Nikon D3000 Won T Turn On

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  1. Hi in that location
    My girl visited yesterday & brought her D3000. About iv months agone she said it just stopped working. She’d been shooting all day, put the bombardment in the charger overnight and after install the next morning naught happened.
    So i put the battery in the charger yesterday and the light blinks a ruddy/orangish color, after a while information technology is solid indicating it’due south charged but it’s all the same that crimson/orange color, I ask “sweety is this supposed to plough green or remain this color?” bare stare “um, i don’t think”
    I install the battery in the camera & for a moment the green power led flashes but and then goes dark. I dl’d the pdf manual so i could locate the reset push button, reset information technology & naught. I checked all the contacts (bombardment, battery compartment contacts, lens & body) and all are clean, she takes proficient care of her stuff so that’s why this is such a mystery. There is no funky burning smell and nothing is getting hot.
    When I originally googled this result I plant numerous cases of people having this effect with the d300 but zilch on a d3000.
    Does anyone have whatever insight or advice ?
    Thanks much
    (an anxious 17yr old awaits)

  2. Sounds like it may be time to buy a new battery. Generally, 2 to 3 hours should be time enough for a bombardment to charge up. Overnight may be the problem with your battery right now. Yes, the glimmer stops and at that time the battery charger should be unplugged and the battery removed.

  3. If you can, borrow some other
    battery, if it all works fine, information technology’s Not the photographic camera. Could be the charger or the battery. My guess is the battery. Is it the original Nikon bombardment and how former is it?
    The life of modern rechargeable camera batteries is a combination of usage and time. It will probably dice in five years even if you don’t utilise it or maybe 2>three years of hammering…… and whatever combo inbetween

    These are non difficult and fast rules, just the natural variation in industry and atmospheric condition of it’s life.
    I’ve never had a problem with overnight charging. Perhaps I’m lucky? I idea once the lite stops blinking, charging has stopped. Period. Not sure how leaving it overnight tin can damage it?? Take I been doing this wrong?

  4. I am pretty certain it’s not the camera, but nosotros’ll never know until we practise something about it. Information technology might be the battery or fifty-fifty the charger, never had charger failure though. Agree with the previous inputs, endeavor finding another fully charged battery, buy or borrow.
    For fake batteries, if you let it charge overnight, the surface will burl, in the end information technology might non slip in to the bombardment compartment, better to throw information technology away. Original batteries might experience the same fate, merely they’ll have longer to get there.
    D3000 batteries can be charged relatively fast, I effort to always pull information technology out as shortly as it stops blinking, saves me some reserves.

  5. Leaving a modern bombardment in a charger after it’s washed charging is fine. That’s non information technology.
    My D90 charger does Non turn green, it just goes solid, only from what I’ve heard, the battery is not always fully charged and then, and then I try and wait one more than hr.

  6. I put a meter on the battery to test the voltage after it indicated information technology was fully charged and it was in fact at total charge.
    When I slip the bombardment in in that location is ane brief moment when that led power calorie-free flashes green for a moment but then zero.
    Earlier I had found the manual online i’d read in some other forum (was on my cel & can’t remember the site at present) a method for resetting the camera that had something to practise with holding the shutter push down for 20secs with the switch in the off (maybe on) position without the bombardment in. Then re-install the battery, turn it on etc….. when I did that and turned the switch to on the power lite would stay lit but nothing further, no display etc..
    I’d like to try & figure this out on my own as much as possible because I’m certain like every other electronic itam information technology’ll toll more to repair them to just buy a new i.
    Is there whatsoever way to power the photographic camera with an alternative to the battery ? I don’t meet any jack where you could plug-in a split ability supply

  7. The consumer-course Nikon digital bodies do not support a Ac-ability supply concept, to my knowledge.
    – – – – –
    You might consider checking
    to run into if y’all can locate a make clean, used D3000 body, and so send in your photographic camera to Nikon for a service check-upwardly. (Or upgrade to a D3100 body…)
    – – –
    Every bit for the long(er) charging times, i.e., overnight…

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