Label The Photos Based On Panorama.

By | 12/10/2022

How we used to label photos in the past

5 Reasons to label your digital photos on your phone: Labelbox

Back when cameras were not digital, labeling photos was a procedure of writing on the back of the printout. If y’all owned a Polaroid camera, scribbling on the bottom on the photograph was another way to describe what was happening in the photo. Nonetheless, this is no longer the example. Digital cameras and mobile phones take become the main tools in photography. Looking at photos is now commonly online. Labeling photos normally involve writing in the ‘comments’ or description of online sites. If you’re looking at photos from your figurer, there isn’t even whatsoever comments or descriptions for you to understand or remember what was going on.


With apps, it’s possible to label photos on your phone, so when yous print them out, or share them online, it’s already labelled with artistic flair and with great style. If you’re using your computer, the label is in that location inside your photograph. That’s why nosotros wanted to create a solution and now released a gratis iPhone app called Labelbox.

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If you are non convinced, here are five reasons you lot should consider labeling inside the photos.

5 Reasons to label your digital photos on your phone: Labelbox

1. It’due south neat and tidy.

Using a pen means you have to print out the photo showtime, everyone has to decipher your handwriting, and sometimes it can brand the photograph harder to come across because of the indentations created from the pen. If y’all make a error, it’s not easy to erase. Using labelbox means y’all tin can easily place where the text goes and delete information technology if it looks wrong, no indentation marks either.

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two. Stylish and user-friendly.

With a pen, fashion is mostly all well-nigh your handwriting. If your on the movement when your taking those photos, you don’t accept admission to your figurer or laptop to make those extravagant edits to label. An iPhone app similar Labelbox has 8 unlike tapes and labels providing multiple styles to characterization your photos and share them wherever you are. It takes 3 actions, Select, Swipe and Blazon, and the photo is labelled in a stylish, well presented manner.

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5 Reasons to label your digital photos on your phone: Labelbox

iii. Cocky censor your photos.

It’s not ever almost labelling, sometimes you just desire to share something simply keep a face individual, yet you want to keep the original for yourself. Easy! Select a black strip, embrace the eyes and it’s ready. The original can notwithstanding exist kept intact.

4. Easy to Think.

Anybody is on the go, capturing the moment is the in-thing, but when y’all’re capturing lots of moments, information technology’south piece of cake to forget what each moment was. Quick easy tagging using labelbox means yous tin characterization apace before you forget, so when you look at the photo later, you already have a cue. Even amend if you lot’re trying to share instantly, labelling it means your friends quickly understand what it is your photograph is saying. When you look at the photograph in years to come up, the label is a nice reminder of what you was taking.

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5 Reasons to label your digital photos on your phone: Labelbox

5. Get Creative.

Tapes and labelling is just i use… You can get creative, creating frames, layering labels, and use it as a pet art projection. Information technology makes it more fun to endeavor to remember out of the box with artistic ways to heighten your photos.

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If y’all take an iPhone, download Labelbox for
from the app store. Hope yous like information technology!

5 Reasons to label your digital photos on your phone: Labelbox