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By | 23/08/2022

Best vibration dampening self-continuing monopod…


Hi all,

Then, I’ve been searching for the holly grail of self-standing monopods for a LONG fourth dimension at present. I bought my beginning ane ten years ago. It’s 1 of those where y’all actually screw in the three “feet” and stow them in the body of the monopod when you lot’re washed.

That thing was a disaster in terms of vibration.

What I’1000 looking for is whatsoever type of monopod that stands on its ain and tin actually dampen vibrations (every bit well as possible for a monopod).

Most of these cocky-standing monopods seem to be a pattern disaster, offering a brawl caput AT THE Base of operations. That’s all well and skillful as long equally you can get that moving function at the base to completely lock in place with no motility at all when yous just want information technology to be as steady as possible.

Otherwise, it would seem that y’all’d be much better off having the everything below the head (ON Elevation of the monopod) just equally rigid and solid as possible. Now it seems they’re adding fifty-fifty more moving parts besides the ball head in the body of the monopod. Why? It makes no sense and only serves to reduce stability.

I realize monopods, past their nature, aren’t as stable every bit tripods, but why not design them to maximize stability?

I need something that could practice a passable job with telephoto video confronting people walking past it on a wooden platform (which tends to milk shake). When I use my carbon fiber tripod, it shakes for a fraction of a 2nd then stops. When I use my one-time cocky-standing monopod, it might milkshake for a good xxx seconds before it stops (and then someone else inevitably walks past it again). With something like this, it obviously makes no difference if it’s built out of carbon fiber, aluminum, or bamboo. It simply won’t perform any differently based on the cloth when the design is and so poor.

I’m but non in the mood to buy a product when I know that there’s a ninety% chance I’ll return it due to design flaws I can see before I fifty-fifty affect it. Now I will say that I don’t know for certain how the monopods with folding legs volition perform under the same conditions, since I’ve never tried one. But the i with the legs that screw in was and then poor, it merely left a sour taste in my mouth. I could probably build something better than this.

Basically, I need a monopod that can stand up on its ain and will stop shaking on its own in relatively short gild later someone brushes against information technology or walks past it on an unstable floor.

I don’t believe data on monopod stability is available on the WWW, as I have withal to run across anything later a lot of searching, simply I thought I’d ask anyhow for due diligence. Almost of them seem more interested in build quality and pointless features, such every bit the ball head at the base of operations. But nothing on what really counts.


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Re: Best vibration dampening self-standing monopod…

What virtually 1 meant for video primarily. You can use a video head for stills. If anything needs dampening is video employ or it looks similar yous are shooting during a earthquake.

MVM500A Fluid Aluminum Monopod with 500 Head

Re: All-time vibration dampening self-standing monopod…

ryan2007 wrote:

What about one meant for video primarily. You can use a video head for stills. If anything needs dampening is video use or it looks like you are shooting during a earthquake.

MVM500A Fluid Aluminum Monopod with 500 Head

Have you personally tried this? My thoughts were more forth the Sirui brand, with their more robust anxiety (or legs). This one looks nearly comical to me, and, merely looking at information technology, I tin can’t believe it would stand up to serious work. But, again, I haven’t tried it. It would be nice if I knew of a store in Cali where I could attempt some. Just, unfortunately, even if said stores did carry a Manfrotto, I’m positive they won’t carry Sirui.

This looks similar information technology would do fine if someone is there holding it all the time (i.east. like a regular monopod) or if it’southward on something very stable without people walking by it all the time.

I need something that could concord up to a relatively shaky floor shooting 300mm eq video onto a stage. And I need information technology to be able to handle the vibrations of people walking on the flooring without someone really having to hold onto the monopod. At that focal length, it has to exist able to calm down after a milkshake pretty speedily or information technology will ruin the video.

I have a pretty specific fix of requirements, just I think these could easily be tested by someone who has one of these monopods. All you’d have to exercise is just set it upward and movie it with your finger and see how long before it stops shaking.

Just, without owning information technology, information technology would be virtually impossible to know by only looking at a picture.

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Re: All-time vibration dampening self-continuing monopod…

So what y’all are actually looking for is a 4″-12″ tripod with a 4′-6′ centre column that won’t vibrate long after existence shaken.  I guess information technology would have to exist Carbon Cobweb, simply across that I’m not sure such an item exists.  Good Luck.  Maybe B&H volition open a store in Ca.

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