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What is ISO and What Does ISO Mean?

The Misconception:

What does “ISO” hateful? Ask anyone seemingly “in-the-know” and they’ll tell you “ISO” is an initialism for “International Standards Organization” and thus it is pronounced “heart-ess-oh.” Sounds pretty disarming, just this is


Why This is Wrong:

There is no such thing as the “International Standards System.”
Become ahead, Google it. It doesn’t exist. So then what does “ISO” stand for? Nix. It’south not an initialism or an acronym.

Allow me to explicate…

Hither’s where the confusion comes from: although in that location isn’t an “International Standards Organization,” there is an “International Arrangement for Standardization.” The International Organization for Standardization is a corporation based in Geneva, Switzerland that sets all sorts of international standards for manufacturing and engineering science, one of which is picture sensitivity in photography. Their whole deal is getting the world on the same page with standard regulations, measurements, and certifications.

And so what is “ISO?” It’s this company’s name, that’s all. No unlike than “Pepsi” or “Honda.” But “ISO” obviously is not an initialism or acronym because the right acronym (in English anyway) would exist IOS. So so what does ISO mean? Well, it’due south derived from the Greek root “isos,” which means “equal” – like in “isotope” and “isosceles.” And if you expect at the website for the International Organization for Standardization, yous’ll find an explanation on why they chose this Greek root instead of an acronym to stand for their company (source: http://world wide

Because ‘International Organisation for Standardization’ would accept different acronyms in unlike languages (IOS in English language, OIN in French for Organisation internationale de normalisation), our founders decided to give it the short form ISO. ISO is derived from the Greek isos, meaning equal. Whatever the country, any the language, the short form of our name is always ISO.

Couldn’t have said information technology better myself.

The Truth:

So “ISO” is not an acronym. No incertitude about that. It’due south merely a company’s logo written in all capital letters derived from the Greek root
isos. And just like you wouldn’t spell out “PEPSI” every time you ordered 1, you shouldn’t spell out “ISO” every time yous talk about it. That’s why“ISO” is correctly pronounced “EYE-so.”No matter how many times you lot hear information technology pronounced “eye-ess-oh,” and fifty-fifty though everybody and their mother says it “eye-ess-oh,” it just only isn’t correct. Doesn’t matter if a guy has been taking pictures for decades or working with ISO standards for 50 years, if he says information technology “eye-ess-oh,” he’s wrong.

And merely for skilful measure, here’south a video summarizing it all:

My Thoughts and Rants:

Alright, I’ll be honest. For awhile I was guilty of thinking ISO stood for International Standards Arrangement and for years I pronounced it “heart-ess-oh.” That was based partly on misinformation from an online resource (What?! You lot hateful Yahoo Answers isn’t always correct?) and mostly from my own assumptions. After all, information technology made perfect sense. But that’due south what happens when I
presume. I make an
out of

And then I tin’t really fault people for proverb it “eye-ess-oh.” It’south in all upper-case letter messages so information technology certainly looks like an acronym. And the bulk of shooters say information technology that way even though it’s incorrect. But hey, but goes to testify yous how quickly false information can become “fact.”

My only rant on this is that a couple years dorsum I saw on Yahoo Answers that someone posted a question asking what is ISO and what does ISO stand for. Some know-null exercise-gooder happily answered with “It stands for ‘International Standards System.'” Seeing this mistake, I politely corrected the answer with the information I stated in this web log post. All was finally correct in the world. Simply sure enough, a few days later I get a notification that someone has “improved” my answer. I go to check it out and some idiotinverse it back to the wrong answer!

Don’t go your data from some impaired yahoo on Yahoo Answers. And don’t permit anyone endeavor to correct you lot into saying it the wrong fashion. It’southward “Centre-then.”

Everyone say it with me now: EYE-so!

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