Nikon 1 32mm F 1.2 Lens

By | 16/10/2022

The Nikon 32 1.2 Lens Review

The Nikon one System Nikkor 32 1.2 Lens Review

One of my favorite cameras now has the capability to mount a superfast 85mm equivalent lens that has been much needed since the launch of the camera system. The Nikon 32 1.2 lens for the Nikon 1 Organization is here and when taking information technology out to mount information technology to my V1, it appears to be a masterpiece of blueprint and build quality. Afterwards taking a few snaps, information technology is obvious that this lens is serious about optical functioning too.

Nikon’s own blurb:

“A legendary lens in the making.

One of the nigh historic lenses in NIKKOR’south 80-year heritage is the 85mm f/1.4, often praised every bit the ultimate portrait lens. At present that aforementioned medium telephoto angle of view and outstanding functioning is available for your Nikon 1 system—with an even faster f/1.two maximum discontinuity. The 1 NIKKOR 32mm f/1.ii (86mm equivalent on Nikon 1’s CX format) combines exceptional optics with lens technologies usually reserved for D-SLR lenses, like Nano Crystal Coat for preventing lens flare (even in straight light) and the innovative Silent Moving ridge Motor (SWM) for ultra-fast, ultra-tranquility autofocusing. The 1 NIKKOR 32mm f/ane.2 even includes a manual focus ring—another first for a 1 NIKKOR lens. Whether yous’re shooting portraits, travel, landscapes or HD videos, the 1 NIKKOR 32mm f/ane.2 brings heady new capabilities to your Nikon 1 system.”


A 32 i.2 Lens for $896? Bargain or Rip Off?

Coming in at $896 for a i system 32 one.2 CX lens sounds expensive on one terminate of the spectrum considering many will be mounting this lens to a Nikon V1 that they paid $300 for or a V2 that they paid $700 for. Most other Nikon 1 lenses are on the lower terminate of the cost calibration coming in between $190 to $500. The highly regarded 18.5 1.eight is less than $200 but weighs as much as a feather (not really, just it is LIGHT). The 10mm 2.8 tin can be had for $200 and the 30-110 zoom is $250 or so. So seeing a lens for this system come in at $896 is sort of nuts when yous look at it in this lite. Why is this ane so expensive while the others are on the lower terminate of the price scale?

This was snapped out of my windshield as I was driving into Sedona, AZ with the Nikon V1 and 32 1.2 lens. Click it for larger!


I tin can respond that question for you. This is a 32mm lens, merely let us just say information technology is 35mm for the sake of word. A 35mm lens is more expensive to make than an 85mm lens or a 45mm lens. Specially when premium glass is used with Nano coatings. Being a 35mm lens with premium build, nano coating, silent wave motor and a manual focus ring ways that it volition of class be more expensive than the other Nikon ane lens offerings, not but considering of these pro features but considering those other lenses are not in the same league where build, feel, and even IQ are concerned. I have non even mentioned that yep, this is indeed a 1.2 aperture lens any ay you expect at it.

You lot will indeed get the light gathering of a 1.ii aperture lens, and speed costs money in the photographic camera lens world. For Nikon 1 users this is a huge bonus as we want a lens that will requite us low calorie-free ability and some shallow DOF likewise. We may not become the same DOF equally we would on a full frame camera just information technology will be about the same as the Olympus 45 1.viii on a micro 4/3 camera. While the Olympus 45 1.8 is $399, less than one-half the price of the Nikon, yous can not use information technology on a Nikon 1, the build is not the aforementioned every bit the Nikon, it is not a 32/35mm , information technology is a 45mm.  It is also a f/ane.8 discontinuity lens and  not an f/i.ii aperture lens.

A storm was a brewin…


So when yous look at it in this low-cal, $889 for a 32 1.2 lens sounds nearly right when you compare it to other lenses in this category, specially since there are no other lenses for the i system like this, at all. It is basically an ultra fast 35mm lens but seeing that it is mounted on the crop Nikon 1 body, it gives us an 86mm equivalent, so it acts as a super high quality portrait prime number, the best lens all the same for the Nikon one. It even has a manual focus ring that when turned, automatically brings upward magnification in the viewfinder or on the LCD. The manual focus activity is smooth as silk.

So for $889, a superfast prime for Nikon ane shooters is really not a bad bargain at all

Once yous shoot with one you will see I speak the truth. Still, many will shun it due to the toll and the fact that information technology is a Nikon 1 system lens, which is a shame. I learned long ago to never judge a book past its encompass. Fifty-fifty with me, a guy who used information technology extensively along with almost every other mirrorless lens out there telling yous all this I am sure many will comment that it is overpriced. The ones who say that are the ones who will never touch it, employ information technology or own it.

For the 1st time with the 1 System, y’all can get shallow DOF without having to be super close to your subject 🙂


The Nikon 32 1.2 is well worth it to Nikon 1 shooters who desire the best quality lens they can get for this arrangement. It offers build, speed, precision AF, cute manual focus power and aye, fifty-fifty some shallow DOF for us one shooters. You could skip this lens and buy a Voigtlander 35 ane.2 II and mount it with a Leica M to Nikon one adapter but you will lose some sharpness, have to shoot in transmission only and lose the blazing fast AF. Information technology will as well be much larger and heavier. Yous volition get the same field of view and depth of field and pay $500 more while losing sharpness. So again, looking at it like this makes the Nikon 32 1.2 appear to be a bargain.

The 32 1.2 wide open at 1.ii will deliver abrupt results and finally, some shallow depth of field for united states Nikon 1 lovers. I added grain during a B&W conversion on this one.


Only what if I do non ain a Nikon 1 camera? Is it worth buying into?

Many will say that you should not purchase into Nikon ane, but I say hogwash. If your requirements are small size, fast and authentic AF, peachy video, overnice build, built in EVF, and overnice prime number lenses than yous take three options.
Sony, Olympus or Nikon i.

The excellent NEX-7 is still around for $1200 simply actually good lenses volition cost you lot. The Zeiss 24 1.8 is nonetheless one of the all-time for the system at $1100. The 6 is also great. But it will be slower than a Nikon 1 photographic camera in AF, color out of the camera will not be every bit good, and you will have larger lenses and more bulk. Y’all volition gain the power of a larger APS-C sensor which ways better low lite and richer files. In that location is no 85mm one.2 equivalent fabricated by Sony or Zeiss for Due east-Mount but there is the 50mm f/1.viii which will give you a 75mm equivalent.

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Olympus OM-D
– The OM-D has it all. Built in EVF, fast AF, jam packed with features, 5-Axis, etc. So ownership an OM-D Eastward-M5 and 45 i.8 will become you the equivilant of a Nikon V1 and 32 ane.ii. So why go for ane over the other? Well, I have both and the new Eastward-P5 hither. I have shot with all of these quite a bit. All I can say is that yous can still purchase a V1 with 10mm prime for $269 with free fed ex express shipping. Add in the 32 1.2 for $900 and you have a $1169 investment. Purchase a V2 instead at $700 and you are upward to $1600. The Olympus East-M5 will set up you back $900 plus $400 for the lens, or  $1300. Y’all will have a more than modern feature packed torso but y’all while you gain all of the fancy stuff y’all volition lose on a couple of things over a V1 or V2:

Nikon 1 volition win for AF speed, sharpness, and color out of photographic camera. Nikon 1 will be more than simple and to the signal and Nikon 1 has amend video without the jello effect of the Olympus. A Nikon i with 10, 18 and 32 volition have up much less infinite in your bag than an E-M5 with 12, 25 and 45.

Nikon V1 with x, eighteen and 32 – Total price = $1370 –
This gives y’all a 28 2.8, 50 1.eight and 85 1/ii

equivalent prime lens set.

Nikon V2 with ten, xviii and 32 – Total cost $1800 –

OM-D East-M5 with 12, 25 and 45 – Total cost = $2700 –
This gives you a 24 f/two, 50 ane.iv and 90 ane.8 equivalent prime lens ready.

The V1 has a 1/sixteen,000 of a 2nd shutter, so no ND filter required to shoot at one.2 in full sunday.


When you lot start to add in other lenses the cost rises for the Oly system and the 1 system is less expensive, smaller, faster and with what I feel is better colour.

BUT, the OM-D E-M5 has a larger sensor, more than features, and better loftier ISO performance.

Still, the departure is not that huge and like I said, the Nikon volition be sharper if that is your thing. The Olympus will be a little “richer” in its files which can give y’all a more “pro” or polished expect merely again, not a huge difference. Just run across my Olympus 45 1.8 Lens review Hither and have a wait at the images there, and then again at these in this review. Do those strike yous as being whatsoever amend in quality? Hmmm.

Then if you are on the debate do know that the Nikon 1 will besides give yous more than noise in the images, even at base of operations ISO, simply they will be more film similar in their look at the same time. The OM-D volition be richer and the Sony NEX series richer all the same. To those that say the 1 Arrangement sucks, you lot are so incorrect! It is a great trivial system as long as you are not hung up on sensor size. With this 32 one.2 lens added, it made my love grow even more for the 1. You lot can read my Nikon V1 Review HERE, and my V2 review Here.


Nikon 1, it’s quite good

And so many accept dismissed the Nikon 1 organization and accept called it everything from a “toy” to “junk” to “worthless” and even “bad for photography”
but I take been a fan since twenty-four hours ane of the Nikon V1 release. I institute that even though it had a few problems, the V1 was HIGHLY capable and gave a unique look that no other camera was giving but the speed and AF accuracy is also top notch. I said from the get go that the V1 put out files more film like than other digital cameras, mainly due to the “hard” files that came out of information technology. These images have grain, dust and superb color right out of the box. Even base ISO has grain, simply information technology is dainty.

Those who require large and smooth buttery files volition NOT like the Nikon i bodies

considering this is non what they will give in most situations. What it will give you is abrupt detailed 10-14MP files with amazing exposure and color. Information technology will requite y’all fast AF in a fun to use format and body. Did I say beautiful color right out of the box?

Right from RAW, this colour is SPOT on. Something my Leica M could not do or get close to. The 32 1.two when wide open delivers super sharpness and overnice dissimilarity equally well. This is non your former 1950’s tech, this guy is as sharp or sharper than any full frame or APS-C 85mm lens, and yeah, you can qoute me on that. I have owned the Nikon 85 1.iv, the Catechism 85 ane.ii and ane.8, the Olympus 45 ane.8 and others.


Just enough of the V1 as I went over all of its virtues in the V1 review from long ago, then the V2 review not likewise  long ago. Needless to say, I am a fan of the 1 organization for what it brings to me: Size, speed, rock solid exposure with an almost flick like rendering and gorgeous color with sharp as can be performance.

It lacks in the high ISO department, shallow depth of field section and resolution department
seeing that the V1 is 10MP and the V2 is 14 MP. But what happens when you attach a prissy lens? Nosotros finally get “WOW” functioning from this little powerhouse arrangement with a prissy control over depth of field. We now have TWO amazing lenses for the 1 arrangement, the 18.v 1.eight and this 32 one.2 that is higher up that one.

Yes my friends, this Nikon 32 one.two lens is awesome.  What a beauty of a lens it is in just most every fashion. Subsequently using this lens for a while I came to appreciate what it is, what it does and how it transforms my V1 into something else than it has e’er been before. I can go for some shallow DOF or some crisp sharp rendering with good dynamic range and excellent color. Nikon 1 gives me meliorate OOC color than my $7000 Leica M 240.

The sensor in the 1 cameras may be small but it is capable of overnice results every bit long as you exercise not need huge megapixels. The 32 ane.2 lens is abrupt, crisp and pumps out rich color. The Nano coatings show. Click them for larger!




The 32 1.2 is the best quality lens for the Nikon 1 arrangement. Catamenia.

Those of us who are familiar with the Nikon i system know the main weaknesses and high ISO is at the height of the list. Compared to the competition in the APS-C globe, the V1 and V2 tin can not compete at ISO 400, 800, 1600, 3200 or 6400. The dissonance starts to get worse and creep in at ISO 400 even. Only guess what? Moving picture has a way of doing the same thing. I look at the V1 as a mini digital film camera, and know what information technology will requite me in return when I crank it up to ISO 1600 or 3200. Before the 32 1.2 all nosotros had was the 18.5 1.viii, which is a GREAT lens simply ane.ii is faster than ane.8 then nosotros can at present get that actress bit of low-cal to the sensor and lower our ISO or gain faster shutter speeds to eliminate shake.

Wide open at 1.2, shot at a altitude. I am so used to shooting 35 and fifty that shooting at 85mm seems odd to me as I am so far from the discipline. However, you can not fence with results similar this from a Nikon V1. This is from RAW.



Clouds – 32 1.2 at f/v.6 – converted to HC B&W with Alien Pare


The 32 1.2 also gives united states that 85mm equivilant portrait length prime, with some nice shallow DOF. While the DOF can not compete with a full frame camera and 85mm lens, it does compete with the DOF from a 35mm lens, considering that is basically what this lens is when rounded up. You can not get the DOF of an 85mm lens from a 32mm lens, period. Even so, in that location is zilch else comparable for the 1 Organisation and this lens delivers the goods in all areas.

Close focus – Yous tin focus as close as 17 inches or 0.4 meters or 16 inches. That’south pretty close for an 85mm equivalent lens.



From RAW showing the Bokeh of the 32 1.2 wide open up.


Out of camera color and contrast is superb!


The 32 1.two too gives us existent manual focus control
and information technology feels Peachy and works great on the Nikon V1 and V2 (have non tested on the J series). Yep, the forepart of the lens has a nice feeling metallic manual focus ring that rotates smoothly. As soon as you start to rotate the camera automatically goes into magnify help mode making it a cakewalk to get critical manual focus. Yous besides get a meter that pops upwards in the display to show you where you are at in the focus range. Shooting MF with this lens is a adept feel. The AF operation is tiptop notch but sometimes you volition desire precise control and this lens gives it to us with the one series camera.


Do not exist afraid of the smaller sensors!

As Craig Litten explained in his excellent V1 article, there is no need to be afraid of small-scale sensor cameras. The Nikon i series is a fantastic take anywhere arrangement that while non offering full frame or APS-C performance in DOF and creaminess volition give y’all some things that are better than what a DSLR or larger sensor tin requite you lot. For example, with a full frame photographic camera information technology is very hard to become big Depth of Field (everything in focus) and we usually need to stop down to f/11  to do so. With the 1 serial you lot can stop downward a lens similar the 32 1.2 to f/v.half-dozen and accept a large DOF. At 1.ii you will get shallow DOF.
It is the all-time of both worlds just practice not expect full frame f/1.ii shallow DOF operation. Still, the minor sensor in the V1 and V2 and even Sony RX100 are excellent for what they are and what they can exercise and they are highly capable regardless of what the naysayers THINK. Yes, I say think equally those who bash this arrangement are those who are just hung up on sensor size.


With the new 32 ane.2 lens by Nikon, they accept given the i series owners what they accept been begging for since 24-hour interval one. Now that it is here many are complaining near the price yet I meet people every day spend $4000, $6000, and fifty-fifty $11000 on Leica lenses. I see people plunk down $2500 for a Nikon DSLR lens and others pay $1300 for a Micro 4.3 2.8 Zoom. At $896, Nikon delivers a very well made, very well feeling quality fast 32 1.2 lens for the 1 system so u.s. owners can have a fast portrait type of prime. This lens is built to a level much college than the eighteen.5 i.viii and even though it is larger, information technology is still VERY small when compared to other lenses that are one.2 in aperture, or even ane.4 aperture. It is nigh the same size equally the Panasonic 25 i.4 for Micro 4/3 but feels better fabricated, looks nicer, focuses faster, is silent and will give similar performance. (and looking at my review for that Panasonic 25 1.iv, I prefer my images here with this lens by far)


My Last Word on the Nikon 32 ane.2 and more than on the 1 arrangement.

If you own a ane organization camera and accept been craving a fast lens, this is it. If you go for information technology, you will Dearest it.

The AF is fast, the lens and camera will even focus in nigh dark conditions and cheers to the Silent Wave Motor it is QUIET. You can shoot at 1.ii and suck in more than low-cal and go on your ISO lower and it is damn good looking on the camera. I say BRAVO to Nikon for this one, it is a  fantastic lens that but made the Nikon one system that much amend.

I but wish they had a 13 f/1.two, 19 1.2 and a 75 1.4 in this quality build

. That would be crawly only I am as well enlightened that most ane series owners are those who are merely happy shooting the kit zooms, so I am surprised Nikon released this 1 at all. I am non sure how many more than fast primes they will release, if any, but this one is the existent bargain.


I enjoyed shooting this lens then much I went ahead and ordered one for my V1 photographic camera. I review and evaluate tons of gear, much more than I even write well-nigh on this website. Information technology is non very often that I buy what I review. In the past 6 weeks I have tested the Leica 10 Vario, Ricoh GR, Zeiss Touit lenses with a Fuji X-E1, Olympus E-P5, Samsung NX300 and this lens.
The merely one I plunked my money down for at the end of the day is this lens.
So there ya become.

Truth exist told, I enjoy shooting my Nikon ane more than than I did the Leica X Vario or Fuji Ten-E1 or Olympus E-P5. I can ain any of these cameras as a walk around every day kit merely I chose the Nikon 1. So did my son and and so did his stepbrother. Pretty crazy but it seems that those who shoot the little NIkon V1 and actually gives it a real become ends up really liking it, and at $269 for the V1 and 10mm ii.eight (while they last) it is the biggest no brainer of the century.


Equally for this lens, at $890 it is Not inexpensive but fast QUALITY drinking glass never comes cheap and if it does it is sadly not to the quality of this lens. Sure the Olympus 45 one.eight is $400 just it is non a 32 1.2. Certain the Sony fifty i.viii is cheaper but it is besides not a 32 1.2 lens. The only other lens that comes shut to this focal length is the Voigtlander 35 1.2 and that is a $1400 full frame Leica M mountain lens and I would bet $100 that information technology would be less sharp from 1.ii to f/2 on the Nikon V1 or V2! It is besides much larger and heavier and while it kicks major bootie every bit a 35mm lens on a total frame $7000 Leica, it would exist no better than this lens on the Nikon ane as an 85mm.



True you will never go the total frame look of a 35 1.2 on whatever Nikon 1 camera but that is not what this organisation is all nearly. It is almost fun, usability, reliability, speed, and yep, colour and epitome quality. It is a accept anywhere compact system that gets trashed all over the net past those who never touched ane. No, not anybody will like the expect of the files that come from the smaller sensor merely this lens makes it much harder to dismiss the Nikon ane unless you are but a Nikon 1 trash talker just for the sake of being ane.

Yes my friends, the lens is a winner but only you tin can decide if the price is worth it to you. If y’all own a Nikon ane you owe information technology to yourself to check it out if yous tin and you may just fall for it equally I did. It’s a beauty and yes, worth the premium cost if quality is what you seek.

You can see more images from the Nikon 1 cameras Hither

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