My Camera Battery Won T Charge

By | 21/08/2022

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My Arlo Pro or Arlo Pro two camera battery isn’t charging; what exercise I practise?

First, brand sure that you’re using the right power adapter:

Cheque for the following three things on your power adapter:

  1. The QC 2.0 icon. This is the lightning bolt icon at the superlative of the epitome.
  2. The output is 9V===1.1A.
  3. An Arlo or NETGEAR logo.

To troubleshoot problems with your Arlo Pro or Arlo Pro2 camera bombardment:

  • Brand sure that the power adapter cable is fully inserted into the Air-conditioning power adapter and your camera.
  • Make sure that the USB port cap is tightly sealed before placing your camera outside.
  • Endeavor removing and reinserting the battery and power adapter cablevision.
    Notation: Make sure that you insert the battery in your camera before yous plug in the charger.
  • Log in to your Arlo account and make sure that your photographic camera is online and that the charger icon is displaying while yous’re charging your cameras. If the charger icon isn’t displaying, your photographic camera isn’t charging and is operating on battery power.
  • Log in to you Arlo account and check whether the following error message is displaying: “The charging source connected to the camera cannot charge your battery. Please use an Arlo power adapter.”
    If yous see this error message, try the following:

    • Try charging a different camera with the same ability adapter. If the power adapter charges a dissimilar camera, the result is with the original photographic camera that you tried to accuse.
    • Endeavor charging your camera with a different Arlo ability adapter.
  • Bank check the LED behavior when your camera is charging.
    If the LED chop-chop blinks bister for three seconds, try the following:

    • Wipe any debris off of the battery or camera’south contacts.
    • Effort using the bombardment with a dissimilar camera. If the battery works with a different photographic camera, the issue is with the original photographic camera.
      For more than data most your photographic camera’due south LED patterns, visit What exercise the different LED behaviors on my Arlo Wire-Gratuitous, Arlo Pro Wire-Free, or Arlo Pro ii Wire-Gratis camera hateful?.
  • Try resetting your Arlo system to manufactory default settings.
    For information nearly resetting your Arlo system, visit:

    • How tin I reset my Arlo base of operations station to the default values?
    • How exercise I set up and sync my Arlo Wire-Free cameras?
  • If you lot tried the above troubleshooting tips, and y’all’re still having issues with your battery, contact Arlo client support.

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