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Baby Name :


Gender :


Origin :

Indian, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Hindu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marä thi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu


Well Starred



Number :


Moon Sign (Rashi) :

Gemini (Mithun)

Star (Nakshtra) :


baby Kritika
Proper noun


is combinations of

, ane occurrence of A , ii occurrences of I , two occurrences of Thousand , ane occurrence of R and one occurrence of T

has a lots of significance in Astrology.

In Moon sign based Vedic Star divination, person with name
are usually with prospectus futurity and career. The persons are with voracious noesis and their subtle knowledge help them to achieve a keen success in their career. These persons are usually very much career oriented. Simply this is as well truthful that they can residue their personal and professional life in proper sense. They volition get a huge number friends and relatives. Their relatives and friends are very much cooperative towards them. They are built-in to achieve name and fame. They will become the pick of success if they select the glamour manufacture equally their career. They are with attractive body and beauty. Their beauty will help them to gain fame if they come to movie or model manufacture. They will have influential parents as well. Apart from all these they are very generous towards the distress people. They ever ready to help them without whatever hesitation. There tin can earn lot of money with their talent and hard piece of work. They volition get perfect lucifer life part partner and they volition be happy together forever.




or (Kritika) means
Well Starred.

Person with name
are with authority and power. This proper noun indicates that they do not have a proper stable life. This is fairly a cause of destruction. They are advised to check their instability. These people prefer to achieve respect and sometimes it is possible that they volition have all those things in their rank, but they should not be upset if information technology turns out to exist just the opposite. Though these natives have a fortunate luck for earning money, simply they must consciously salvage some amount for their hereafter expenses. Information technology is probable that their parents will not have a sound health. At offset, they may non take listen of it, simply as time progresses, the ailment may increase and lead to a serious harm. They may similar seclusion and this state of aloneness is somewhat beneficial for them. Negative betoken of this proper noun is that these people are not supported past anyone, neither their parents not their relatives.

The natives with proper noun
are likely to be very clear vision as far equally their life opinions are concerned. They are honest as well in their dealings. They are very free- minded lying bare their listen and take no hesitation to do so. The farthermost directly cutting way they adopt may hurt others sometimes. However, these people are not bothered nearly that. Natives of this proper noun have a rigid conclusion. People who fall under this department testify qualities of bravery. A very noteworthy feature of these persons is the thing, which they accept a towering conviction, which helps them to succeed in their ways. A dominating tendency is to see very normally in these natives. They bask subordinating others. These people are of a materialistic mind. People of name
are very proud about their own personality and achievements. An inherent leading personality is bliss for these persons. They are probable to ascend a long ladder of success. Nevertheless, they are non grateful and will not pay back due gratefulness to people who helped them. Impulsion is the discussion for them. These natives take a wonderful coupling capacity with the people of the opposite gender. They can exist a smashing friend of contrary gender, and the other way circular.

Independence, achievement, individuality, and leadership are the main characters of the person with proper name
Kritika. They come with a big heart and are costless from acrimony, envy, and discontent. People with this name are natural leaders and they ever tend to have people following them at home and around. They are contained, naturally built-in leaders and tin can always take intendance of themselves well. These people come with a very clear vision of themselves in their minds and mostly it becomes very difficult for anyone to turn them from there. In one case they set up their minds onto something, it becomes very difficult for people to tell them that they are wrong. These people come up with a clear mind and can be very hands get together or optimize their thoughts. They come with groovy command on their lives and precise and clear. They are very protective of people as well.

Indian Astrology indicates that person with proper name
are lovable to their neighbours. People of their society similar to talk to them because of their friendly nature. But they are not same personality in their office environment. They do non like to open with their colleagues sometimes. This may hamper their career graph as well. Due to this type of nature, some people presume that they are self-centred. Just this is not true. They are very friendly and open-minded persons. This happens due to their lack of communication skill and lack of workplace confidence. They are pretty much focus towards their careers. They are laborious and hard workers and at the same time they are determined besides. They are peace loving persons also. They need to conscientious and selective in terms of making new friends. They are charitable person and humble by nature. They similar to help poor and distressed people selflessly. They believe in slow but steady theory. They e’er try to cease whatever piece of work with total of perfection. They seek for more mental peace than worldly comforts. Their hard working nature sometimes may affect their health every bit well. They are prone to some chronic disorders. So, they need to remainder their career and health at the aforementioned time. Actually this is applicable to each and everybody in this planet.