Nikkor Z 24-105mm S Zoom Lens

By | 26/10/2022


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Whatever news about the 24-105mm?

Yes I know I have been request about the 24-200, just the 24-105mm would suit me even improve. Has anyone heard any rumours?🙏

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Re: Whatever news well-nigh the 24-105mm?


Nikon has been extremely quiet lately. I imagine the combination of chip shortages and the pandemic accept slowed downwardly the introduction of new lenses.

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Re: Whatever news about the 24-105mm?


No news, just Nikon is going to denote new product(due south) adjacent week, so we’ll see what happens.

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Re: Any news about the 24-105mm?


Nikon24-7 wrote:

Yes I know I have been asking about the 24-200, just the 24-105mm would suit me even improve. Has anyone heard any rumours?🙏

Nikon has no fewer than iv 24-something zoom lenses in the Z mountain, all FX lenses, and I personally have 3 of the 4. With then many other important lenses nonetheless missing in the Z line upwardly, I can’t imagine the 24-105 is a high priority:

  • 24-50mm/f4-6.3   This is the 1 I don’t take.
  • 24-70mm/f4 S
  • 24-70mm/f2.eight Due south
  • 24-200mm/f4-6.3

It is not even clear whether the 24-105mm S will exist a constant f4; I can merely assume it is. When there is a Z8 (or whatever that is called) that is roughly similar to the Canon R5, Nikon may employ the 24-105 as some sort of kit lens for that, similar to the role the 24-120mm/f4 AF-Southward VR played, but that 24-120 is somewhat weak on modernistic 46MP bodies. Reducing the zoom range to 24-105 with the shorter registration distance for the Z mount may make it much better in that unabridged 24-105 zoom range.

If yous can wait, just be patient. If yous can’t, I would become either the 24-70/f4 S or 24-200. As I said I take both, and they are both very adept lenses. I used to exist interested in the 24-105 S too, merely for me, the 24-200 has filled that role and then some, especially for video. I am agape that reading rumors will only increase your thwarting and frustration.

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