Is The Canon 80d Any Good For Landscape Photography

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Canon 80D – Is it a capable camera for Landscape Photography?

I google for skillful APSC mural cameras and I get  the Fuji XT-three/4, Nikon D7200 or even the Nikon D5600, just I have never seen the Catechism 80D? Is the 80D that bad for landscape?

I am using the 80D for landscape photography. I have the Canon 18-55mm, fifty-250mm, 50mm ane.8 and 24mm 2.viii lenses for information technology. I have never used xviii-55mm and 50mm ane.eight for mural. Some of my virtually “liked” landscape photos have come from 50-250mm lens.  Even the 24mm gets a very little utilise.

I shoot wildlife more than (I have a different setup for information technology), merely when I am out for wild animals, I would like to take practiced landscape photos too, so looking for a good (and affordable) camera body and one or two lenses. Thanks!

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Re: Canon 80D – Is information technology a capable camera for Landscape Photography?


I have created landscape photographs with my cell telephone. Unless you have specific lens requirements or specific big format printing terminal destinations for your images, almost anything that creates a digital file is a capable landscape camera.

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Re: Canon 80D – Is it a capable camera for Mural Photography?

Why would your Sony cameras non exist good for landscape.   In  full general the most important role of a system is the lens.  Especialy true for landscape.  And, for landscape pixel qualty is important.  That’south why in pre-digital days, many of the landscape pros shot medium and large format.  The question I would ask near your 50-250 is how does it hold up at 100%.   I regularly see images that expect good when downsized and don’t hold up at 100% – even in the center.

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Re: Catechism 80D – Is it a capable photographic camera for Mural Photography?


Can you exercise Landscape photography with an EOS 80D? Of course! I did mural photography with an EOS
one0D for years; every bit did many people here. Whatever modernish dSLR/mirrorless camera is capable of doing landscape photography with ease.

Is information technology the absolute best camera for landscape photography? No. In the 24MP APS-C arena I’d choose your Sony A6100 over it. Why? The Canon has a stronger AA filter which removes some of the finest item. On the upside, less moiré; on the downside, less item.

The all-time value landscape camera at the moment is the A7R2. 42MP, full frame, and no AA filter. Drawbacks include being hatefully tedious, and being more expensive than your target toll


Re: Canon 80D – Is it a capable camera for Landscape Photography?

So long equally yous don’t have to rely on autofocus, video, or require light weight, I’ve been recommending used Pentax K-70 kits with the 18-135mm lens. If you’re patient you tin can choice them upwards for nether $600 on ebay. Dandy conditions sealing, IBIS, Nice 24MP sensor without AA filter and has pixel-shift. Only ane person has picked information technology up at my recommendation then far and he actually likes information technology. Apparently information technology’south not slap-up for people with small hands though.

Simply you have an A6100 which is great and so i’d just await for glass for that instead.

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Re: Canon 80D – Is information technology a capable camera for Landscape Photography?

I’ve used Catechism dslr’southward since 2005 and have spent much, much more on photographic equipment than I have on automobiles. Why??? I tin can’t answer that. It’s just an “thing” with me I gauge. Your 80D should be fine. If y’all use the mm range I would propose an EF-Southward 17-55. That and the 24-105 on a FF is what I use virtually.


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Re: Canon 80D – Is it a capable camera for Landscape Photography?


Capable – information technology has plenty of pixels and a water resistant torso. Those ii features should brand it capable for most needs. Stops of DR, I’ll guess it has plenty.

Whether it has plenty pixels for your taste or waterproof enough for how you lot care for it, or plenty DR for what yous shoot? Your telephone call.

So I’m guessing it is a capable camera for landscapes, but is it the all-time?

That depends on priorities and the type of images you like to accept. I’chiliad guessing the reply is no. My go to camera for landscapes correct now is my Olly OM5D, but that’s because I value portability above paradigm quality. For days I feel image quality needs to shine I’ll accept one of my full frame Nikons. If I had one I’d take my 850D. That would likely stay at home if I had that hugely expensive Phase 1. But for most trips out and for holidays my Olly shines

If y’all aren’t happy with the canon, then it may be the camera, how you’re using it, a bit of both, your processing or your expectation of a scene. Nosotros’re all different.

Here’s a shot I like from a trip to Scotland final year, one of my faves from the vacation. It ticks all my boxes though many volition non like information technology 1 bit – the camera used is almost irrelevant (dof would exist a potential problem for about cameras for this shot, it would await different had it been taken with your canon, but may nevertheless tick all my boxes).