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Convert NEF to TIFF Flawless

How to Catechumen NEF to TIFF Epitome File

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How to Convert NEF to TIFF Image File

Beautiful photographs provide you a great deal of ease in creating loveable memories of an important occasion which you lot share with your family members. In nigh of the cases, you might be dealing with the size of photograph of a high resolution image clicked from electronic camera. In this example, it is recommended to
catechumen NEF to TIFF file format
as y’all volition get to save more images on your personal computer. There are diverse convertors through which you can hands get your images converted in no time.

  • Part 1. Free Online NEF to TIFF Converter
  • Part 2. How to Convert NEF to TIFF by using UniConverter

Part 1. Free Online NEF to TIFF Converter

Online UniConverter


Main Features:

  • Online UniConverter supports NEF convert to TIFF hands.
  • It is a web-based image converter tool for free.
  • Information technology processes batch epitome conversion and compression.
  • No ads will brandish.
  • The processing speed is faster than most online prototype converter tools.

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URL: https://world wide

Onlineconverter is a website where yous can easily
modify NEF to TIFF format, and you lot don’t even have to install any plan on your computer organization. To convert a NEF format, in that location are just iii initial steps which y’all demand to undertake on a central ground. On this online paradigm converter, you get to keep the overall resolution of your file, which is very of import for desktop publication.

Onlineconverter Conversion Steps

Stride 1.
In the primary level, you have to upload the NEF extension file by clicking on choose file selection.

upload the NEF Extension file to Onlineconverter

Step ii.
You lot and then accept to click on the convert push button for the file uploading process.

convert NEF to TIFF-Onlineconverter

Footstep three.
After the conversion process is over, you will be directed to the output result from where yous can download the file.

download the TIFF file from Onlineconverter


  • This online paradigm converter gives you an option to upload up to 200 MB files.
  • You can either upload a file from your computer organisation or a URL.
  • You besides get an option to choice the top and width of a file manually.


  • Images which are encrypted can’t be uploaded on this online software.
  • The conversion rate of the image is slow.
  • You don’t get the option to choose file directly from Google Drive or Drib Box.



Zamzar provides the perfect solution to
convert NEF to TIFF. This online software has first-class UX and UI, and this gives you lot a swell deal of ease in the conversion procedure. This site also follows confidentiality norms; thus, you don’t have to fret virtually the condom of your files any longer. With this online software, you become a chance to convert unlimited files daily.

How to Convert NEF to TIFF in Zamzar

Step 1.
In the initial step, yous have to upload a NEF file, or you can also drag and driblet it on the platform from your figurer or URL.

upload a NED file to Zamzar

Pace 2.
Secondly, you accept to cull TIFF from several options given.

choose TIFF as output format-Zamzar

Step 3.
Lastly, you have to click on the
button the procedure will commencement automatically.

convert NEF to TIFF format-Zamzar


  • Yous get a risk to learn the file straight from your email account.
  • The site likewise offers frequently asked questions where you can sort out your queries.
  • Yous get to store upwardly to 100 GB files.


  • The site doesn’t have any video or info-graphics; thus, y’all take to read the information in item.
  • Y’all are required to log in if you lot desire to learn a smashing bargain of added facilities.
  • One needs to take fast internet connectivity during the process of file conversion.



Convertio is a useful
online NEF to TIFF converter
website which is SSL secured. Thus there is nothing to worry nearly when you lot upload epitome for conversion. The process of file conversion is pretty fast. Moreover, you also go an opportunity to drag and drop, which makes the process of file uploading very easy. The site is easy to navigate, and you don’t accept to be a connoisseur to become a file converted into TIFF extension.

Pace by Step to Convert NEF to TIFF in Convertio

Step i.
click on
“add together more than files”
selection to upload the paradigm to exist converted. You can too drag and drop the file.

add NEF file to Convertio

Step 2.
Choose a TIFF format from the various output formats bachelor.

choose a TIFF as output format-Convertio

Pace iii.
Subsequently the file conversion process is over, you can download it straight to your arrangement.

download the converted file-Convertio


  • You can choose from 200 different types of formats.
  • The site provides y’all an selection to upload files from multiple sources viz. URL, personal reckoner, Drop Box, and Google Bulldoze.
  • The site offers you lot to upload up to 100 MB files at a single time.


  • Here you accept to buy premium plans if yous want effective services.
  • Some of the time, converted files demand to undergo a troubleshooting process to open them efficiently.
  • The site doesn’t operate at tiresome bandwidth.


URL: https://world wide

Coolutils provides three simple steps with the help of which you tin
convert NEF to TIFF
in a modest amount of fourth dimension frame. Yous get a take a chance to upload a file from multiple sources viz. personal computer, Google Drive, and Drop Box. The outlay of the web portal is very easy to utilize, and you can also consult support and contact to get proper information nearly how you lot can effectively get issues sorted out during the conversion procedure.

NEF to TIFF File Conversion Steps in Coolutils

Step ane.
In the initial stage, you take to upload a NEF file on the online conversion platform using the Select data option. You tin can upload files from your computer, google drive and Drop Box.

upload a NEF file to Coolutils

Step 2.
During this step, you can cull from various types of edition steps for your file viz. resize and rotate. Moreover, you accept to click on the TIFF extension. The download will take place automatically.

select TIFF extension format-Coolutils

Step 3.
Click on Download converted file to download the converted image on your estimator system.

convert and download-Coolutils


  • You don’t have to download the program on your computer. Thus your space volition get saved.
  • The site also offers the choice of batch processing; thus, you don’t have to look for a long fourth dimension duration.
  • You tin see informative content on YouTube and several social networking platforms.


  • You don’t get a chance to upload a file from URL.
  • There is no option for cloud storage.
  • There is a limit on the daily conversion of images; thus, you lot tin’t complete big projects on a unmarried setting.



Onlineconvertfree is an online, image conversion site which converts one image extension into other, including
NEF to TIFF. This site offers elevate and drops option, and you lot also get a chance to cull from 200 dissimilar formats. The site follows confidentiality norm strictly; thus, there is no fright disclosing your essential files on a public domain.

Onlineconvertfree-NEF File to TIFF Conversion Steps

Step 1.
At the first step, you lot are required to upload NEF file on the online software from your personal calculator.

upload NEF file to Onlineconverterfree

Step 2.
In this footstep you simply have to choose TIFF file extension in which you want the file to go converted.

choose the TIFF file extension-Onlineconverterfree

Pace 3.
After the conversion of the file, y’all can download it direct on your arrangement.

download TIFF file from Onlineconverterfree


  • The site is SSL secured thus you lot don’t have to fear about contaminating your computer with virus when y’all download the converted file.
  • The process of file conversion is very fast; thus you volition be able to save extensible corporeality of fourth dimension.
  • This platform tin can easily be accessed through windows and Mac.


  • Y’all demand to have regular admission of cyberspace and have to download the file right away on your system as at that place is no facility of cloud.
  • The UX and UI of the site aren’t up to the marker.
  • If you like to have added advantages, and so you lot accept to log in and purchase the software.

Function ii. How to Catechumen NEF to TIFF by using UniConverter

Uniconverter is an avant-garde
NEF to TIFF converter
which provides yous effective hazard to convert your image files into TIFF format without fifty-fifty the use of the internet. The GUI of this software is very useful to use. You too get a chance to burn a DVD and keep your images secure in a new storage media.

Wondershare UniConverter

  • · You can utilize this software for windows too as for Mac.
  • · It has a elevate and drops feature which makes your task like shooting fish in a barrel and you can end it in a small time frame. You can besides cull multiple images at a time.
  • · You get to make several changes on your image and tin can even add watermark if y’all are planning to post them on the internet.
  • · Transfer converted files from PC/Mac to external devices easily via a USB cable.
  • · Versatile toolbox combines Image Converter, GIF maker, video compressor and screen recorder, and others.

NEF to TIFF Conversion Steps

Step one.
Later on downloading and installing the Uniconverter for your computer or Mac, you lot need to open the toolbox and take to click on the image converter option.

run UniConverter and choose image convert from toolbox

Step ii.
In this step, you accept to choose NEF extension images. You can import pictures either past drag and drop option or past Add prototype plug-in.

drag and drop an NEF file to UniConverter

Step 3.
Now, you have to choose the TIFF pick in which you want your output file to be.

choose the TIFF as output format-UniConverter

Footstep 4(Optional).
In this step, you get several edit options for your image viz. effect, crop, and watermark.

edit image-UniConverter

Step 5.
Subsequently making necessary editions, yous just have to click on the convert push button and the process volition start automatically.

convert to TIFF file-UniConverter

You lot worth to try Wondershare UniConverter software to catechumen, shrink, rotate, flip, and ingather your images. Information technology could apply in either a Windows or Mac arrangement.


Over the internet, you can get access to various software which y’all tin download straight on your computer and tin can
convert NEF to TIFF extension file. Uniconverter is ane such software with which you can alter the file extension without any use of the net, and it likewise provides batch processing along with several edition options.

If you practise non want to keep the software on your computer, then you tin can go for several online file conversion portals. Here you get a chance to upload NEF file and convert information technology into TIFF in a affair of few seconds. This procedure likewise saves enough of your disc space and time. These sites are SSL protected and follow strict confidentiality norms. Thus there is nothing to fret nearly.