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By | 24/10/2022

Lights, lights, lights, lights, and more than lights. You’ll find them all hither at B&H and, fifty-fifty if you lot are a professional person photographer with decades of experience, the sheer number of lighting options today can drive y’all mad. Information technology drives us mad. You lot might exist thinking, “Where do I even start and how do I discover the dandy lighting kits?” Well, today’southward your lucky twenty-four hour period, because the place to start is right here, with this list of 14 recommended lighting kits—seven flashes and vii continuous—that will help photographers get the job washed.

Flash Lighting

We are going to starting time with a staple of photography: wink. Also known as strobes, these are awesome for photographers considering they provide enough of ability, tin can help freeze motion, and come in near whatever size. Also, the diverse sync methods—and the fact that at present many have built-in radio receivers, make multi-calorie-free setups piece of cake. In that location are plenty of variables to guide your decision, including recycle fourth dimension, battery versus Air conditioning power, accessories, wireless arrangement, and power, and so hither’s a healthy helping of dissimilar types to peruse.

Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT

i. Commodities VB-11 Bare-Bulb Flash and Accessory Kit

In the very offset of your lighting journeying, you will desire something versatile and with the ability to mount directly on your camera. Something like the Bolt VB-11 Bare-Seedling Flash. Existence bare bulb means that information technology tin can provide a like expect to classic strobes with 360° coverage and high ability at 180Ws. Information technology benefits greatly from accessories to change the calorie-free, all of which are included in the Flash and Accompaniment Kit. Another advantage is the ease with which you tin set it upward on a light stand up or slide information technology into the hot shoe of your camera, depending on how you want to employ it that solar day. Desire something easier to kickoff out with? Get with the Bolt VD-410 Transmission Flash and read upwardly almost speedlights.

Commodities VB-11 Blank-Bulb Wink and Accessory Kit

two. Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash Kit

Need something that’s portable, like a speedlight? How about a bare-bulb pattern that gives the 360 degrees of coverage? Get both with the Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash Kit. It has the basic form of a speedlight, though without the bounce functions, and has the ability to swap the head from a standard rectangular speedlight to a bare-bulb flash. It’s skillful and affordable with an excellent 200Ws of power that should exist ample, and it runs on a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack that’s good for 500 full-power flashes on a unmarried charge. Information technology as well features a congenital-in X Wireless Organization Receiver and so you tin use optional X Series TTL Transmitters to command and trigger the flash remotely. Calculation this also enables loftier-speed sync via TTL. It’south an awesome and versatile lighting choice.

Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Wink

3. Profoto B10 Off-Camera Wink Duo Kit

Among Profoto’due south latest releases as they push forrard with their off-photographic camera flash, or OCF, range is the stellar B10. Bachelor in a 2-low-cal kit complete with backpack, the ultra-compact light is battery powered for use nearly anywhere you can stick it. The B10 is rated to 250Ws and has a x-stop power range. Tack on a 0.05-22 second recycle fourth dimension, freeze way with a i/50,000-second T0.five wink duration, AirTTL support, and yous have a seriously good flash to piece of work with. Oh yeah, information technology also has LED modeling with with adjustable color temperature and CRI of upwards to 96 for video shooting on the side. All y’all demand to complete the setup are whatsoever of Profoto’s highly regarded OCF Light Shaping Tools and a Profoto Connect for wireless TTL.

Profoto B10 OCF Flash Duo Kit

4. Elinchrom D-Lite RX iv/4 Softbox To Go Kit

A more than conventional lighting kit comes from the well-known and reliable Elinchrom. By conventional I mean the D-Lite RX four/iv Softbox To Get Kit is shut to what many moving picture when they think of advanced lighting kits—a couple of monolights with stands and softboxes. These strobes are no slouch, with each of the two heads including offering 400Ws of power. They run on standard AC power and tin can recycle in just 0.35-1.half dozen seconds, depending on power. Also, the D-Lite RX 4 has an EL-Skyport Receiver built in, and then that y’all can trigger the camera remotely—easily—via the included EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus. Completing the kit are stands, an octagonal softbox, and a square softbox. Everything you lot demand.

Elinchrom D-Lite RX 4/4 Softbox To Go Kit

five. Broncolor Siros L 800Ws 2-Light Outdoor Kit two

When you hear the name of some brands, you merely know you are getting a solid production. In lighting, one such make is Broncolor, and i of its more recent releases is the Siros L 800Ws Barry-Powered Monolight, which we recommend in the 2-Low-cal Outdoor Kit 2. These are among the most powerful battery-powered strobes, with a rating of 800Ws and benefits from Enhanced Color Temperature Control that ensures the ultimate in consequent color with repeated shots. This is something that Broncolor is known for and something that makes its lights so appealing to professionals. Even so, if y’all need some extra speed, there is a mode that volition forgo these protections to provide faster recycle times and shorter flash durations, upward to a minimum of 1/18,000-second. Optional RES2.ii Transmitters open the door for Broncolor HS, enabling sync speeds at up to one/8000-second with supported systems. And, yous tin can control multiple lights from your tablet or smartphone using the bronControl app.

Broncolor Siros L 800Ws Battery-Powered 2-Light Outdoor Kit two

6. Dynalite Baja A6-600 Monolight 2-Lite Kit

Regarding equipment for the rest of us, Dynalite has made the solid Baja A6-600 Monolight 2-Light Kit. This more affordable system can be very enticing, partially because it offers an impressive 600Ws output, which is more powerful than many of its competitors. These are Air conditioning-powered monolights, but the added power and 300W modeling light should be appealing for many studio shooters. Also, it comes with a wireless receiver that can work at distances of up to 590′ when used with an optional transmitter. The transmitter also unlocks High Speed Sync with Canon or Nikon cameras. It is very much a traditional monolight, merely it is a practiced one and a quite affordable kit, too.

Dynalite A6-600 Monolight 2-Light Kit with Instance

7. Profoto Pro-ten 2400 AirTTL Power Pack

Speedlights and monolights changed the way photographers worked with lights by making them more portable and convenient. For the ultimate in functioning, it is tough to beat your standard power pack, and the Profoto Pro-10 2400 AirTTL is amid the best you tin go today. Two outlets, a max of 2400Ws, a built-in Air receiver with TTL support, flash durations that can be as short every bit ane/80,000(!) second, and recycle times of simply 0.02-0.7 seconds make this pack an absolute monster if you need the best of the best. There aren’t whatever pre-built kits, considering the super-pro nature of the Pro-10, so build your own by adding a couple of ProHead Plus Flash Heads to your bag.

Profoto Pro-ten 2400 AirTTL Power Pack

Continuous Lighting

These days, many photographers are spending a salubrious portion of their fourth dimension working with video. Unfortunately, all those awesome flashes and strobes we just talked about can’t practise both, since you need a continuous lite to work with motion. While, yes, some strobes are packing LEDs that can serve as your video source—the recent Profoto B10 Plus comes to mind—it will exist tough to beat dedicated tools such as the ones beneath.

Genaray SpectroLED Essential 500 Bi-Color LED

8. Luxli Viola2 LED Calorie-free Kit

Relative newcomer Luxli has been killing it lately, and one of its latest is the crawly on-camera option that is the Viola2 5″ On-Photographic camera RGBAW LED Low-cal. Its minor size and outstanding color controls make it exceptionally versatile. For standard white adjustment there is a variable 3000-10000K temperature range, while the RGBAW nature of the fixture enables complete color tuning, including the power to ready 150 digital gel filters and x unlike special effects. This is ideal for a portable, on-camera calorie-free considering it eliminates the need for other accessories in your handbag. One other affair to consider is this kit with a softbox and diffusion filter. Additionally, it’s part of the Orchestra serial, which tin be controlled via a mobile app on your smartphone and work in sync with any other members of the band.

Luxli Viola² five” On-Camera RGBAW LED Light

9. Litepanels Astra 3X Bi-Color LED Panel

Litepanels was one of the first major brands on the scene when LEDs start began to make inroads into photographic and cinematic lighting. It all had to practice with the now-ubiquitous i ten 1′ LED panel, at present having been updated to the Astra Bi-Colour LED Panel. By using an array of high-quality LEDs, Litepanels was able to create a fixture that was lightweight, powerful, and could produce a soft output—all beneficial qualities when considering lights for photography. They could even run on batteries if you needed to use ane on the go, and are practically silent. The shape is now classic, and if you want to pick up more than one, Litepanels has numerous Astra Traveler LED Panel Kits available.

Litepanels Astra 3X Bi-Color LED Panel

10. Lowel TotaLED Daylight LED 1-Lite Kit

Hot lights fabricated Lowel pop for decades. Now, the company is taking a good shot at the LED world by bringing out a new version of 1 of its most pop lights ever. The TotaLED Daylight LED Light is this reimagining, though it makes sure to maintain similar features to its predecessor. This includes an equivalent output to that of a 750W tungsten bulb, a beam angle of ~65° that can be expanded to 100° via the included diffuser, congenital-in barndoors, and more. Where this one differs is in its native 5600K color temperature, quite cool operation—no demand for gloves with LEDs—and the ability to run on batteries, as well as AC ability. If you want, there are ii-light and three-light kits ready for buy.

Lowel TotaLED Daylight LED 1-Light Kit

11. Aputure Light Tempest LS C120D Two LED Light Kit

Go beyond the panel with the Aputure Light Storm LS C120D II LED Light Kit. Using a chip-on-lath (COB) LED, it finer creates a unmarried-point light source, which is more alike to classic tungsten fixtures with a single seedling. No worries near multiple shadows here, and the LS C120D Ii is uncommonly powerful with the equivalence of a 1000W hot light, while consuming but 180W of power. It also has DMX control, a redesigned handbrake-locking yoke, and tin take all types of Bowens S-mount accessories natively, including Aputure’s popular Light Dome II. Photographers on the get will appreciate the ability to run on either V-mount or Gold-mount batteries. You can pick it up by itself, or in two-low-cal and 3-lite kits.

Aputure Lite Storm LS C120D 2 LED Light Kit

12. Light & Movement Stella Hymeneals Lensman Kit

Making the list equally a personal favorite is the Calorie-free & Movement Stella Wedding Photographer Kit. The reason I like them so much that they were included here is that the company is one of very few that makes highly capable lights that are completely waterproof. They really mean waterproof, also. The Stella Pro 5000 and Stella 2000 in this kit are ready to go diving with ratings that make them usable downwards to 328′ underwater. Tough lights can survive some of your crazier ideas and the Light & Motion ones are perfect for it. Both are battery powered and feature a COB LED with fantabulous, high CRI output that makes them a solid pick for photographers working on location. They are likewise great, compact lights, and the Stella 500 can accept an optional Profoto Adapter to use your more conventional modifiers on it.

Light & Motion Stella Hymeneals Photographer Kit

13. Westcott Flex Bi-Color LED Mat Cine Prepare

The thing near LEDs is that they can be used in ways you never would’ve imagined. One such light that follows through on this is the Westcott Flex Bi-Color LED Mat Cine Gear up. It’s a completely flexible LED panel measuring 1 10 i’, and there are plenty of other sizes available. Why would you want a flexible light? I would counter with a, “Why
you lot desire a flexible light?” It can be used on a stand just like your standard panels, yet, when the moment requires information technology, you tin can use it in very niche ways. It’s light plenty to exist taped upwards to a wall and thin enough to stay out of the shot. You can constrict it downwards into a case and fold it up so the light is directed a specific fashion. And that merely touches the surface, I’1000 sure plenty of more imaginative photographers will find fifty-fifty more exciting means to utilise it.

Westcott Flex Bi-Color LED Mat Cine Set

14. Kino Flo 4Bank 4’ Gaffer ii-Light Kit

LEDs are ascendant, though we shouldn’t forget most classic tungsten, HMI, and fluorescent lighting. I’d like to draw your attending to one in particular: the Kino Flo 4Bank 4′ Gaffer ii-Lite Kit. Essentially the name to know when it comes to fluorescent lighting, Kino Flo’due south lights are long revered in the industry for their soft, flicker-gratis output. Using True Match Fluorescent Lamps, the 4Bank can create a large, soft, and daylight-counterbalanced fixture that has the equivalent output of a 1000W soft light with a fraction of the describe. The separated ballast can be located in an easy-to-access position, as well, while the fixtures’ flexible barndoors provide a simple way to command the light. These are great fixtures, and this kit gives you lot everything you need except the lamps.

Kino Flo 4Bank 4′ Gaffer 2-Light Kit

We love lights here, but fourteen is such a small sampling of what is available at B&H. Please drop past the Comments department, beneath, to talk about your favorite lights or to enquire questions if yous are looking for some new gear.


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