M 2 Drive Not Showing Up

By | 30/10/2022

See instance in Reddit:
“Hi guys. I recently bought a new SanDisk m.2 SSD, installed it to my mobo and it’southward non being picked up by my BIOS. I have updated my BIOS to the well-nigh recent version and also tried disconnecting my other SATA drives merely no luck. I am using a gigabyte z170 hd3p mobo and take a 120GB SSD for my OS and a 500GB HDD for storage. Hope someone out there can help me please”.

Why is your
M.2 SSD not showing upward
in Windows ten? Many users complained about M.2 SSD not detected on the forums like ASRock, Reddit, and tom’s hardware. They’ve tried some methods but information technology doesn’t work.

In this article, we volition explain how to fix SSD not detected in Windows 10. Let’southward see details to handle M.2 SSD not detected in BIOS and disk management. Primary contents of this folio:

Workable Solutions Pace-past-stride Troubleshooting
Causes of M.ii SSD Not Showing Upward Your computer can’t detect 1000.2 SSD when you haven’t configured the BIOS setting or M.2 SSD is not properly connected to the device…
Thousand.two SSD Not Detected in BIOS Laptop/PC To fix G.ii SSD not detected in BIOS, y’all can configure your M.2 SSD in BIOS or reinstall the drive…
M.2 SSD Not Detected in Deejay Management When One thousand.2 SSD is not showing up in Disk Direction, update its commuter, apply Hardware and Devices…
Recover Data from M.two SSD That Is Not Detected Y’all can use professional data recovery software to restore data from M.2 SSD to foreclose information loss…
M.ii SSD Not Showing Up FAQs Cheque the frequently asked questions nearly M.2 SSD not showing upward. You can learn the detailed reasons for M.2 SSD not detected as well as more solutions…

Causes of Yard.2 SSD Not Showing Up

Before yous use the solution, let’south take a look at what causes disk failure. Many users talk most a method that doesn’t work. Perchance you lot should look at the following reasons commencement and effort more methods. These reasons besides use to other device issues, like the SSD not showing upwardly.

Causes of BIOS Issue:

  • You have not configured your BIOS setting. (M.two SSD is not enabled.)
  • Your M.2 SSD is not properly continued to the computer.

Causes of Disk Management Problem:

  • Your commuter needs to update.
  • Troubleshoot your hard disk.
  • Your drive letter is missing.

Not that y’all’ve understood the possible reasons, yous tin can sentry the video tutorial to aid yous ready M.2 SSD not showing up trouble quickly. Y’all can refer to the timeline of important content to choose the solution that works.

  • 0:11 Format the hard disk in Deejay Management
  • 1:21 Re-plug in the hard disk
  • 1:50 Use a proper M.2 SSD type
  • 2:49 Check the BIOS settings

M.2 SSD Not Detected in BIOS Laptop/PC

For the BIOS issue, you tin can effort two ways in this role. We advise you lot to use gear up ane first. Fix 2 involves disassembling the figurer and reinstalling the hd, which may exist difficult if you are a beginner.

Ready 1. Configure Your K.2 SSD

Step i.
Restart the PC and press F2/Delete to enter BIOS.

Step 2.
Expand “SATA Configuration” and cull “Configure SATA Configuration as IDE”.

enable m2 ssd in bios

Step 3.
Press F8 to salvage and exit.

Set up 2. Reinstall Drive to Fix M.2 Drive Not Detected in Windows 10

Step 1.
Disconnect Your PC’s ability supply. (If you are using the laptop, you can take out the battery.)

Step 2.
Use a screwdriver to open the PC’s case. (Or detach your laptop’south shell past removing some screws.)

Step three.
Disconnect the hd and cable. And reinstall it.

  • On desktop PC: Find the M.2 connector on the lower eye of the motherboard > Yous tin see a horizontal slot labeled SATA or PCIe > Remove the mounting screw reverse the slot > Insert the Yard.2 SSD > Secure the SSD with the screw.

install m2 ssd desktop

  • On laptop: Open 1000.ii slot > Slide Thou.ii SSD to the slot > Secure SSD with the spiral.

install m2 ssd laptop

1000.two SSD Non Detected in Deejay Direction

If the Thou.2 SSD is not showing upward in disk management, yous can update your driver, utilize Hardware and Device Troubleshooter and assign a drive letter of the alphabet by this in-depth guide.

Fix ane. Update M.2 SSD Driver

Step 1.
Press “Windows + X” and click “Device Manager”.

Step two.
Expand Disk Drives.

Step 3.
Right-click Thou.2 SSD and cull “Update Driver Software”.

Step 4.
In the update driver software window, choose “Search automatically for updated driver software”.

update disk driver

Step 5.
Await until the update completes and restart your computer.

Fix ii. Employ Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter

Step one. Type Hardware and Devices on the search box and click to start.

Step ii.
Click “Side by side” and expect for scanning.

hardware and devices

Step iii.
It will what problem you need to fix if your computer has.

Fix 3. Assign a Drive Letter

Footstep 1.
Open up Disk Management.

Step ii.
Correct-click your SSD and cull “Change Bulldoze Letter and Paths…”.

assign new drive letter

Gear up 4. Seek for M.2 SSD Repair Service

Yous can also choose to fix Yard.2 SSD not showing up with a professional deejay repair service. EaseUS data recovery service provides you with a manual disk repair service. You tin can repair your m.two SSD errors with unproblematic clicks. Contact our experts and get help as soon every bit possible.

Consult with SalvageData’s experts to recall data from inaccessible or corrupted data from all brands and formats of digital media.

  • Certified ISO–5 class 100 cleanroom recovery
  • Free diagnostic, no information, no charge
  • Support all operating systems and devices
  • Offering a range of turnaround times for fast recovery

How to Recover Data from Grand.ii SSD That Is Not Detected

If the to a higher place methods can not fix 1000.ii SSD is non recognized in Windows 10, what to do next is to retrieve your data back via a data recovery software – EaseUS Data Recovery Sorcerer. Otherwise, you lot can not access your valuable information.

EaseUS Information Recovery Sorcerer is a robust hard disk drive recovery tool that can get your information back from corrupted, inaccessible, and RAW hard disks.

Download the information rescue tool and employ three uncomplicated steps:

Step i. Browse the SSD

Open EaseUS Data Recovery Sorcerer, select the SSD where you lost information, and click the “Scan” push.

select and scan the SSD

Step ii. View the results

When the scanning finishes, discover lost SSD data by using the “Filter” and “Search” options after checking the “Deleted Files” and “Other Lost Files” folders.

Preview lost SSD data

Step 3. Recover SSD files

Select desired data and click the “Recover” button to get back lost SSD files.

recover data from SSD


In this step-by-step tutorial, we have figured out five ways to fix 1000.2 SSD not showing up in BIOS or Disk Direction on Windows 10. To set up M.ii SSD not detected, you tin configure the disk, reinstall and update drivers, use hardware and devices troubleshooter, and so on.

To resolve the problem without data loss, recover your data with EaseUS hard deejay recovery software to go on data condom.

FAQs About G.ii SSD Non Showing Up

Get more information about why Grand.2 SSD not showing up and how to troubleshoot.

i. Why won’t my M.two SSD prove upwards?

There are a few potential reasons why your Grand.two SSD may not be showing up. It could exist that the disk is not formatted correctly, or that the drivers are non installed properly. Another possibility is that the BIOS is non configured to recognize the Thousand.ii SSD.

2. How exercise I get my M.2 SSD to show up?

If your Thousand.2 SSD is not showing up, the first thing you should check is the BIOS settings. Make certain that the Chiliad.2 SSD is enabled in the BIOS and that the boot order is set correctly. If the M.2 SSD notwithstanding isn’t showing up, try reformatting the disk using a utility similar Diskpart.

iii. How to fix G.2 SSD non showing up in BIOS?

If your M.2 SSD is not showing upward in BIOS, it’south likely that the BIOS is not configured to recognize the Thou.2 SSD. To fix this, you’ll need to enter the BIOS settings and enable the M.2 SSD. Once you’ve washed that, relieve your changes and go out the BIOS.

4. How to fix One thousand.2 SSD not showing up in Deejay Management?

If the disk is non formatted correctly, it won’t exist detected in Disk Management. To fix this, y’all can use a utility like Diskpart or a third-political party tool to reformat the M.two SSD. Once yous’ve done that, the One thousand.2 SSD should show up in Disk Management.

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