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By | 27/08/2022

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Are you wondering what to article of clothing for your family photos? Become helpful tips for picking out family photo outfits with lots of examples from a professional portrait photographer.

The number ane question I receive from my clients is what to clothing.

Choosing family photo outfits doesn’t have to be overwhelming!

Over the past eleven years of photographing families professionally, I’ve put together some foolproof tips. You tin can detect those nine tips here on my photography site.

Summer is a great time to schedule family unit photos.

Professional person photographers usually aren’t as busy equally they are in autumn.

You don’t take to schedule effectually school, activities, and homework if you accept school-aged children.

College students are frequently domicile during summer then it’s easy to include them.

And then there are summer vacations with extended family!

What better time to accept family portraits than when the whole crew is together?

That’s my family upwardly there when nosotros celebrated my parents’ 50th anniversary at the beach. We decided to go with shades of bluish to coordinate our family photo outfits.

Ideas for Family unit Photo Outfits

I don’t know virtually you, but I’m a visual learner.

That may be why I savour blogs and Pinterest so much!

It’south one thing to

me some guidelines about what to wear, but if y’all can actually

me and tell me why information technology works? That’due south when it really

for me!

An like shooting fish in a barrel style to choose a color scheme for your family unit photo outfits is to have the pickiest person in your group choose a clothing item they beloved with a pattern.

Then simply selection 2 or three of the colors from that pattern and voila: instant colour scheme.

Next, take a photo of the item in natural low-cal with a jail cell phone and send information technology to everyone else to help them with matching the colors.

I’ve learned that blue is ane of the best colors to wear for family photos.

It’s like shooting fish in a barrel to find in stores.

It looks proficient on anybody.

And you lot can mix dissimilar shades together with great results.

For my family unit photograph outfits, we decided on navy blue, powder bluish, and imperial blue with white and light khaki. We didn’t match, only we all coordinated.

Family portrait taken on beach with family wearing shades of blue and navy

My family stuck to simply navy bluish and pulverisation blue for our family photograph outfits.

Each person in the family unit is wearing something that suits their personality and body shape.

What to Wear for Family Photos: Blue

Here are some more than examples of families who chose to become with blueish as their unifying color:

three generations in a family photo with ivy covered wall

This family unit was really the inspiration for my family photo outfits!

Look at all those different patterns!

Stripes, plaids, tiny florals, geometric patterns but they all piece of work because there are some solids mixed in.

They besides did a slap-up job of adding layers and dissimilar textures.

three generation family photo standing on stairs

Another great example of how well mixing patterns works as long as you accept some solids as well.

three generation family photo sitting on brick staircase

This family managed to coordinate their family photo outfits despite being on three different continents!

Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I become to live someplace that other people cull to travel to for vacation.

family of five with three sons

This family chose to habiliment solid colors for a truly timeless look.

I particularly like how each of the men has a different color of pants or shorts, especially the one son wearing bluish on the bottom.

Practice you run across how that bluish on the bottom helps movement your eye from the brighter blue shirt on the opposite terminate over towards the other side of the prototype?

And mom’s statement necklace added some swell texture.

family of four with two sons

Another mom chose to spice up her family’due south photos with a fabulous pattern on her skirt (and dad rocked some “shark assail” shoes!).

Do yous see how they’re each showing off their individual personalities with their choices, while still looking like a family unit?

And once more, mom’s necklace helps to break upward the solid blue of her shirt and draw your middle up towards her face.

Those accessories are and so important!

Two generations with adult children in front of a lake

This family went with a lighter shade of blue and mixed it with cream and white and khaki.

The mixture of dresses, shorts, and slacks gives some visual involvement on the bottom and the varied necklines and patterns keep it interesting around their faces.

What to Wear for Family Photos: Navy

Family with three adult children and spouses in front of a covered boat dock

Here’southward the aforementioned family the year before!

They decided to add together a secondary colour for some pop with their navy blue.

Don’t y’all love how the coral adds a nifty dial?

Each person added that little pop of coral in a slightly different way: shirts, pants, necklaces, and a belt.

Family of five sitting on a white quilt

Hither’s another family unit that used navy bluish equally their unifying color.

We took their pictures right around the 4th of July so the little girl’s reddish bow made for a fun affect!

couple with small dog on a double wedding ring quilt in front of a lake

This couple as well chose a red, white, and blue color scheme for their anniversary pictures.

Her sweater and necklace added some visual interest with the added layers.

three generation family photo in front of lake

This family mixed hot pink and turquoise in with their navy blue for their family photo outfits.

This is the best matter most navy blue: it tin can exist a neutral and works great with so many other colors!
family of four standing by a covered dock

This family paired blues with a deep, sea-greenish.

They didn’t mix in patterns, but mom has some interesting detailing on her neckline and the son has a bit of that dark light-green peeking out from under his white shirt.

What to Wear for Family unit Photos: Bright Colors

mother with three daughters reading a picture book

This family chose turquoise as the main colour for their family unit photo outfits!

Ii of the sisters have a similar stripe pattern: one on her leggings and the other on her dress (hullo! even her American daughter doll matches!).

And the oldest sister has a cute lacy pattern on her top, just like her mom’southward sweater.

Dad went with a solid blue shirt that was the same color as some of the stripes in the girls’ leggings/dress.

Family of five with three daughters sitting on a gazebo

Here are the 3 key steps:

  1. Start with a unifying color scheme
  2. Apply a mixture of patterns and solids
  3. Add in a multifariousness of textures (including accessories)

Coordinating without matching!

This mom chose a favorite floral-accented dress for their family unit photos.

She pulled the navy bluish and orange from her dress for her baby’s shirt and shorts, and dad’s shirt has some navy detailing in the placard.

What to Wear for Family Photos: Neutrals

four generation family photo on stone stairs beside pool waterfall

Another timeless selection is black and white.

This family was celebrating a golden 50th wedding anniversary and then the women chose gilt accents and jewelry.

Mixing in the black tops and the black stripes on the grandfather provided a overnice change from the “everyone wearing white” trend that was and so popular in the 90s and early 2000s.

And white sure does make your tan
in the summer!

older couple sharing an adirondack chair in front of lake

This couple too chose black, gray, and white for their photos.

Neutrals are e’er a timeless option when deciding what to wear for family photos!

couple with pregnant mom standing in a field of tall grass and white flowers

White and pastels always look so fresh for summertime portraits!

This couple was expecting a little girl so dad’s shirt featured some pink in the plaid design.

Using Colour Tones & Tints

And then far nosotros’ve been talking about picking a color scheme based on particular colors.

Only another option is to but pick a color

and have everyone choose colors within that category.

What do I hateful by color tones?

  • Pastels
  • Brights
  • Jewel-tones
  • Primary Colors
  • Nighttime Colors
  • Neutrals

Those are wide categories of colour.

Every bit long equally


is in pastels (or brights, etc.), they don’t need to exist wearing the same colors.

grandparents sitting in adirondack chairs with adult children and grandchildren standing around them

As you can see, this family chose to vesture rich, brightly colored apparel.

Some of them are in warm colors (ruby, orange, magenta) and others are in cool colors (royal blueish, turquoise, green).

Only since they’re all wearing

, it all the same works.

Large family reunion photo in front of lake

I beloved how no one matches and however the entire group looks great together!

I hope this inspires yous to schedule YOUR family’s photo session and helps you to figure out what to habiliment for your family photos too.

For more inspiration in choosing your family photo outfits, check out our Pinterest board (and follow us on Pinterest while you’re there!): What to Wear For Family Photos

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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