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Tips for Food Videography with Jessica Hirsch

Jessica Hirsch

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Nutrient is something that everyone can relate to. It is a universal language. And so, today, I’m going to requite y’all my top tips and tricks for capturing those moments in videography. Whether yous are an aspiring content creator or merely want to capture moments on your phone with family unit and friends, you lot’ll find some helpful guidance below.

Aim for Natural Lighting

This one is important in all aspects of photograph and video product, especially for food.  My personal favorite style of lighting is to shoot in natural lighting. Brand sure you have a good remainder considering too much light volition announced washed out. On the other end, if it’due south likewise dark, and so it volition come out grainy and shadowy.

Using a reflector can besides help with billowy more than light onto your discipline, or diffusing lite if it’due south too brilliant. Depending on where yous are shooting tin help determine the appropriate size y’all should buy.


For videos, you want to make sure in that location is some aspect of motion happening. Otherwise, the video will come up off as boring and stagnant. This doesn’t necessarily have to always exist the camera moving (which could lead to shakiness if handheld) but it could likewise be motility of the food dish you are shooting. Possibly it’s syrup pouring onto pancakes, or an astonishing cheese pull.

Apply a Tripod

You’ll discover information technology very helpful to have a reliable tripod on hand, specially if yous are shooting solo. A sturdy tripod will assistance with getting reliable consequent footage without a lot of shakiness and besides can lend an extra hand so you lot can comprise your cheese pull, syrup pours, and other movement shots.

Use Different Angles

Another tip that can aid your photos and videos look more unique is incorporating different angles. Attempt to be creative and call back of dissimilar angles to capture your shots. For example, if y’all accept a cheese pull, it could make it seem more than monumental to have a low-to-high angle to capture it as it rises and the photographic camera angle pans up toward information technology.

Eliminate Ataxia

You lot want the “hero” to be the nutrient. Make sure to keep a clean and organized work infinite to permit the focus to exist on the appeal of the food dish you are shooting.

Pick the Right Lens

In both video and photo, the lens yous choose to use could drastically change the way your subject looks.  With many advancements to phone cameras, the options are now in that location for casual shooters as well every bit professionals. When planning your shot list, brand sure to also consider the wait of the shot you are going for — wide angle, macro, depth of field, etc.

Shoot Higher FPS for Ho-hum Motion Video

Given the advancements of phone cameras, this is an option for novices and professionals alike.   Utilizing higher frame rates such equally 60, 120 and even 240 in some cases volition allow y’all to capture footage in ho-hum motion. Call up of those examples nosotros gave earlier with the syrup falling or cheese pull stretching. Those are bang-up options to incorporate some slow move into your scene.

Keep in mind that y’all desire to brand sure you have ample amount of lighting because, as your frame rate goes higher, you’ll also have to raise your ISO. You don’t want to go too far because then your footage might start to become grainy and accept away from the quality expect.

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Ask for a Table Near the Window

Recall how nosotros said lighting is extremely important? Personally, I honey to try to go to a eatery early on while it’s notwithstanding calorie-free out. It’s non uncommon for me to be eating dinner at v pm — or even 4 pm — during the wintertime when in that location’s less daylight. Office of the reason for that is to capture that natural light that’due south going to help my photos and videos stand out. If you see a table by the window and you know you want to try to capture some smashing shots, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

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