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To Survive on This Shore

To Survive on This Shore: Photographs and Interviews with Transgender and…

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To Survive on This Shore

To Survive on This Shore: Photographs and Interviews with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Older Adults Jess T. Dugan and Vanessa Fabbre February 8 – April thirty, 2022 Representations of older transgender people are nearly absent from our culture and those that do exist are often 1-dimensional. For over 5 years, photographer Jess T. Dugan and social worker Vanessa Fabbre traveled throughout the United states creating To Survive on This Shore: Photographs and Interviews with Transgender And Gender Nonconforming Older Adults. Seeking subjects whose lived experiences exist within the complex intersections of gender identity, age, race, ethnicity, sexuality, socioeconomic class, and geographic location, they traveled from declension to coast, to big cities and small towns, documenting the life stories of this important but largely underrepresented grouping of older adults. The featured individuals share a wide variety of life narratives spanning the terminal ninety years, offering an of import historical tape of transgender experience and activism in the United states of america. The resulting portraits and narratives provide a nuanced view into the struggles and joys of growing older as a transgender person and offering a poignant reflection on what it ways to live authentically despite seemingly insurmountable odds. Jess T. Dugan is an artist whose work explores bug of gender, sexuality, identity, and community. For the past decade, Jess has photographed people within queer and transgender communities, focusing on the complexities of identity, gender, and sexuality. Jess earned a BFA in photography from the Massachusetts College of Fine art and Design, a Master of Liberal Arts in Museum Studies from Harvard University, and an MFA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago. Jess regularly exhibits internationally and has piece of work in several museum collections.  Vanessa Fabbre, PhD, LCSW is an Assistant Professor at the Dark-brown School of Social Work and Affiliate Faculty in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Washington University in St. Louis. Vanessa’south research explores the conditions nether which LGBTQ people age well, and what this ways in the context of structural forces such as heteronormativity, heterosexism, and transphobia. Her research has been published in the Journal of Gerontology, Social Sciences, Social Work, The Gerontologist, the Journal of Gerontological Social Work, and the Periodical of Urban Health.To Survive on This Shore: Photographs and Interviews with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Older Adults is an exhibition organized past Barrett Barrera Projects. The exhibition is supported in part by the Oregon Cultural Trust.  Learn More: Image Caption: Jess T. Dugan, Caprice, 55, Chicago, IL, 2022, courtesy of the creative person and Barrett Barrera Projects. © Jess T. Dugan

JSMA at PSU 1855 SW Broadway Portland, OR 97201


Detail of Amirah Chatman Heaven’s Probably in Phoenix, 2022, chalk pastel on chipboard, Diptych, 44 x 56 inches


Featured Artists: AnAkA, Annabelle Araya, Julia Bond, J’reyesha Brannon,…

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Featured Artists: AnAkA, Annabelle Araya, Julia Bond, J’reyesha Brannon, Amirah Chatman, Steven Christian, Baba Wagué Diakité, Sadé DuBoise, Austin Gardner, Leila Haile, Elijah Hasan, Edmund Holmes, Willie Little, Latoya Lovely, Aiyana Monae McClinton, Jessica Mehta, Christine Miller, Annie Schutz, Sharita Towne, and Kyra Watkins The Blackness Lives Matter Artist Grant Program is a multi-university granting projection established past Jordan Schnitzer that has awarded funding to threescore emerging, mid-career, and established artists whose practices demonstrate a delivery to social justice. This granting initiative, which categorically references the Black Lives Thing move(southward), gestures towards the germinating financial and intellectual investment in artwork borne out of a continuing, centuries-long fight for Black autonomy, liberty, and most notably, life.  The 20 artists selected for the Portland State University Blackness Lives Matter Artist Grant Exhibition stretch the notion of ‘socially engaged artwork’ beyond its cursory definition, resulting in a drove of objects which require multiple shifts in perspective. Through installation, photography, video, painting, performance, textiles, sculpture, poetry, and printmaking, this exhibition is a microcosm of centrolineal and conflicting political, social, and aesthetic approaches.  Some awardees notice it imperative to employ fine art equally a vehicle to depict the horrors of white supremacy by swelling the effects to an unignorable size, request their audience non to plough away. The artwork of other awardees tends to the intricacies of their individual craft, or the richness of textile culture. To joy and pleasure, illustrating and narrating a better world than this, to the intersections of Blackness, indigeneity, and queerness, to secrecy, and to abstraction.  This exhibition is non only in the wake of a global pandemic, nor the two years of increased global uprisings and protests in defense of Black life, or even centuries of enslavement and imprisonment, but too; in the spirit of Black inventiveness, ingenuity, and collectivity. To learn more near the exhibition and artists visit the exhibition website: Content for the exhibition was written by Ella Ray, a Portland-based art historian, cultural worker, and curator. Editorial support by Nia Pipkin-Glover. The Black Lives Matter Artist Grant Program was established by Hashemite kingdom of jordan Schnitzer in partnership with the Hashemite kingdom of jordan Schnitzer Museum of Fine art at PSU. The program is funded through a generous grant from the Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation/Jordan Schnitzer.  The Blackness Lives Matter Artist Grant Exhibition was organized past the JSMA at PSU. Boosted funding for this exhibition is provided by Portland Land University President’s Office and the Oregon Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts.   Image Credit: Amirah Chatman, Heaven’s Probably in Phoenix (particular), 2022, pastel on chipboard, Diptych, 44 x 56 inches

JSMA at PSU 1855 SW Broadway



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