Mac How To Go To Desktop

By | 20/11/2022

Do y’all store things on the desktop that you lot need to become to on a regular basis? Many people think the all-time way to get to the desktop is toclose all open windows. If yous want to go outside, exercise you lot knock downward the walls of your house?
So… why close Post, Calendar and Safari if you’re going to utilise them in the time to come.
If endmost windows works for you or makes you happy… and then stick with information technology, but at that place are faster, smarter and, dare I say, happier means to get to the desktop.

Take Me To The Desktop

Depending on the age of your Mac and the version of Bone 10 that yous’re running, some of these shortcuts may not piece of work, merely you’ll find at least ane that gets you to the desktop.
Trackpad Shortcut
– If you use a Trackpad, a simple swipe gesture reveals the desktop. On the Trackpad, spread your thumb and three fingers. Reverse the gesture to hide the desktop.
Trackpad Gesture to Show Desktop
This gesture is turned on by default. If not, go to System Preferences>Trackpad and on the More than Gestures tab, make certain Bear witness Desktop is checked. This area includes

a small movie that shows y’all how to perform the gesture.

Fn and F11
– On the Macbook, Pro, Air and on the Wireless Keyboard, belongings down the Fn button and pressing F11 volition reveal the desktop. Repeating the shortcut hides the desktop.
Mac OSX Command to Show Desktop - Fn + F11
Command + Mission Control
– On Mac keyboards that take a Mission Command key, you can get to the desktop by property downwards the Command Key and pressing the Mission Command key.
Mac OSX Command to Show Desktop - Command + Mission Control
You’ll find the Mission Control icon on the 4th key over from the top left of the keyboard.
Use The Finder
– Although not an immediately obvious pick, this is one of the best ways to get to the desktop, because it likewise lets you make up one’s mind how to view and sort files when you get at that place.
Mac OS X Show Desktop - Go to Finder
Gear up Your Own Shortcut Key
– Information technology’due south possible to set up a custom keystroke that takes yous straight to the desktop. This is extremely useful if you employ an Apple wired Extended Keyboard as it has quite a few bare buttons. Proceed as follows:

  • Go to the back Apple in the peak left-hand corner and select System Preferences.
  • Choose Keyboard.


  • Click on the Shortcuts tab.
  • Locate the Show Desktop control. It’s in the Mission Command section.
  • Highlight Show Desktop.
  • Double-click the area with the electric current keystroke shortcut.

Mac OSX System Preferences - Program Keyboard Shortcut

  • Hit the keystroke you lot wish to apply. It will show as presently every bit information technology’s accepted.
  • If you go a hazard symbol, it means that the keystroke you chose is already in employ. Choose a dissimilar 1.
  • When you lot’re finished, close Organization Preferences.
  • Test the new keystroke shortcut.

That’s it. If you tin think of other ways to go to the desktop, please leave a comment. Have a fun desktop filled weekend.
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