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By | 12/08/2022

Best Indoor Photo Locations & Tips for Shooting in the Rain

Ane of the questions I go asked the most is… “What happens if it rains!?” Truth is, that happens A LOT here in the PNW – so I’ve compiled a weblog post full of my tips & tricks to beating (or embracing) the elements! *hint* The photograph higher up was taken while it waspouring

First of all, I await until the 24 60 minutes forecast comes out to make any decisions about your session in relation to pelting. The weather, especially in the PNW, can be extremely unpredictable, then I’d detest to cancel your session several days in accelerate and the weather condition turns out to be lovely! One thing I exercise ask my couples & families is if they take flexibility for the timing of their shoot. Sometimes the weather is calling for a less rainy morning (or afternoon) and nosotros can motility the shoot a few hours if possible (again, once the 24 hour forecast comes out). It can be very difficult to coordinate a fourth dimension to reschedule your session, so I try to avert switching the date if possible. Cloudy weather is actually great for pictures; I phone call clouds “nature’southward diffuser” considering they result in cute soft lighting!

Indoor Photograph Session Location Ideas

My start suggestion is to consider somewhere inside for at least part of your session if it is a rainy time of year (especially November through March in Seattle). At that place are Then many great indoor photo location options – the sky (well, the ceiling, I guess!) is the limit! Here are a couple of my favorite indoor photograph locations:

  1. Continue information technology simple: your home! This is a great option especially for little kids (and newborns of form!). We tin can play with toys, lounge on the couch, or even make a snack. I also love in-dwelling sessions for new domicile-owners wanting to celebrate their infinite, or for people with pets that may non practice well exterior like cats or finicky dogs.
  2. Food & Drink: wineries, breweries, coffee or dessert shops. Sometimes having an activity for part of your session like grabbing a cocktail can accept the edge off (literally or figuratively) and help you feel more relaxed. This is also a fun way to incorporate a favorite hobby or typical date – Kevin and I love going to local breweries together, so something similar this would definitely be in our bike house! Ideas include: Hot Cakes, Holy Mount Brewery, or Caffe Umbria
  3. Transportation: ferry ride, King Street Station, Seattle Ferris Wheel. Another fun manner to think outside the box for your indoor photo location is to take a ride! Consider places that offer corking window light, or add together a fun temper to your session. Ferry rides let for both indoor and outdoor options which is a plus – the Vashon, Bainbridge & Whidbey ferries are dandy considering they are only  xx-30 minutes one way!
  4. Nerd Out: library, bookstore, arcade or record store. Do yous guys similar to scan effectually shops on the weekends? Tap into your geeky (aka awesome) side and recollect about exploring your favorite stomping grounds! Some of my favorites include Elliot Bay Books, Total Tilt Water ice Cream and Sonic Nail Records
  5. Museums: Chihuly (pictured below), Museum of Flying, Olympic Sculpture Park, Space Needle. Make your session into a fun activeness for the family! Museums are full of beautiful wide open spaces. While you will likely have to pay entrance fees (Olympic Sculpture Park is a great exception), sometimes information technology’due south worth it! Do notation that some museums do non allow photography – almost say whether or not on their websites!
  6. Greenhouse: Think of some locations that have greenhouses or drinking glass covered areas – two of my favorites are Swanson’southward Nursery or the Center for Urban Horticulture! These locations both have great indoor natural light, as well equally outdoor options for photos.

Higher up: Kacey & Cole riding the carousel at Miner’south Landing

Below: Colby & Jaison enjoying a pint at a brewery in Ballard

In a higher place: Jessie & Darin at the Seattle Public Library

Below: Tara & Michael strolling the Olympic Sculpture Park (which has great indoor & covered options as well!)

Shooting IN the rain!

Don’t desire to exist inside for your whole session? There are lots of cute ways to embrace the elements, and I am all about stomping in a few puddles. I can use the coverage of trees and building awnings to shield you from the rain. I have a clear bubble umbrella that I always bring to rainy shoots, or y’all can detect something that suits your style beforehand! Grab some rain boots and a beautiful jacket and we’ll be expert to go!

Above: Ann at Scarecrow Video

Below: Elly & JJ on the ferry to Bainbridge

Finally, if it’due south wintertime and it’southward raining in Seattle, that means information technology’s likelysnowing
in the mountains! And then let’due south bundle upwards and caput to the hills and get some fun photos playing in the snow!

I hope this helps inspired you to take photos no matter what the weather forecast says! If you’d like to get more tips & tricks like these in your inbox each month, subscribe to my newsletter here!

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