Is Photography A Good Job

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“There are always ii people in every pic: the photographer and the viewer.”

Ansel Adams, Lensman

You think virtually becoming a photographer? Smashing! Working as a photographer tin can have many advantages.

Notwithstanding, in that location are besides some downsides related to this career path.

Hence, make sure to check out all the pros and cons of existence a lensman in this article before making your last decision in this regard.

Photographer Job Contour

Job Description Photographers are responsible for taking prissy photos for their clients. They besides have to edit pictures to make them look even better. Photographers also have to accept care of their equipment and have to communicate with clients.
Salary $65,000 per year on average, nigh photographers make betwixt $45,000 – $85,000 per year.
Task Security Boilerplate job security, while expert photographers will always be needed, mediocre photographers may have a hard time finding jobs.
Job Satisfaction Good if photography is your passion.
Work-Life Residual Rather poor work-life balance for photographers since they frequently take to piece of work on weekends and holidays.
Physically / Mentally Demanding? Neither mentally nor physically demanding most of the time.
Future Outlook Rather poor since photographers who are non willing to adapt to the digital world will not exist able to stay competitive in the time to come.
Requirements No special educational requirements, finishing high school volition exist enough to go a lensman in most states.

  1. Photographers can piece of work on many different occasions

  2. You tin work with people
  3. You lot may be able to travel the world
  4. Photographers can build a potent network
  5. You can improve your skills on a daily ground
  6. You can share your ideas on social media
  7. Modern technologies arrive piece of cake to become a expert photographer
  8. You don’t need a fancy degree for becoming a lensman
  9. Photographers can make people happy
  10. Working as a photographer tin exist a nice side hustle

  11. Photographers tin work indoors about of the time
  12. You tin can earn decent money
  13. Good photographers volition always be needed
  14. You tin can work self-employed
  15. You don’t have to sit in front of a computer all twenty-four hours long
  16. Photographers can follow their passion

One reward of being a lensman is that you lot tin can work on many dissimilar occasions.

People demand photographers for many unlike events, including altogether parties, weddings, baptisms and and then on.

This not merely ways that your job as a photographer will exist pretty interesting since you volition see many new things on a regular footing, it as well means that y’all will have plenty of opportunities to earn money and acquiring new jobs will not be that difficult if you are adept at what you lot are doing and are also willing to adapt to the latest technologies.

As a lensman, you tin can also work with many different people.

Since y’all will always have to bear out new jobs, yous volition run across more than people in a year than people who work in most other jobs.

This can not merely pretty interesting, but it also gives you the opportunity to connect to those people and you may fifty-fifty make many new friends during your lensman journey.

Some other do good of condign a lensman is that you may even be able to travel the world.

In that location are indeed some photographers out there who accept started a weblog and travel the world while making coin with the beautiful pictures of sceneries they are able to see during their journey.

Of course, non every photographer will be able to make a total-time income from this business model.

Nevertheless, if y’all are really proficient at what you lot are doing and also willing to invest some time to acquire knowledge in the digital world, you may be able to build all the skills yous need pretty soon and may be able to travel the earth while making decent money at the same time equally a photographer while loan officers and many other people merely work in rather boring office environments.

Since you will run across and so many new people from your jobs as a lensman, you tin also build a really strong network of interesting people over time.

Specially if y’all are rather extroverted and also know what drives people, you can make many new contacts in a rather short period of time and these contacts will be pretty valuable since they will frequently recommend yous to their family and friends and this merely ways many additional job opportunities for y’all.

Apart from that, your contacts may too be able to aid you out in case you want to switch to a dissimilar chore after your photographer career and knowing influential people ever helps quite a lot in this regard.

Y’all will also always be able to amend your skills as a lensman.

Even the all-time photographers are just non perfect and e’er find ways how they can practice their jobs merely a trivial flake ameliorate.

This means that you will never master your skill and if you are curious and willing to work difficult on yourself, y’all can soon get a pillar in your manufacture and may fifty-fifty become famous as a photographer 1 day in the hereafter.

Another upside to working every bit a photographer is that you can share your ideas and pictures on various social media channels.

In fact, it has never been easier to share your work than today since you can exercise so for free on Pinterest or on diverse other social channels.

You tin can likewise join forums and discuss your work there.

However, continue in heed that you should enquire your clients for consent to share your pictures on those channels get-go to avoid any legal consequences.

There are also many good training videos regarding how to become a adept photographer on YouTube.

You can just sit down downwards in front end of your calculator and watch one video a twenty-four hours to become much better over time.

The nice thing nigh this learning arroyo is that you can even so brand money as a photographer as usual while you are flexible regarding when to watch your daily video.

Those videos are often also of pretty proficient quality and there is barely any need to buy a form in this field anymore.

You also don’t demand to get to higher for becoming a photographer.

In fact, at that place is no formal pedagogy required in most states and as long every bit you lot finish high school, you should be good to work in this profession.

What is much more of import than education is contacts in this field and you may have to build some reputation get-go before yous get really proficient chore offers equally a photographer.

Hence, you might practise some jobs for gratuitous for your family and friends and get some skillful reviews and recommendations that way.

You will besides have a pretty loftier level of responsibility as a photographer.

People will rely on you that you do your job as well as possible so that they get nice pictures from the most important days of their lives.

While this might imply some pressure level, it also gives you lot the opportunity to feel important and this may really bulldoze you to get better in the long run.

You as well don’t necessarily take to work full-time as a photographer.

In fact, many photographers merely work part-time during their studies to make some coin and there are even some retired photographers who yet want to work equally photographers since they simply really savour it and don’t want to retire anyway.

As you lot can see, you lot will take many different options regarding how serious you want to accept your photographer career and you may too offset your photography business as a side hustle and plow it into a total-time business later on in the hereafter.

Another reward of working as a photographer is that you tin can work indoors in protected environments well-nigh of the fourth dimension while many other people have to work under extreme weather condition conditions outdoors.

Hence, while many people take to sweat or suffer from the cold, you tin can work in a rather comfortable environment.

Photographers tin also brand really good coin from what they are doing.

In fact, if you are really good at photography, you will often exist able to make a decent living out of it and may fifty-fifty be able to afford some luxury.

Sure, you volition not go rich.

Notwithstanding, some photographers are all the same able to make a half-dozen-figure income.

You can even increase your salary by starting a blog or a YouTube channel to brand additional money.

Thus, if you are really committed to photography and are willing to piece of work many extra hours, chances are that you will be able to brand a good income from what you are doing sooner or later.

If you are really good at what you lot are doing and are willing to amend your skills every day, chances are that you will just get more plenty jobs.

Good photographers are ever requested since at that place are and then many events you need them.

Certain, if you are not skilful at what you are doing at all, you volition have a pretty hard time acquiring new jobs.

Therefore, it is pretty of import that you are willing to improve yourself on a continuous ground to outwork the competition and to stay successful in the long run.

Many photographers besides don’t piece of work for a company but rather work cocky-employed.

While this implies some additional work and also a higher level of insecurity, it also gives you much more freedom since you will simply no longer have a boss and can do what you want all day long.

Whether starting your ain lensman business is for you or not greatly depends on your skill ready and your individual preferences.

Yet, I only want you to know that working every bit a photographer can also exist a great way to escape the nine to 5 rat race.

Equally a lensman, you lot also don’t have to sit in front of a reckoner screen all twenty-four hour period long.

Certain, y’all volition have to piece of work with a calculator for a certain catamenia of fourth dimension to improve the looks of your pictures and to communicate with clients.

Yet, y’all will spend much more fourth dimension away from a computer screen compared to people who piece of work in normal office jobs.

Many photographers are also not in the game solely for the coin, but since they really love what they are doing.

In fact, for many photographers, their work actually doesn’t feel like work at all.

It just feels like doing their hobby while making coin at the same time and this tin be considered as the best way to work possible since you will merely able to really enjoy what you are doing for a living.

Until now, it might seem that working equally a photographer is indeed a dream chore.

Notwithstanding, I still take to show you all the downsides to a career equally a photographer which I practice in the following chapters so that yous get a more than objective picture of what working equally a photographer really looks like.

  1. Existence a lensman requires an initial upfront investment

  2. Y’all have to supplant expensive equipment
  3. You take to build your reputation showtime
  4. Photographers may have difficulties finding jobs
  5. Rather poor job security
  6. Your clients may not pay you
  7. Photographers have rather low social condition
  8. Questionable piece of work-life balance
  9. Few mistakes may destroy your reputation
  10. Some people you have to work with are but hard
  11. Plenty of additional tasks equally self-employed photographer
  12. Photographers take to adapt to latest technologies
  13. Working as a photographer may go boring in the long run

  14. Photographers take a hard time switching fields

Ane trouble with being a photographer is that it but requires a substantial initial investment.

You will have to buy all the equipment, which includes cameras, lenses and another accessories which can exist pretty expensive and can hands add together up to several thousands of dollars while you lot could start working as a digital marketer or in other fields with nigh zero upfront investment.

Thus, make certain that yous are willing to spend these amounts of money on your photographer career and that you are likewise able to raise this money somehow earlier deciding for becoming a photographer.

Not simply will yous have to buy expensive equipment in the get-go, but you will also take to supercede cleaved equipment sooner or subsequently.

Thus, while you might think that you earn pretty decent coin as a lensman, you lot will as well have significant expenses in the long run and you should gene all this in when information technology comes to calculating your true hourly wage which is oft far lower than initially expected by most newbies.

Our world is always moving and technologies go along to alter and amend with rapid speed.

While this can be corking for yous since information technology can brand your job just much easier, you lot likewise have to be willing to ride the applied science wave.

For instance, I know many people who just don’t want to bargain with all this technological stuff and rather desire to rely on old-school methods.

The trouble with this is that those people will merely become obsolete in the about future.

Hence, make sure that you lot are besides willing to invest some time and money in your digital education equally a photographer so that you are able to stay up-to-date and can offering your clients the best service possible to get a long-term edge over your competition.

Another downside to working equally a photographer is that you have to build your reputation first before making actually good coin.

In fact, many young photographers have to work for a pretty low wage in the beginning and some of them fifty-fifty work for free to go good reviews and to build their brand.

Consequently, don’t expect that you lot become all the good deals right from the starting time.

There will be plenty of extra work to do in your outset years and yous should be willing to work hard to become a real pillar in your industry.

While fantabulous photographers who understand their arts and crafts and who also know how to build a digital brand will get more plenty jobs in the futurity, mediocre photographers who also don’t intendance about brand-building at all will have a much more difficult time in the futurity.

If you are non willing to invest the fourth dimension and money to become really adept at photography, chances are that you will just fail sooner or later since competition is fierce and simply the best will survive in the long run.

If you piece of work as a self-employed photographer, you will also have rather depression chore security.

Clients may just cancel jobs without prior notice or you will but no longer get booked anymore.

In full general, you will e’er have to compete with other photographers and y’all have to offer better service to your clients to stay in the game.

This can be mentally demanding and many photographers are non able to handle this pressure, especially in case they have a family to feed and don’t know whether they will be able to do so or not simply a few months in the future.

Even if yous exercise a groovy chore and anybody had been happy with your piece of work, some clients may nevertheless not pay you.

It’due south just the nature of the game and you may just have to sue them to get your coin.

This can be quite annoying since it requires some actress work and it may also atomic number 82 to some additional bad reviews.

Some other disadvantage of existence a photographer is that you will as well have a rather low social status.

While people will be really grateful if you lot do a expert job, you volition yet not be as appreciated and admired every bit people who tin save lives during work.

Some photographers fifty-fifty get belittled and yous should just make certain that you are able to bargain with this stigma.

While some photographers report a pretty good work-life balance and are happy with the level of leisure they take, many others mutter about it since they ofttimes take to piece of work on holidays and weekends and barely have any time to spend with their family or on their hobbies.

Thus, make sure that you are also willing to work during those rather exotic times before deciding for a career as a lensman.

Our world has become pretty connected and pocket-sized with the invention of the internet.

In our nowadays state of the world, everyone can write bad reviews and if you make mistakes, chances are that they will end upward on the internet where potential clients tin read them and this may destroy your overall reputation in the manufacture.

In turn, you may get fewer jobs and may even have to give up your photography career due to that.

While many people will appreciate your work, others will only be difficult and some clients will find always something to complain most.

There are people out there who just can’t exist happy and dealing with those negative people can really be annoying and exhausting.

You should besides not underestimate the boosted tasks that you have to acquit out autonomously from the actual photographer work.

If you piece of work as self-employed photographer, y’all as well accept to declare your taxes, care about new rules and regulations, fix invoices and so on.

This implies enough of paperwork and you should really make sure that you are willing to do all of this earlier deciding for working as a photographer.

While being a photographer is just a passion for many people out in that location, some people get bored with working as a photographer sooner or later on and some of them even quit their jobs since they are simply only no longer interested in what they are doing.

Yous may likewise take a pretty hard time finding a different job as a photographer.

Since photographers often piece of work in a rather narrow field, they volition but not have the skills to work in a completely unlike field and you should make sure that photography is really what you want to do for a pretty long time to avoid any unpleasant surprises in this regard in the future.

Being a Photographer Pros Being a Lensman Cons
Photography tin can be a real passion Some photographers don’t brand a living
Many photographers bask their work Rather poor job security
Photographers can brand decent money Photographers always take to amend
Being a lensman tin be exciting You lot demand to larn digital skills
You can work on many different occasions Photographers need expensive equipment
Photographers can travel the earth Mistakes may ruin your reputation
Yous can piece of work indoors most of the time Some clients are just difficult
You lot tin can share your ideas on social media Rather questionable work-life balance
Plenty of free photography courses Photographers have depression social status
Photographers can build a potent network Beingness a photographer may get boring

I hope this article helped you lot quite a lot when it comes to the decision whether you all the same want to become a photographer or non.

Make sure to have your time and to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of existence a photographer in this article and so that y’all make the correct choice and get really happy in the time to come.

If you still programme to become a photographer, you should also go detailed information on the salary, task prospects, hereafter outlook, piece of work-life balance, educational requirements, duties, responsibilities and job satisfaction of photographers.

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