Nikon Lens Adapter For Sony A7iii

By | 17/10/2022

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A7III to Nikon F mount lens adapter.

Electric current D7200 user because the switch to the A7III. Is there a lens mount adapter that will enable total functionality with no performance loss that will enable employ of my Nikon lenses on the Sony A7III?

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Re: A7III to Nikon F mount lens adapter.

There is one that I know of with AF but I’m non certain about loss of performance.

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Re: A7III to Nikon F mount lens adapter.


At that place are 3 variants of the same adapter with slightly different firmware that are currently available. A recent review ( showed them to exist much improved over when they were first introduced. Yet not equally good equally the Canon EF adapters, only pretty usable.

If a mirrorless with practiced Nikon lens support is what you want, though, then you lot’re probably better off getting a Nikon Z.

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Re: A7III to Nikon F mount lens adapter.

I take the Commlite Pro, performance vary from lens to lens just rarely matches a native lens, depends what you lot do, for landscape I use some Nikon lenses, former I need to do manual focus when light is low.