Nikkor 18 200 Vs 18 300

By | 04/11/2022

At 18mm, they’re the same. Ignore the exposure variations.

When reviewing numerous pairs, there were more variations in each lens from shot-to-shot than at that place was from lens to lens.

At 35mm, they’re all the same. Ignore the exposure variations.

At 85mm, the 85/1.4G wins past a slight margin, with all the zooms about the same. Ignore the exposure variations.

These are besides close to call betwen the eighteen-300 and 28-300. Other shot pairs made i or the other look a little better. Don’t sweat it.

Cropping from the 18-200mm isn’t equally skilful as either other lens at 300mm.

Versus 70-300 VR



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The 70-300 VR is a unlike lens for a dissimilar purpose. Compared for sharpness, they are about the same at 105mm, the 70-300 is a little improve at 200mm, and the xviii-300 is a little better at 300mm.

If y’all desire something significantly better at the long cease, await at the 80-200mm and lxx-200 VR 2 lenses instead, or even Nikon’s stock-still lenses. At 200mm, my NIKKOR-Q 200mm f/4 from 1970 is sharper than any of the super zooms or 70-300 VR, and sells for only nigh $75!

Comparison Table



Images   Comparing Table   Recommendations

All work on DX cameras.

All accept:

VR: Vibration Reduction

Instant manual-focus override with a fingertip.

Made in Thailand.

Optical tricks that shorten the effective maximum focal length at close distances in commutation for existence able to focus and so close. At infinity, all give their rated maximum focal lengths.

All accept the same:

Minimum focus distance.

Maximum discontinuity.

Nikon 18-200, 28-300 and 18-300mm VR

Nikon xviii-200 VR DX
, 28-300 VR and xviii-300 VR DX.

18-200 VR

28-300 VR

18-300 VR


2005 Nov & 2009 July (II)

2010 August

2012 June

Piece of work on FX and 35mm?




Filter size




Maximum repro ratio





nineteen.9 oz./565g

28.1 oz./796g

29.213 oz./828.2g

Price, 7/2012







Images   Comparison Table   Recommendations

These all practice about the aforementioned thing optically. At normal shooting apertures in the middle, they are all about as abrupt as each other and the reference lenses at about focal lengths.

They comprehend unlike ranges and are different sizes and cover different formats. Nikon makes no 28-450mm zoom for FX, which would accept been the analog to the 18-300mm DX lens.

All these lenses can make knockout photos v-anxiety (1.five meters) wide, seen at the same distance as your estimator screen. People who spend a lot of fourth dimension worrying near lens sharpness rarely spend time worrying about what makes a practiced photo, so they rarely do. Don’t become one of them, get out and

When I spend more than time looking at the principal files for thee shots on my dual 30″ monitors, I realize that equally plastic zoom lenses, there is oft more variation from shot-to-shot with each lens than whatsoever consistent and absolute variation from 1 lens to some other.

All these zooms are made using the aforementioned technology, and pretty much make the same pictures.

Your pick is like shooting fish in a barrel:

FX and 35mm

Of these iii zooms, only the 28-300 VR works on FX. Done.


All three work on DX.

The 28-300 VR loses all of the wide-angle range compared to the 18-300 VR. They are most the same size, weight and toll, and so unless you expect to be shooting FX and 35mm equally well, forget the 28-300 VR for use on DX.

This leaves us with the 18-200 and 18-300 for DX. Their similar performance makes the option easy, since the xviii-200 is smaller, lighter and less expensive, only the 18-300 goes to 300mm. Do you lot really desire to pay the toll and and have to carry effectually the big 18-300 all the time just for the times you’ll use 300 instead of 200mm? For me, I prefer the 18-200 , and if yous really need and use 300mm, go ahead and become the 18-300 — just be forewarned that it’southward besides big and heavy to savor carrying it all day.

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