My Facebook Page Is Too Large

By | 28/10/2022

How Do I Get My Facebook Screen Back To Normal Size On My Tablet

Every bit Facebook continues to grow in popularity, more and more people are using information technology on their mobile devices. This can be a swell fashion to stay connected with friends and family unit, but sometimes the screen size can exist too modest.

You would know if you have always used Facebook on your tablet and institute that the screen was so minor it was hard to see annihilation? This can exist really frustrating, specially if you lot are trying to scroll through a long newsfeed.

Luckily, there is an easy way to bring your Facebook screen back to normal. All you must do is go into the settings menu on your tablet. From there, you tin can tap “screen size” and select the size yous desire.

Information technology might seem disruptive, only don’t worry; we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step. So, hang in there while we show you lot how to change the size of your Facebook screen so that it fits perfectly on your tablet.

  1. Method #1: Surfing Through Internet Explorer
  2. Method #2: Logging In Through Google
  3. Method #3: Browsing on Firefox
  4. Method #4: Using the Facebook App
  5. Parting Words
  6. FAQs

Method #1: Surfing Through Net Explorer

If y’all’re logging in to your Facebook account through Internet Explorer and cannot go it dorsum to its normal size, follow the steps and get going.

  1. Double-click the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop to launch it, or go to the “Kickoff” menu to observe it.
  2. Log into your Facebook account.
  3. Click the
    icon in the browser window’s pinnacle right corner. A drib-downwardly menu volition appear.
  4. Select “Zoom (100%) percent” from the “View” pick. The proportion fluctuates depending on your zoom level.
  5. To resize and compress a huge app in Facebook to fit the screen, select a percentage smaller than the current zoom level, or select “Zoom Out.”
  6. To overstate the size of an app displaying too modest, select a per centum that is more than the current zoom level or click “Zoom In.”
  7. If your desired percentage is non one of the regular possibilities, select “Custom” from the menu and input the number.

Method #2: Logging In Through Google

Follow the below-mentioned steps to resize your Facebook screen while on the Google browser.

  1. Log in to your Facebook profile.
  2. To open up a drop-downwardly
    of options, click the “Wrench” button (or three dots) about the upper-right corner of the Chrome browser.
  3. Locate the
  4. To make an app that is too large fit entirely on the screen, click the minus sign next to the “Zoom Out” icon.
  5. To make an app that is as well modest seem larger on the screen, click the + sign next to the “Zoom In” option.

Method #3: Browsing on Firefox

If you’re using Firefox to roll through your newsfeed and information technology’s non of your desired size, follow the steps to get information technology your way.

  1. Log in to your Facebook business relationship.
  2. Select “View” at the tiptop of Firefox
  3. To bring up the
    side menu, whorl your cursor to Zoom.
  4. To enlarge or subtract on Facebook, go to the card and select “Zoom In” or “Zoom Out.”
  5. If the Menu toolbar isn’t visible, become to the “Firefox” carte du jour and select “Full Screen.”

Irresolute the font size does not affect how big your postings announced to your friends.

Method #iv: Using the Facebook App

If yous want to modify the size of the text on your screen:

  1. Become to the
    on your tablet.
  2. To modify the text size, get to your
    settings and modify the text size.
  3. To see the changes, close and restart the Facebook app.

If you want to alter “zoom in and out”:

  1. Use the magnify feature to zoom in and out.
  2. To enable magnifying, go to your telephone’s vision
  3. Tap on
  4. Toggle on magnification
    gestures by tapping.
  5. Magnifier (hibernate/show): With one finger, tap the screen three times.
  6. Compression your fingers together or spread them apart to zoom in or out.
  7. Compression, hold, and drag the magnifier around the screen to motility it around.

Departing Words

At present that you lot know how to change the size of your Facebook screen, y’all tin
enjoy using the social media platform on your tablet without any difficulty
. Recollect, if yous are having trouble with the process, you can e’er ask a friend or call customer service for assistance. And, if all else fails, you can always try Googling it.

We hope this commodity was helpful and that you lot found it like shooting fish in a barrel to follow. If y’all take any questions or suggestions, please comment beneath.


To brand appear larger,
utilize the built-in zooming tools
on your device. Use the magnify characteristic on Facebook for Android to zoom in and out. Become to the visual accessibility settings on your phone. Finally, y’all tin can select Magnification Gestures.

cache or temporary data result
could cause a problem with how Facebook appears in your web browser. If this doesn’t set up the problem, you may be using tertiary-party browser extensions. Before returning to the site, we recommend removing these add-ons.