Is The D7100 Good For Sports Photography

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Best settings on a D7100 for sports photography?

Best settings on a D7100 for sports photography?

I simply upgraded from a D5100 to the D7100 this week. I do freelance sports photography for a local college and while I’d like a full frame Nikon what I’m making doesn’t justify that expense. I’k shooting FINE JPEG as RAW but isn’t needed hither. They use the pictures for spider web and newspapers. I know I demand a loftier ISO and SS to get what I need. I’k played effectually with the 1.iii crop merely I haven’t used it for an event. Anything else I tin do to nail AF and get the shots I demand? Thanks!

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Re: Best settings on a D7100 for sports photography?

Staceyliza wrote:

I just upgraded from a D5100 to the D7100 this week. I do freelance sports photography for a local college and while I’d like a total frame Nikon what I’yard making doesn’t justify that expense. I’m shooting FINE JPEG as RAW just isn’t needed hither. They utilise the pictures for spider web and newspapers. I know I demand a high ISO and SS to get what I need. I’yard played around with the one.3 crop but I haven’t used it for an event. Anything else I can exercise to nail AF and go the shots I need? Thanks!

I estimate it depends on the sports that you shoot?

Anyway . . . I’chiliad sure yous idea of this, merely . . . go along the D5100 and stick ane of your other lenses on it when yous go out. Have it at dissimilar settings. It’southward easier to switch cameras than lenses. For that matter, accept yous thought well-nigh something like a 28-75mm f2.8 or 24-70mm f2.8? If then . . . go on the smaller fast zoom on one camera and the longer fast zoom on the other camera.

Just a thought!

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Re: Best settings on a D7100 for sports photography?


I also have both the 5100 and 7100 as well equally a D-300. The 5100 does a fleck better than the 300 at 6400, but the focusing system leaves much more to be desired. The 7100 appears to be the best of both as its high ISO performance is at to the lowest degree as skillful as the 5100 and the focusing is similar to the 300. One suggestion I would make with the 7100 is to use autofocus gear up to AF-C and not AF-A. When you are shooting fast action like football game, soccer or basketball, the AF-A setting doesn’t work well since the camera seems to take a slight amount of time to choose between AF-A and AF-S. For sports, y’all don’t have fourth dimension for the camera to hesitate. I use the 21 point pattern and take the focus point locked in the center of the frame. I’ve only used the camera for a couple of months, so that part of the equation is still a work in progress for me. I’ve been shooting high school sports for over 50 years now and would suggest that, besides your camera, the other thing that will help your photos is cognition of the sport you are photographing. That will aid get you in the right position to make the all-time photos. My all-time recommendation to you would be just practice, do, do. I’ll attach a photo from this past season that I shot with my D-7100 at ISO 5000.


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Re: Best settings on a D7100 for sports photography?

A lot depends on what sports you are shooting and in what surroundings.  Ane affair to ever retrieve with sports shooting is that there is never as much light equally it seems.

I normally will shoot sports in car ISO with a maximum of 6400 selected, in Manual shooting at either f2.8 or f4, and for near sports try to keep a shutter speed somewhere between 1/1000 and 1/1600.  I’ll shoot AF-C at either 9 or 21 point depending on what I’k shooting and how “on” I am that day.  I normally continue the “Lock On” at “Normal”, and assign the AE-Fifty/AF-Fifty button to “AF-ON”.

If yous have any specific questions, delight feel complimentary to PM me.

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Re: Best settings on a D7100 for sports photography?

Thanks for the advice. It’s all very helpful. Then far I’ve shot basketball and wrestling. For basketball I use my Tamron seventy-200 two.8. I plan on keeping my 5100 and using my 50mm one.four with my speedlite for fill up light under the baskets. It’south night there. The college has 25 varsity sports and I’ll be shooting near of them. This fourth dimension of year it’s mostly indoor stuff but lacrosse, baseball game and tennis kickoff up after Christmas. Every sport is so dissimilar and has a huge learning curve. This is fun only it can exist intimidating!

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Kerry Pierce

Re: Best settings on a D7100 for sports photography?

I’ve only very recently obtained my d7100, so I don’t have whatever specifics that I might offer. However, I would advise that yous have a wait at John Friend’southward spider web site on setting up CAM3500 AF for sports.  That site is constitute at this link.

The commodity is written for the d300, but the AF info should apply well to the d7100.


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Re: Best settings on a D7100 for sports photography?


I’ve had my D7100 a few months and accept had fun shooting BMX and mount biking a few times. The starting time time I shot BMX I tried:

  • AF-C, 3D tracking
  • RAW + jpeg
  • Aperture priority
  • continuous loftier release mode
  • I set up both the U1 & U2 modes, one for loftier shutter speeds (with high ISO), the other for panning with lower shutter speeds and low ISO

I was a chip dissappointed with the results, and institute that:

  • the focus tracking wasn’t working so well
  • the buffer filled very quickly and I missed a lot of shots
  • the shutter speeds dropped every bit the light dropped and I had to fiddle with the ISO and aperture to get them back up again
  • the U1 & U2 modes were a corking way to switch multiple settings very quickly during a race

The next time I tried:

  • AF-C, 51 point area tracking
  • jpeg only
  • shutter priority
  • motorcar ISO, with a max that I had to bump up a few times as the light faded

The results were much better:

  • the autofocus worked incredibly well
  • shooting jpeg just meant my bursts were much longer and I got many more than shots
  • I could change the shutter speed very hands, using about one/40th for best panning results and about 1/g and up for freezing the motion. Non quite as quick as swapping betwixt U1 & U2, but you could hands prepare those up with two shutter speeds if you want to go that style.

Some other things I learned:

  • When I was shooting side-on, the riders were often closer to the spectators backside them than I was to the riders. Even wide open (f3.5 on my kit lens) the background was just too sharp and the riders got lost. This was when the panning at 1/40th worked really well the bring the riders out.
  • The panning was likewise great because of the style the riders moved. As they went over the smaller jumps their bikes and arms and legs were moving upward and down, merely their heads were steady. I liked the way this motion blur worked with the panning blur. It was especially swell when their eyes were dainty and sharp.
  • I could shoot at higher shutter speeds when I was looking direct down the track with the riders coming at me, and there was no trouble with distracting background.
  • Continuing on the inside of a corner I could get very close to the riders and use high or depression shutter speeds successfully.
  • My kit lens (18−105) had all the reach I needed. I was able to become very close to the activity at many points on the track.
  • I struggled to get practiced shots over the bigger jumps, equally the riders were moving up and down as well as across the frame, and there were likewise many distracting groundwork elements − trees, light towers, spectators, etc.

Manifestly every sport is different, and you’ll take a whole different set of challenges to bargain with. You’ll nigh certainly need a longer lens for field sports, the movement won’t be as predicatble, and your compositions will exist very different. Merely hopefully this gives y’all some things to remember about.

Let us know how you get on. I’m withal exploring the AF modes and would exist curious to hear what you find works best.

(You can see some of my BMX shots here .)

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