Nikon 70 180 Micro For Sale

By | 26/08/2022

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Re: RIP Micro Nikkor 70-180


The Micro lxx-180mm, more than any macro lens I accept heard of, loses focal length quickly as information technology approaches its closest focusing point, 1:ane.133 (without a close-up lens attached). Its actual focal length becomes about 90mm when the lens is set to 180mm, and then there is really no reason to shorten its focal length for DX utilise. (In fact, I would like more working distance with a D300.) With, say, a 6T fastened, and focusing up to one:i, the working altitude becomes very small indeed, every bit such optics shorten focal length.

Regardless, Bjørn Rørslett grades the 70-180mm 4.5 to 5 on a D2X, fifty-fifty if he makes a chip too much fuss almost the tripod collar’s weakness, IMO. (He gives the lens 4.5 on a D3, BTW.)

Many people appear to take especially potent opinions as to what macro lenses “should be” and anything very unlike does not appear to go a warm reception. This was certainly the case for the 70-180mm (and allowed me to purchase a pristine used copy soon subsequently production stopped for $380). The current reception for the Micro 85mm f/3.5DX VR is somewhat like. The criticism leveled on the latter lens is not on its performance but is centered on (1) Nikon should have made some different DX lens, (two) you should spend


$500 and go a Micro 105mm VR, and (iii) if y’all are going to spend about $500 on a macro lens, buy a Tokina, a Sigma, or a Nikkor Micro 60mm G. The small size, light weight, and VR make the new Nikkor 85mm a perfect travel lens for close-upwardly photography and occasional macro work for my needs.

My 70-180mm will presently go to Nikon to get lubricated and cleaned. I await information technology volition exist taking cracking photos well after I’m gone.

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