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By | 24/08/2022

We’ve scoured the web to create the ultimate list of gratis photography books in 2022. In that location’s never been a better fourth dimension to learn how to get into photography – the wealth of data bachelor on the Internet for nix cost is only staggering!

From free photography books for beginners to more advanced tutorials and guides for seasoned amateur photographers, there’s something educational and entertaining here for everyone.

250+ Free Photography ebooks

250+ Complimentary Photography ebooks

Over 250 fun & informative eBooks to help better your photography. (Every genre covered)

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We’ll be keeping this listing of photography books updated as the year progresses and we come across more titles.

If you have any good recommendations, please go out them in the comments below and then everyone can do good.

All-time Costless Photography Books in 2022

free photography books

1. 5 Tips for Success When Starting Out in Night Heaven Photography – by Photzy

Night sky photography has been all the rage recently, especially over Instagram. No doubt you’ll take seen beautiful long exposure shots of the milky way or flight comets. Larn from a professional night sky photography with this excellent free ebook from Photzy.

Selling Fine Art Photography

– by PhotoShelter

Fine art photography is a fashion for the photographer to express his or her work as an artist, without the constraints of a item genre. Selling fine art photography can be a lucrative venture if conducted well, and in this costless ebook you’ll learn some of the tips to making your offset auction.

iii. The Photographer’south Guide to Copyright – by PhotoShelter

Make certain you know where you stand regarding the police force and your ownership of images. PhotoShelter pumps out the free photography books, and this is one of many they offer. See likewise: how to copyright photos online.

four. The Camera Ownership Guide – by Photograph Concentrate

Whilst guides such as these quickly leave of date, this ane by Photo Concentrate contains some useful tips on your next camera purchase that are still very much relevant today.

selling stock photography cover

Selling Stock Photography: A Guide to Licensing Images From Your Annal

– by PhotoShelter

At that place’s a lot of money to exist made from stock photography. It’s a rare photographic passive income source, which can let yous to make money fifty-fifty as you sleep. Here’southward a handy guide on how to get started.

6. Good Photos in Bad Light – by Darwin Wiggett

I dearest the title of this complimentary photography ebook which includes plenty of tips and tricks on how to become the most out of every lighting situation you find yourself in. Essential reading for all the budding nuptials photographers out in that location.

7. Guide to Portrait Photography Nuts – by Adorama

No matter what your level every bit a lensman, it’s e’er possible to improve. This costless guide on portrait photography from Adorama can help both beginners and avant-garde photographers akin, with like shooting fish in a barrel to follow guides on developing and maintaining a solid foundation of portrait photography. Definitely something for everyone.

8. Photograph Business organization Plan Workbook – by Photo Shelterphoto business plan

This one may have been written a few years agone, but the advice is nevertheless relevant. It’s a
step-past-step guide to assist you implement a rock-solid business plan, target the photo clients you lot want, and land more than gigs.

9. eight Types Of Natural Calorie-free That Volition Add Drama To Your Photographs – by Anne McKinnell

Who’d have though there were so many dissimilar types of natural light? Anne describes the all-time way to utilise your camera in different natural lighting situations in this useful free photography ebook bachelor on iTunes.

before the shutter coverEarlier The Shutter: Planning Your Next Travel Photography Adventure by Anne McKinnell

An interesting read on a topic that’s not very ofttimes discussed – the planning that goes behind a photography trip. Yous’ll learn essential tips and techniques to get the nearly from your next trip, and then you’ll be well prepared earlier y’all even choice upwards your photographic camera.

Free photo book

11. Starting a Photography Business concern – by PhotoShelter

These guys know what they’re talking virtually when information technology comes to building a successful photography business. If you need a hand with where to start, check out this complimentary ebook.

12. Insights from Beyond the Lens – Inside The Fine art and Arts and crafts of Landscape Photography – by Robert Rodriguez Jr

This free ebook offers an entertaining read well-nigh a

journeying to discover the art, craft and passion that lies behind landscape photography. What’s more, the images within are simply stunning.

thirteen. The Ultimate Social Media Guide For Photographers – by PhotoJaanic

Even though the online landscape is constantly and rapidly changing, this 2018 guide offers a lot of useful information to help guide y’all through the social media maze. It covers best practices for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, with practical examples and plenty of marketing tips.

the heart of potraitureThe Centre of Portraiture: Examples of Portrait Photography – by Don Giannatti

twenty examples of portrait photography and a discussion on the technique and thought process that went into shooting them, all from photographer and writer of Lighting Essentials, Don Giannatti.

15. Photography Tips For Beginning Photographers, Amateur Photographers & Experienced Amateur Photographers – by Kalem Aquil

A chip of a broad-ranging costless photography ebook this one, but all the same, it has some useful advice to offer – specially for the beginner photographer or those just using cheaper cameras and mobile phones.

sixteen. Street Photography for the Purist – by Chris Weeks

A collection of raw and gritty black and white photos, including commentary on technique past this street photographer.

Bird photography ebook

17. 15 Incredible Bird Photography Tips For Beginners – by Prathap

I’chiliad not sure if the tips really are that ‘incredible’, but nevertheless, if you’re interested in bird photography this costless ebook will requite you xv ideas to remember almost before clicking the shutter.

18. Exposure: Understanding Light – by Nigel Hicks

A detailed explanation in this free photography ebook from a 4 part course that delves into the somewhat complex topic of lite, and why information technology’s the photographer’due south number 1 ally.

19. HDR Top Tips past

Klaus Herrmann

Similar to exposure blending is the technique of HDR photography. Learn how to get the most punch out of the dynamic range of your camera’due south files and larn how to practise HDR photography in this interesting volume of tips – check out our Aurora HDR review for more than tips.

20. Introduction to External Flash Photography – by Photograph Extremist

The complicated topic of off photographic camera flash photography made easier to understand. Essential reading in this free photography ebook.

21. Photoshop CS6 Essential Skills – past Mark Galer & Philip Andrews

Taken from the book of the aforementioned proper noun, this introduction to the essential skills of Photoshop CS6 includes guides on useful postal service processing techniques such as color grading, tilt-shift, faux Holga, lens flare and several more. If yous’re interested in improving the look of your photos using Photoshop, this gratuitous ebook available on the iTunes store is a practiced one.


22. Lightroom Tips – past Shotkit

This i’s an ebook that nosotros converted into an article – you’ll be able to acquire a scattering of useful tips and tricks to make your Lightroom feel more efficient and enjoyable.

23. Photography for Beginners – past Joseph Scolden

Not everyone who visits Shotkit is an experienced photographer. For those of you who are picking up a dSLR photographic camera for the first time, this free photography book could be of employ to you. The author goes into particular most the main functions of a dSLR photographic camera, and how you can use them to take your beginning photograph. If you’re just starting out, y’all might also exist interested in this post on the all-time cameras under $500.

24. 10 Tips to Ameliorate your Travel Photography – past Michael Chia

I wasn’t expecting much from this brusque photo book that’s bachelor for free on iTunes, only I was pleasantly surprised. Equally well as the 10 useful tips to amend your photography while on vacation, the ebook too contains some really practiced photos – vibrant, well equanimous and of interesting subjects. Definitely one to install on your iPad for some holiday reading.

lighting essesntialsLighting Essentials – by UNSW

It’southward strange that an Australian university should have a free volume on photography bachelor in iTunes, only I’m glad they practise! Lighting Essentials covers the primary concepts involved with video and photography lighting, including the use of continuous light sources and flash. Each chapter ends with a useful quiz to test your newly acquired noesis on the topic.

26. Black & White Fine Art Photography of Highton Ridley – past Highton Ridley

Highton Ridley is a well-known BBC-deputed and laurels-winning photographer who is worth checking out. In this ebook he explores the intimate relationship between light and shadow through some of his best pieces.

27. History and Practice of the Fine art of Photography – by Henri Hunt Snelling

In order to break the rules you must first chief them. It’s more than or less the same when it comes to the history of the art of photography. In this ebook yous’ll learn not just about the basic rules, but likewise how to put them into practice and how to use your knowledge to keep yourself at the top of your photography game.

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28. The Shy Lensman’s Guide To Confidence – by Lauren Lim

This one’s been around for a while merely the information is merely as relevant today as always. Photographers are often introverted characters, and this costless photography ebook gives advice on how to proceeds the conviction to interact with your subject and go a improve photographer.

29. Aeroplane Photography – by Herbert Eugene Ives

This i is definitely an interesting read to stumble upon on the net. Information technology sheds some low-cal on how things used to be before the drone era. Here you can larn which lenses are suitable for aerial photography, what kind of filers you should utilize or how light distributes in the aeriform view.

the ultimate field guideUltimate Field Guide to Photography – by National Geographic

This one is a truly great resource to have advantage of. Here you’ll exist able to find very useful pieces of advice concerning topics like “What type of lens do I need?” or “Agreement histograms”. Just continue in mind that the guide is more suitable for beginners.

31. Starting a Photography Business – by Matt Whatley, John Harrington, Greg Smith and Frank Meo

This guide could be a great starting point if you’ve decided to run your own business organisation. Information technology’s divided into two sections: in the first one you can savour expert advice from the four authors and in the second one you can get inspired by six real life stories of photographers who struggled, but succeeded to maintain a successful business.

32. Street photography – by Daniel Hoffmann

Here you can have a breather from all the gear talks. In this ebook the author intentionally focuses more on the photos themselves and not on the technical side of things. Under each image featured you’ll run into a annotate both from Ronald Beams and Daniel Hoffmann.

close-up and macro photographyClose-up and Macro Photography – by Michael Erlewine

If y’all’re someone who’due south fascinated by the technical aspects of photography then probably you’ll be naturally interested in this guide. Here you can observe all sorts of information concerning close-upward and macro photography – from focus stacking to panorama issues.

34. The Lensman’s Guide to Facebook – by Photoshelter

If y’all run a photography business organization or y’all’re simply trying to attract more than attention to your work, Facebook tin definitely help. In this guide you’ll acquire how to engage your audition and besides you’ll be able to read about some successful examples of other photographers who take used Facebook to promote their skills and talent.

35. Postal service Exposure – by Ctein

This ebook is a nifty read if y’all want to acquire more about post-processing. It all starts with detailed explanations on how we perceive colour and how the camera “sees” it.

Photo ebook

36. seven Unproblematic Ways To Marketplace Your Wedding Photography Business organisation – by Photography Concentrate

Even if you’re an experienced Wedding Photographer, there’s still room for improvement with your marketing. Learn some helpful hints in this useful gratuitous ebook past Photography Concentrate.

37. Wildflower Photography – by Steve Berardi

At that place’s a lot of information out there concerning the wide-spread photography topics simply not such a great diverseness when information technology comes down to the less popular ones. In this guide you’ll have the opportunity to get specific: the author reveals 13 useful tips for creating the perfect wildflower photographs.

38. Motivational Essays on Photography – by Scott Bourne

Ane more than gem for people who don’t recognize the technical stuff as the nigh important aspect of photography. Hither you’ll discover ten great essays on inspiration, creativity, storytelling and vision: the real essentials.

Introduction to night photographyIntroduction to Night Photography Ideas – by Alister Benn

Nighttime photography is a whole different universe and it could also be a cracking source of inspiration. With this ebook you’ll swoop into the mysteries of night shooting and you’ll also get familiar with the must-take equipment you’ll demand.

forty. Urban Exploration – by Neil Ta

Urbex, as it’s known, is a fast-growing photography niche and this complimentary ebook does a slap-up job in introducing information technology. Don’t be surprised if it makes you want to go out and take hold of a compass and map…

41. 6 Tips to Make Your Clouds Appear Dramatic – by Photzy

Here’southward another great free photo ebook by Photzy which will help bring some drama to the clouds in your landscape photography. All the tips are simple to empathise and to implement. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our Photzy Activeness Cards Review – a fun way to advance your photography skills to the next level.

42. How to Photo Strangers – past Photzy

If you desire to ameliorate as a street lensman, it’s important that you gain confidence photographing strangers. The tips in this fantastic little ebook are too useful for other genres of photography where people are involved.

Free Photography eBooks | Final Words

It’s great that hither in 2022 in that location are so many excellent ebooks on diverse aspects of photography… and they’re bachelor for costless! If you’ve got a tablet or smartphone, download a selection of them as PDFs to read afterwards.

While getting stuff for gratuitous is obviously amazing, don’t forget to invest a little in your photography education too. Whether that ways purchasing books, enrolling in courses, or attending workshops, spending a footling on improving at your favourite hobby is ever a proficient idea.

I hope you enjoyed the guide – delight call up to share it with a friend 😉