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Video Editing in Apple tree M1 MacBook Air

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Is a MacBook Air ideal for video editing?
With the M1 functioning and chip heave in the MacBook Air, users will be pleased to determine that the video editing in M1 MacBook Air is skilful enough to fit for an editor’s requirements, regardless of the kinds of video editing they perform.

While selecting a MacBook, y’all take to consider its power to handle graphically intensive tasks when editing and rendering videos. Overall, you need to bank check for iii specs: a sixteen GB of RAM (memory), a powerful graphics carte du jour, and a multicore processor.

Suppose you are looking for a super loftier-cease studio-level gear up-upward. In that instance, the M1 MacBook Pro will indeed outperform the M1 MacBook Air and is ideal for professional video editing purposes.

The M1 MacBook Air will suffice if y’all’re not performing an extreme amount of multitasking.

In this post, we’ll cover why exactly the M1 MacBook Air is ideal plenty for video editing, the technical specifications that make this so, and how you’ll want to consider it. Likewise, nosotros’ll expect for where the M1 MacBook Pro is better over the M1 MacBook Air.

Part 1: Is Apple tree M1 MacBook Air Good for Video Editing?

About professional person video editors employ powerful PCs for piece of work. It is a convenient option. Desktop computers provide you with everything you require for video editing at the exact price of a much less great laptop.

They would go for a powerhouse laptop like a MacBook Pro if these professionals had to work while on the go. It is more expensive simply is known to manage video editing tasks hands.

Still, the M1 MacBook Air is a solid option for intermediate and amateur content creators or photograph editors who edit and postal service videos on their social media platforms or blogs, such as YouTube.

Pro receives a pretty good analysis from experts when it comes to video editing. The Air is ideal plenty for unproblematic video editing tasks, particularly if its processor, RAM, and storage are maxed. Still, the M1 MacBook Air premium you pay to update could offer you the MacBook Pro’southward entry point that yous may as well consider the basic MacBook Pro.

Part ii: How to Configure an M1 MacBook for Video Editing?

Simple video editing needs can be washed quite well with the Air, but 4k video editing will undoubtedly place more demand on resources on the desktop, and we know the MacBook Air is not a workhorse. Permit’s look at the video editing in M1 MacBook without any further delay!

MacBook Air: Is it configured to see video editing requirements?

The new M1 MacBook Air is undoubtedly more robust than its predecessor. It’s also a bit cheaper. Only, will it cut equally far as video editing requirements are concerned?

For simple video editing, including editing YouTube, blogs, and other social media platforms’ content, a MacBook Air running on 16 GB RAM and an i5 processor would be perfect.

A higher SSD storage would likewise be platonic. Each video frame’south content contains a lot of data (metadata, audio, visuals, timestamps, etc.) that can maximize the file sizes.

Nonetheless, the 13-inch screen size may exist irrelevant for video editing and platonic with a larger external monitor.

And the 16-inch MacBook Pro is a good for you selection if you oft apply a mobile device and need a bigger screen.

How All-time is the 4k video editing in M1 MacBook Air?

Some video editors have exceptionally done 4k video editing regarding M1 MacBook. But earlier y’all get out to become the MacBook Air, know that operation tests testify ii bug while considering the same laptop.

Apple M1 MacBook Air heats up when regularly exporting and rendering files slightly. First, this sudden heating may shorten your laptop’s life. The export will take a noticeable amount, which is longer than if yous were using the M1 MacBook Pro.

In a 4k video editing performance test, a 3-infinitesimal file consumes virtually xv minutes for rendering. The transcoding time estimates of 4k videos range from four to 16 times longer on the M1 MacBook Air.

Thus, the M1 MacBook Air might still be able to do some tasks, only nosotros think it volition indeed await like a struggle and will accept more than fourth dimension to end important tasks.

We already know that the M1 MacBook Air is not ideal for regular 4k video editing. Simply if you are doing a MacBook Air’due south 1080p videos, let’s see how different video editing software stack up.

Office three: The Best Video Editing Software for Apple M1 MacBook Air

The preference for Macs video editing looks dependent mainly upon the fact that nonlinear video editing on personal desktops begins with Macs – all the way back to the Apple Macintosh II, to exist precise. It persists also the Windows systems having long afforded more selections in editing software and more upgradeability in hardware, including for GPUs, CPUs, storage, touch screens, and peripherals.

That said, Apple tree has its indisputable inducements, most notably terrific screen options with wide-gamut, accurate colors, not to mention exclusive and reliable video editing software –
Wondershare Filmora. In addition, some Mac laptops include a partial touch screen known as the Touch Bar, which may exist valuable for some video editing processes, and you can use an iPad as a touch-screen peripheral through the Sidecar feature.

Yous need to look for Mac’s three tiers of video editing software: the entry, enthusiast, and professional levels.

It is the all-time-known entry-level and professional M1 MacBook Air video editing software for Mac and Windows operating systems. It is impressively capable, and users tin can go for a free trial besides.

Download Filmora9 Win Version

Download Filmora9 Mac Version

Download Filmora9 Mac Version

Wondershare’s Filmora provides the standard trimming, overlays, and transitions forth with effects we’ve come up to expect in enthusiast-level video editing software.

In addition, the company has introduced modern and avant-garde features like those you find in more-established competitors – information technology provides motion tracking, for case. Filmora can easily get the task done, and its interface is quite pleasing and articulate, but you’ll have to do without various fine control features you get with competitors.

The M1 MacBook Air video editing software Filmora is mainly similar to the Windows version. However, information technology contains all-encompassing features, including
Car Reframe, which crops broad content to fit into social-post sizes, either the vertical telephone view for “stories” or the foursquare Instagram format.

You lot tin begin a new project or employ its two-finger tap card on a clip to use Car Reframe in the source panel.

Wondershare Filmora took 4:55 (min: sec) on our operation test on the M1 MacBook Air for the same project that consumes ane:12 on my Windows examination PC.

What to Consider in Mac Video Editing Software

The basics of video editing – joining, splitting, and trimming video clips and and so outputting the outcomes as a single file – can be accessed in all the software here.

Just you tin do more with your videos via Filmora. Adding transitions between clips, captions, text titles, and fun furnishings all come in limitless variations. Motion tracking, flick-in-moving-picture show, and chroma keying are further options.

The entry- and enthusiast-level video editing tools include templates that assist you in arranging your content for a coherent, compelling presentation. Premiere Elements’ Smart Trim and iMovie’s Trailer tools and templates are standouts amidst these possibilities.

And then there’s the sound: Nigh of the video editing programs of Mac let you add voice-over narration, background music, and adjustments and furnishings to your clips’ audio. Desire to arrive experience like your video got recorded in a stadium or a concert? The software can easily practise that.

The final editing phase (not to overlook): Output. Does the program make information technology convenient to format your projection for your desired output? Most chronic video editors these days mean online social video – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Still, you may wish to share a 4K file or an HD file privately or to a more professional person output also as embed it on your website, a Zoom session, or within a presentation. You may even want to create a USB primal or a DVD with your video to share as a promotion or a physical gift.

The video editing software you lot select must be able to provide results to your specifications, whether that’south a wall-size 4K TV or a small smartphone screen. Peradventure you even desire to output VR headsets. Whatever the output, you lot don’t want to be waiting effectually for extended durations while the program processes your project, and that’south what our next section mentions.

And then, information technology’s our overall reply to “Is M1 MacBook Air proficient for video editing?”


Were looking to video edit initially and wondering if the M1 MacBook Air video editing is proficient enough? So be sure that its operation, display, speed, and overall possibilities will enable relevant video editing for intermediate and casual video editors.

If y’all were looking to professionally edit videos, such as in a studio, going with the powerful M1 MacBook Air video editing software Wondershare Filmora is more than powerful and performed much quicker and more effectively when we tested the ii laptops simultaneously.

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