

  25. Toy Photography, Cameras, and Camera Phones

    The issue with
    using eighteen-55 vr & 55-200vr is that they will not give a realistic view of the image quality available. The expect and baloney of images thru those 2 lenses may not compare to what you similar about your Note 8 even.
    @akum6n , yous would have benefited from solely using a fixed 50mm equivalent lens similar the 35mm / 1.viii when offset learning also. When I moved to digital, I too used the two kit lenses for some time, simultaneously complaining about how digital was inferior to film, considering that is where I had started. I rejected digital for awhile because of this, then I learned that most of that was due to the lenses & not the camera itself. 50mm lenses have been the best lens pick for anyone to brainstorm with since before in that location was a D adjacent to SLR. I am half joking but that is as well how I learned, when beginning with an all manual 35mm motion picture camera. I wish I had used a similar lens when kickoff shooting digital also, as the feel would accept no dubiousness been better.

    I would recommend a 50mm equivalent as the prime lens for anyone only picking up a photographic camera, equally it’southward really perfect for the reasons yous mentioned, @akum6n . Reasons existence: (one) the focal length is fixed so there is little attention needed to give to the lens at all (technically simpler to use than zoom lenses), putting more emphasis on the camera itself also as instruction framing inside prepare parameters , (two) truthful 50mm lenses are rectilinear and then the perspective is true to life – the proportions that yous encounter with your centre is how the images will also await, (3) the 35mm / f1.8 is a mid form lens that does not accept all of the external control options that higher end specialized lenses do, withal the quality of the images are just as crisp and comparable to the college finish options than to that of the kit lenses (which likewise tend to blowout highlights), and (4) the Nikkor 35mm / 1.viii is in the more affordable group and plain sharper than the 35mm / 1.4 … The reasons tin be more fatigued out and if interested, here’s an article I but came across at the top of a search – number-lens

    Echoing @akum6n, specialized peak of the line lenses definitely are not going to assistance without learning how to employ the camera commencement, but to that same indicate, and why I suggested it is that the Nikkor 35mm / f i.8 will be one of the easiest to utilise and with the improve epitome results to compare to your Annotation 8. If you lot go to an equipment rental place similar B&H, CSI, or Adorama, propose the question to them. If not that lens specifically, I am sure that they will recommend something similar

    Does your girlfriend know at least the basics around her photographic camera, @Madmax405 ? Because that’south the best resource you can accept; someone to guide yous through it hands on in person, one on ane.

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