Lightroom Edit In Photoshop Grayed Out

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Edit in Photoshop greyed out in Lightroom CC

Never had a problem until now, I can piece of work with my photo in Lightroom, only cannot PHOTO PHOTOSHOP CC IN – EDIT IN – EDIT, I uninstalled Lightroom and Photoshop at some point tonight, and reinstalled, withal getting it, frustrated, I have checked the forums and google and could not notice a solution. If anyone tin assistance me I have will be appreciated, cheers in advance.

From my feel (some fourth dimension ago), I remember try two things, but can’t remember who fixed-

1 gear up the registry (on Windows) link as per – “Edit in Photoshop” missing society

ii run the plan Creative cloud cleanser to wipe all references to the Adobe programs and then re-installing the App CC.

Use the cleaning of creative cloud tool to resolve installation bug

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  • Edit in Photoshop greyed out, not available in LR 4.ii

    When I click right photo 4.ii LR, I can’t go the option Edit in Photoshop elements xi. The open option in Photoshop is grayed out. What should I practice to fix this? I accept preferences in the eternal edit edit like PSD, sRGB, viii-bit value tab.

    What else practice I do?

    Try the instructions here:

  • Edit in Photoshop CC command in Lightroom 5 opens an older version of PS CC

    On the mavericks of OS Ten ten.nine.2 in Lightroom 5.3 every time I have employ ane of editing in Photoshop CC orders he e’er throws an old version 14.00 vs the recent 14.2

    Than yous for your help DdeGannes

    I can say thankfully its now fixed I looked in my binder applications several times and could not observe any other “Photoshop” just “photoshop’ & ‘’ which is not the culprit, so I was thinking could otherwise how lightroom pulling up some other version of Photoshop CC I did a global search for Mac for the file name”Photoshop”and bam are ane in the documents as a fill-in Photoshop earlier I installed a few plugins, so I went and renamed the file “backup Photoshop” and boom Lightroom now only launches the latest version, I still think that everything is proficient, merely it looks like there’s a bug or glitch in Os 10 or LR5 to practice what he did and I don’t have a pre launch photoshop all the time at present

  • Edit in photoshop, then back to lightroom

    I apologize if this has been asked before, but I’ve been looking for awhile at present and have not found an answer.

    If I choose the option “Edit in photoshop” in lighroom, images open in photoshop as expected.  If I then salve the image in PS, it folds a new version of tiff prototype which is and so returned in lightroom.  If I come dorsum in lightroom and select my new epitome edited in PS and now apply one of my presets, the image is horrible and not what the screening is supposed to look like.  I retrieve it is because when you open a catechism RAW file, some cursors are fix to certain values.  For example, the BRIGHTNESS is + fifty default on a RAW file.  When I apply my preset brightness going upward to + 60.  However, on my new tiff PS edited, the effulgence is set to 0, and when I apply the same predefined, instead of 10, it goes upwardly to 60, which of class blows the entire epitome on since information technology’southward an increase of sixty and not 10 like I applied the preset in the original RAW file.

    My question is, is anyway to reset the image somehow and then a preset will look skilful on a PS edited tiff?

    Thank you.

    cjcraze wrote:

    My question is, is anyway to reset the paradigm somehow so a preset volition look proficient on a PS edited tiff?

    North ° your presets are designed to work with raw images, your images from Photoshop are perfectly rendered and gamma encoded. Your merely options are to create new presets specifically for TIFF / {SD/JPEG images or apply the current settings before you ship the prototype to Photoshop.}

  • How to reduce the size of the file when editing in Photoshop – and then back to Lightroom

    Sometimes I similar to edit photos from Lightroom in Photoshop then re – tape return to Lightroom, my pictures are of the Nikon Nef raw and they come commonly in virtually 24 MB and information technology’s ok. The problem is when I modify in LR to PS – Photoshop transforms the epitome into a Tiff file and I have some pictures to nearly 400 MB being imported to LR, I merge layers, and flatten the image etc then go to file and so salve and I can’t reduce them. Y at – it an easy way to convert the final image to a Tiff NEF file with but a click of mouse, thank you very much I’yard new on this and find dainty software to use all the ideas please.

    Another thing to consider is that you can modify your Lightroom preferences to save TIF 8-flake images. This would significantly reduce the size of these files.

  • Edit in photoshop greyed in LR 4.2 (11 items)

    I just installed Photoshop elements 11 and LR four.2. For the first time in my experience, edit it in photoshop is grayed out. All my NIK software is recognised, only photoshop is grayed out.

    I’1000 the editor external for TIFF, 16-chip.

    Any solution?

    Try the process described here:

  • Image edited in Photoshop does not exit Lightroom after 2016 CC-06

    I upgraded from Lightroom and Photoshop for the latest versions of CC this calendar week (June 2016) and ran into a problem.

    I have re-kept the image in PS and no change in LR. I besides deleted the paradigm of LR and re-imported, but LR unclear some of my layers in the view of the presentation.

    When I export the image as a JPG in LR, it also has the ugly marks on a model otherwise nice! Besides for the mobile unit, also.

    Ideas on how to fix?

    Here is the same prototype on the left is Lightroom, Photoshop is the right. I closed both programs and reopened for this screenshot.

    Effort to uncheck the Photoshop Preferences > file management > save outgoing PS in the background, and so resave the file in PS, one time more.  If that solves the problem, delight add your vote and detailed stance on this bug report in the official feedback forum for PS Adobe: Photoshop : blur Not-destructive for the masking does non record properly more | Customs customer Photoshop family

  • Filters for Adobe Photoshop greyed out in CMYK mode, why?

    In CMYK way filters Gallery style does not work in Adobe Photoshop CS6, tin yous please tell me what is the correct reason?

    Hi mahalakshmi.gg83470284


    • Some operations just work in specific color patterns or bit depths. A lot of filters, including the Gallery of filters, does not work in CMYK mode.
    • Equally a full general dominion, any treatment in Photoshop works better with fidelity of color in RGB. CMYK conversion should be done as a last pace afterward another editing and changes take been made.



  • Trace Photoshop greyed out in the Text Wrap Panel

    I accept a PSD that has a clipping path. InDesign is not ‘see’ the path, the Panel roofing text or in the Clipping Path Options dialog box. I am able to select when yous import the image, of the Import Options dialog box. What I am doing incorrect?


    Had to be something with this file. I copied the motion-picture show and pasted into a new Photoshop document, then mde the clipping and all is well.

  • After I edit in photoshop and relieve in lightroom, the new captain does not salve adjacent to the former

    He usually records at the front of my fast drove (boring), but after I open up and close lightroom several times, he gets lost in total (inserted somewhere in the center)

    In the library Module become > view > sort and check
    co-ordinate to your preference.

  • “Edit in Photoshop”: why is Photoshop is grayed out?

    I have LR 3.2 and PS CS5 Extended installed on PC Win 7 64 bit.  Preferences | External editing shows Photoshop but when I cull a picture and brand a correct-click, edit in Photoshop greyed out lookout man.  (Likewise when the chossing Edit in the menu drop-downwards photo.  I tried to reinstall (‘set’ pick) LR only LR doesn’t detect PS all suggestions?


  • Lightroom loses NAS file locations subsequently external editing in photoshop

    When I use Lightroom and utilize the command to edit my RAW files in Photoshop and then salvage and close Photoshop and Lightroom loses my file locations.

    Indeed, in my test, the original RAW file that I edited was on my NAS server in ‘ / Volumes/home/something thing-private/Photos/original/_DSH4794.» NAVE. Published Photoshop saved successfully the new file in the same binder that “/ Volumes/home/something-private/Photos/original/_DSH4794-Edit-two.tif” simply Lightroom was get her in “/ home/something-private/Photos/original/_DSH4794-Edit-2.tif”.

    It seems that Lightroom is ripped off the beginning of the game “/ Volumes” file path and I take to say Lightroom where the file is actually so he could rebuild the link. No idea how to solve this trouble?

    I work with the following configuration:

    -Mac Os X Yosemite x.10.5

    -Abode-made NAS (freenas) server to store all my RAW files

    -Lightroom version: CC 2015.2.i

    -Adobe Photoshop Version: 2015.0.ane

    08-12-2015, information technology’southward always the same trouble with Lightroom version: CC 2015.three and Adobe Photoshop Version: 2015.1 unfortunately!

    I did more stable after reading a bulletin on some other forum (LR loses the locations of files afterwards that I have Edit in photoshop on my iMac – Lightroom Forums) and found out that the problem was acquired past the AFP share name: home. It seems Lightroom or Photoshop don’t similar stocks AFP named ‘dwelling house’ when it comes to performing a “Edit in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015…”. I renamed my AFP share in ‘nashome’, and it’s working now.

    The cause has been found and at that place is an piece of cake solution, but the problem is still to be fixed by Adobe now!

  • Why can´t I synchronize photos with their previous version in lightroom after doing editations in Photoshop?


    -J’ take a RAW-foto in Lightroom, that I have already edited with tools in lightroom (colour, clarity, whitebalance etc..)

    -I demand to alter some things in Photoshop, and so I right click and select (CTRL + East) “(Edit in photoshop)”

    -A version without my lightroom to photoshop editations openes, I do my editations information technology

    -J’ I save the photo in photoshop, and information technology is imported to my catalog of lightroom as a PSD file, beingness stacked with the original. -well, now the trouble:

    -If I select the new and the original version (RAW + PSD file) and try to synchronize my editations to lightroom for the PSD of the file, changes color completely and at that place are even a few place moves through the face of the model, that Practise NOT EXIST in the original photo this synchronization to I m starting! WHY! I actually practise non understand…

    See here on my Dropbox for a meliorate understanding (for some reason that I can’t download the pictures directly hither):

    Dropbox – help adobe

    Thank y’all for your help appreciated

    Procedure of synchronization of lla yous describe, it’s non how it should work. When you edit in Photoshop with Ctrl-Eastward, Lightroom, must pass the file raw and XMP data for your montages on Photoshop. Photoshop uses his Photographic camera Raw engine to make these changes, and y’all should see a background layer that has all of your edits included.

    the fact that you do not see the changes in Photoshop makes me suspicious that you have an quondam version of Photoshop (with an one-time Camera Raw). What version of LR and PS do yous use? If y’all use an older Photoshop hither, by what to do:

    Ordinarily, you will see a dialog box warning that would give you the opportunity to ‘Return in Lightrom’, just you may accept disabled information technology. To reset, become in Edition > Preferences > General and click the button “reset all alert dialog boxes.»

    In one case you do this, opening in an before version of Photoshop will trigger an warning assuasive you the option of ‘open anyway’, or “make in Lightroom.”  You must cull to render in Lightroom.

    Hard disk drive ++

  • I employ Lightroom 6.v and PS CS3 (version x).  Working in Lightroom, the choice Edit in Photoshop is grayed out.  I think that this tin can be linked to the recent movement to Windows ten.

    I employ Lightroom half-dozen.5 and PS CS3 (version 10). Working in Lightroom, the pick Edit in Photoshop is grayed out. I think this may be linked to the contempo transition to Windows 10.I

    Hi allync,

    If please try and uninstall Photoshop CS3, restart the machine, and and then reinstall it.

    Download link: Download Adobe Creative Suite 3 products

    Permit us know if that helps.

    Kind regards


  • In lightroom, the part “Edit in photoshop” is grayed out


    I just installed apples ‘El Capitan’ operating system and now Lightroom feature that allows me to edit in photoshop is grayed out.

    How do I re – establish the link betwixt these two programs?

    Thank you lot!

    Moved to Lightroom Forum for additional help