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On1 Photo Raw 2019 Vs 2020

By | 25/10/2022

ON1 Photo RAW 2020 comes with new AI features, SmugMug integration and more

ON1 has released the latest version of its Raw processing and paradigm editing and organization application Photograph RAW. Photo RAW 2020 comes with new AI features, new filters, SmugMug sharing, X-Rite integration and more improvements.

The list of improvements is very long and includes the following:

  • AI Lucifer automatically detects when you shoot in blackness and white or custom film looks in your camera and matches the look of your Raw output files..
  • AI Machine Tone uses a machine learning trained algorithm for improved results over the previous version.
  • Overall performance has been improved, including faster file opening and castor action.
  • Decoding of Fujifilm Ten-Trans Raw files has been improved to reduce scalloping and other artifacts.
  • In that location are more than than 100 new looks and styles bachelor likewise as a series of new skies, backgrounds, and textures.
  • SmugMug Integration lets you select photos and videos and publish them to your SmugMug galleries.
  • Custom camera profiles tin can be created by photographing an X-Rite target with your camera, then import it into ON1 Photo RAW, and so send it to the X-Rite Camera Profiler software to build a custom camera profile.
  • Noise reduction can now reduce noise, both color and luminance independently and maintain better detail than the previous version.

Additional features, including Raw editing on the new ON1 Photo Mobile 2020 app, syncing across devices, more AI-powered functions and video integration are in the development pipeline and will be released to users in the nearer future.

ON1 Photograph RAW 2020 is available for download from the ON1 website from today. The full version will set yous dorsum $99.99, previous ON1 users will exist able to buy an update version for $79.99. A complimentary 30-day trial is available for those who are interested in trying the software out.

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