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Mobile Camera Settings For Better Pictures

By | 22/10/2022

Smartphone cameras have come up a long mode in the last decade. The best Android smartphones now come up with bigger and higher resolution camera sensors, which makes taking great photos easier than ever. If anything, you lot volition have a tough time taking potato-quality shots, given the advancements in prototype processing.

How tin you take even better pictures from your Android telephone? A great photographic camera is only as good as the person using it. And then, it’s fourth dimension to level up your photography skills if you want to take some scenic shots from your Android phone.

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Always know where the light source is

When taking a photo using your smartphone, it is vital to know the light source position. Smartphone cameras can merely take a express amount of light. A lot of low-cal can overwhelm the sensor. It can besides throw off their exposure, specially if it is a challenging scene.

You should ever ensure that the light falls direct on the subject. And so, when clicking pictures indoors, ensure the subject is standing facing the light source. The light should never come from backside. That will atomic number 82 to your discipline being underexposed.

Look at the picture beneath. It was shot in broad daylight, but with the sun backside the subject, the phone’southward camera can’t residue the exposure properly, leading to the subject being heavily underexposed.


Standing with the lord’s day behind the subject, you tin see how the colors of the t-shirt are washed out.

For the next shot, the bailiwick is facing the sun, and the results speak for themselves. Absolutely, this is non always possible, especially when trying to capture a landscape like in the background of the picture below. In such cases, you tin can tone downwards the exposure level by a couple of notches before taking the shot.


Facing the sun—the colors are a lot better.

You can dramatically meliorate the final photograph by ensuring the subject area is in the correct position in front of the low-cal source. Also, use every bit much natural calorie-free every bit possible, equally that gives the best results unless yous are clicking photos in a controlled studio environment. When shooting indoors, if the bachelor light is less, switch on a few bulbs to complement the limited natural light. And proceed your hands steady, as smartphones tend to compensate for the limited light by opening the shutter for longer. If the discipline or phone moves, it could introduce motion mistiness, especially on Samsung phones.

Keep your telephone’s camera lens make clean

Your telephone’southward camera lenses are leap to get muddy and smudged over time. Dingy camera lenses can lead to unwanted flares, glaring, and focus issues.

The fastest way to improve your phone’due south photo quality is by cleaning the photographic camera glass before capturing a shot. And y’all don’t need a special solution for this. Just wipe the lenses using a make clean fabric. It would be plenty to clean the smudges from the glass. Ideally, information technology’s all-time to apply a microfiber cloth, just your t-shirt works in a compression. Avoid using jeans or a muddy cloth for cleaning, as you could end up scratching the lens, which would do more harm than skilful.

The image quality improvement with a clean lens might not be noticeable when taking photos in daylight, but it’s immediately evident in low light and challenging conditions.

Zoom into your subject area

Up until a few years ago, smartphones lacked cameras with optical zooms. So, it was recommended that you not zoom into the subject while taking a photo, as using digital zoom would simply innovate noise and touch the overall epitome quality.

That’due south no longer the case, with most flagship smartphones now featuring a dedicated camera with optical zoom. For example, on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, y’all become two telephoto sensors with 3x and 10x optical zoom, respectively. This means you tin can zoom into a subject field with a minimal touch on on image quality. Another benefit of the telephoto sensor is that it lets yous have photos with a tighter frame, thereby putting the focus entirely on the bailiwick.

Left: Shot using the primary photographic camera. Correct: The same scene stands out a lot more than when captured using the telephoto sensor.

Avoid using the telephoto sensor in depression lite, as information technology cannot blot a lot of light like the primary camera. In such situations, take a photo using the main camera and ingather it as required.

Even if your phone does not have an optical zoom sensor, you can zoom 2x to 3x into a scene without a noticeable change in image quality. That’s due to modern smartphones using bigger and higher resolution camera sensors that tin can capture a lot more than details.

Edit photos to make them pop

Photo editing apps for phones have come a long manner. They have go extremely powerful thank you to AI and machine learning (ML). You lot can tweak the colors, contrast, highlights, and much more than using one of the best photo editing apps for your phone or tablet. Y’all don’t fifty-fifty need to bother manually tweaking these aspects. All apps nowadays feature a one-bear on enhancer that automatically tweaks a photo to make it await improve.

In the samples beneath, y’all can see how the colors on the original photograph were a fleck muted. A quick edit subsequently, the photos pop a lot more.

That’south non it, though. You tin can remove unwanted objects from your photos with Google’s Magic Eraser. And worry not if you lot don’t utilise a Pixel; at that place are enough of Magic Eraser alternatives you tin try on your Android phone.

Concord your phone steady

When taking photos in low light or using Night mode, identify your phone on a steady surface. This allows the camera to open up its shutter speed for longer by eliminating unwanted jerks and shakes from your paw. In plough, the sensor takes in more light, which should assistance improve the concluding photo.

Admittedly, this won’t always be possible, and in some cases, you lot’ll have to become a bit innovative and prop your phone against a soda bottle on the table. Even so, the results could be well worth the try. Await at the instance below.

Get innovative with the lenses and angles

Smartphones come with multiple cameras: wide, ultrawide, macro, and telephoto sensors. Don’t always shoot a scene using the primary camera. Go innovative with the camera lenses and angles. Ultrawide cameras can fit in a lot more of a scene and can be used to accept some breathtaking photos.

Left: Shot from the principal camera. Right: The same scene shot using the ultrawide photographic camera.

Similarly, not every photograph needs to exist clicked with the bailiwick directly looking into the photographic camera. Flip your phone or bend down a flake to create new angles while taking a pic. The concluding results could finish upwards being a lot more than dramatic.

Go out your camera and record your memories

The to a higher place tips are not that hard to follow. But once you become the hang of them, y’all’ll observe the pictures you click from your Android phone are coming out a lot better. After that, to improve manage your ever-growing photo library, check out the best Google Photos tips and tricks for some help.

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