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Bird’s Center View:  The Power of Perspective

With the powerful shifts happening on the planet today, inside each of usa at cellular and soulular levels, and within our politics, our priorities, and the current climate of today’southward commonage conversations,
perspective is everything.

We tend to see what we believe, and to thusly, believe what we come across.

For we, every bit powerful sovereign beings and co-creators in this universe, substantially control the Amount of Calorie-free that illuminates our perceptions and our present understandings of the globe nosotros alive in.

To me, this is what consciousness

It is the
Level of Light
that we let into our perceptual fields of awareness at any given indicate in time.
And thusly, it is what we are able to see, to feel, to know, to experience, and to sympathise through our

activated (or inactivated)

sentient operating systems.

And then . . .
what if
what we are seeing in our lives today, is only
a mere fraction, or
of a much greater consciousness?
A much truer history?
Or a much bigger picture show?

what if
what we presently


about life, this planet, humanity, politics, purpose, possibilities, and

really everything
, which ultimately regulates and governs
what nosotros are
to meet
, is part of a cultural haze,
an anthropological smog
if you volition, that has kept us from seeing in greater detail, in greater transparency, and from a greater Vantage Point of Truth?

what if
electric current systems
(and belief systems) that to date accept appeared to organize the people of this planet . . . socially, culturally, politically, educationally, financially, spiritually, militarily, and pharmaceutically,
were in fact a significant part of that anthropological smog?

How would we really know what our perspective is . . . or what our beliefs or perceptions really are . . . apart (or a part) from that omnipresent smog?

Information technology is easy for many of us to see the earth from a general vantage point that nosotros have always held, more or less, given that information technology is our most natural perspective. Our most organic memory or belief nearly what just and ultimately

Information technology’south generally a life lens that we have seen the world through for a practiced many years.

This consciousness . . . this essence of us that does our perceiving
. . .
is like an old shoe
. . . that we plough to every day . . . that nosotros count on to go us from place to place . . . and that quite literally gets us through the day to day events, experiences, and activities of our lives . . .
as long as we don’t

. . . that it is actually pretty tattered, significantly worn, and falling apart in the new energies flooding our world.


what if

some life event were to occur that acquired united states

to look once more
to question or to evaluate the status quo in our lives,

as if our life depended on it


 We might merely experience a critical shift in perspective.

And we might then begin to run across our earthdifferently, from this new vantage indicate, and from this new and college perceptual field of sensation.

I believe this happens to many of us.
Here we are, strolling forth in our busy lives, going to school, getting our vaccinations, acquiring grade reports, certificates, diplomas, and awards, securing employment, renting or purchasing cars and houses, partnering or getting married, having children, beginning new cycles of vaccinations, registering new children for school, acquiring new reports and a multitude of things that we all call back we demand, repeating the cycles of generations before us, given a steady cultural perspective with the long term goal of beingness a proficient, upstanding, patriotic, follow-the-rules kind of citizen.  Afterward all, it’s worked for countless generations.  Right?

And as nosotros hum forth, we ofttimes adopt the views of many things and many people around us, past the very nature of our anthropological smog,
largely unquestioned.
These long held beliefs, and patterns of thinking and behaving, are in a mode . . . a foundational meal that we ingest, because our peers and our communities are oft having a like fortification.

Together, nosotros due eastat, ingest, and absorb the predominant views around us.  From our families.  Our school systems.  Our healthcare systems.  Our financial systems.  Our nativity-to-death, or cradle-to-grave, conventionalities systems and cultural norms.

And then, for some of united states, a karmic date or a significant life event erupts in our lives.
This is often
the goad
that awakens us from this “salmon-similar-syndrome” and life existence . . . where nosotros were previously just swimming forth with the herd . . .
or school of fish
. . . doing what we were told, modeled, and taught to practise.
And to be.

When this catalyst occurs, for many of us, it shatters the world of perception we previously had.
That seemed to be life every bit we knew it.

The mode we believed the world IS.

The predictable way things are meant to unfold.
It’s a spell of mediocrity, self-approbation, conformity, and passive existence in many ways.  Which ofttimes unfolds through the cycles of time in any given civilisation.Until this powerful attention grabbing result awakens us and calls u.s. to greater consciousness.

This can come up through affliction, a job loss, a fiscal burden or crisis, an ethical dilemma, an unexpected accident or trauma of some kind, a milestone unable to exist achieved, an election cycle, and really, an unlimited array of possibilities.
The universe gets really creative when it needs our highest and most impeccable, undivided attention.

Once we are engaged, or jolted to alacrity, a new consciousness emerges through u.s. and within us, that exposes and typically unravels our previous belief systems . . .those holistically ingested norms, rules, expectations, limitations, and guidelines for life equally nosotros knew it and the life we knew to exist possible.

The side by side step for many of us going through this kind of catalytic process . . . is to question things in our world that nosotros had previously taken for granted or but assumed to be True, and Good, and the Style Things Are.  Some of these questionings and inquiries delve into the realms of mod/conventional medicine, today’s educational systems, the effect of vaccination and our rights to self sovereignty and informed consent, our beliefs about employment and what defines success, fiscal values and banking issues in our world today, spiritual values, moral and ethical decisions and values, relationships, socio-economical policies, ballot processes and outcomes, and life in full general in many means.

These catalytic events are no “accident” when they occur.
They can happen on large or small scales.  And they can vary in terms of the emotions or issues that they evoke and incite within u.s..
Yet t

hey are part of the design of life.

They are part of

he Divine Design,that grows and expands in all of us throughout all time.  That’s a pretty huge bargain.

And they ultimately help to bring united states of america into a higher perspective . . . that is able
to see
that which we could not
see.  And we begin to see culling perspectives and options that actually had never registered in our conscious awareness or certainly equally annihilation of effect or real value.  And we begin to actually run across all of the infinite perspectives and potentials that exist.  Once nosotros merely open up and let a greater Light and broader consciousness in.

When this occurs, nosotros begin to witness our patterned or packaged belief systems, that really had been viewing the world
through a single life lens.
And we begin to see how in
this newer state of conventionalities, nosotros tin view the world in very new ways. Sometimes merging some of the “sometime” with the “new”. Sometimes releasing the quondam completely and turning pretty profoundly to the new.
Sometimes we merge the two in very unlike and specialized means that piece of work for the New Light that nosotros have decided to allow into our lives and into our greater perceptual fields.

These catalytic events are consciousness expanders.

They literally grow our heart’s sensation and they activate our sentient operating systems.
They essentially jolt a sleeping, compliant,
survivalist-focused mind-body organization
into an awakened
mind-eye-body-spirit sentient system
that at minimum . . . begins to acknowledge a bigger, brighter, vaster world of existence and experience than was previously known and conscious to us before.

And we start to run across
way more
than we originally believed.

Because this new catalytic experience expands our conscious sight.
And when our conscious sight expands, because we take increased the Amount of Light we are now able and choosing to see, our behavior inevitably shift to marshal with this higher frequency perception and awareness.

This is the indicate when we begin to live in the globe from a more aerial view.
This is when nosotros get
a bird’s eye view
on the bigger picture organic nature of our soul travels here on earth.  And we empathise more than fully . . .

hat every life has a purpose.
That each person has a passion.
That we are here for a powerful reason.
And that nothing that happens in our lives is e’er truly an “blow”.

Everything is simply feel.

And experiences create

perception and perspective.

In my own life, I have experienced several catalytic events.
Some were gentler than others.  Some were loud and extremely painful.The louder, rowdier, more than chaotic, more tragic, and more challenging ones ultimately cracked my earth wide open and created breakthrough leaps in my sentient and perceptive abilities.

The softer, gentler ones in essence felt like warm-ups to the bigger ones.
They generated smaller, safer, and more linear growth steps in my life.
And they grew my spiritual muscles and then to speak, in a mode that facilitated more conscious participation, choice, confidence, and sensation.  I have come to believe that it was through that strengthening (which I can see clearly today with twenty/20 hindsight), that I was better able to ride the hereafter waves of the more strong storms that came later.  Every experience has it’southward purpose.

And I tin say that all of it was essential in the Journeying toward Wholeness and College Perception, that all of the states are participating in at present, in some manner, shape, or form, on the planet.

The degree to which my Low-cal Sensors, my Consciousness, and my Sentience were activated and
willing to expand
. . . direct and proportionately influenced the degree to which I was able to catechumen a particular catalyst into more than

positive or more negative energy

in my life.

And that is why, today, in these potent and shifting times on the planet,
even a witting
willingness to embrace more Calorie-free in our lives
, in our consciousness, in our daily activities, in the ways nosotros communicate with others, in the activities we choose to participate in and spend precious time doing, and in how we cull to express the bug or things we find challenging . . .
goes a long manner in fortifying our spiritual muscles and opening the inner portals to greater soul sight.

And then that, every bit change unfolds — locally, personally, collectively, and globally — that challenges our “passive belief systems of onetime” and the “old paradigm’southward status quo”, nosotros can have the awareness and inner resources to reach for
that Divine Willingness to Open to Light Revealing Itself in our Lives,
more than abundantly, more transparently, more joyfully, more readily, and more holistically.

This is the invitation from Spirit at present.  From our Sacred Heart Centers.

Will it ever be comfortable?  The universe makes no promises in that regard.Inquire whatsoever newborn and it’southward mother that question, and you might find your about authentic answer.
Birth, and the
process of birthing, requires fortitude, organized religion, stamina, and the higher belief in New Lite emerging in all of u.s. to support New Life.

Nosotros can take comfort though that all of us have experienced birth and the birthing process.

Nosotros know how to do this.

We have been squeezed, contracted, pushed, pulled, and birthed into being.

And we are all alive today, capable of telling the story of our birth,
from a college perspective than the 1 we likely had, had we been interviewed during and immediately after the birthing process.

Our perspective has inverse.

Nosotros see a bigger purpose in the larger picture at present.

Nosotros transcended the astute discomfort that we felt and experienced in order to reach this earth aeroplane and to literally
reach the Lite of Twenty-four hours.

And to take a deep jiff.  Filling ourselves and our souls up with this new oxygen and this new living perspective and perception,
that shifted in an instant
from one realm of being and sensing (in the womb) to an entirely new state of existence (breathing equally a newly birthed
human being).

We know how to do this.

We know how to encompass new experiences.

New sensations.

New perceptions.

And new perspectives.
We are Beings of Lite at our Core.
Imbued with an incredible sentient operating organisation.
That merely awaits further or expanded activation.

We know how to mind every day, for the moment by moment cues . . . that are nudging us to higher and college realms of Conscious Sight and More Peaceful Living on the planet today.

It’s time to abound our Spiritual Muscles and to Elevate our Soul Sight, to consciously let more than Light in to our lives, and our Sentient Operating Systems, to ultimately expand our Consciousness and to Reconnect with our Eye’due south Higher Wisdom and Awareness.

As more and more of us awaken to the
Gifts of the Journeying, and
the New Perceptual Fields of Sensation, we can begin to appreciate this College Lite and Bird’s Center View of the changes required of all of us now, to nascence an entirely New Earth and New Consciousness in every Sentient Being on this Planet.

When nosotros allow a change in behavior, and nosotros let ourselves to meet the old paradigm that is literally de-materializing now . . . in society to brand room for something brilliantly *new* . . .

of lamenting what is leaving

, nosotros are offered the opportunity to marshal with the New Frequencies and the Clearer Sight that is manifesting a New Vibrant Earth Feel.

We are invited to go Cosmically Conscious Midwives who are actively and committedly ushering in an Amazing New World.

Every day, as Awakened Cosmic Midwives, and equally Awakening Soul Sighted Spiritual Warriors, nosotros are given the opportunity
to ask how the Light wants to manifest through us, for the Highest Good of All.
How the Lite wishes to embodyCourage
within the states.  How the Light wants to move through us as
Kindness.  How the Light wants to express through us as Embracers of
Truth, and Acceptors of
Transparency, the likes of which we have not seen on the planet for many EONS of TIME.

For some, this tin be a alpine order.  For some, this tin can claiming us to the core.
For some, this may erupt catalyzing events in our lives, to activate and open up us further to a greater Wholeness and Expansion of Low-cal Consciousness.

We must call up that Birth tin can exist messy.  And birth can be beautiful.  And Nativity tin be both of these things, simultaneously, among countless others.

Compassion for ourselves in the journeying .  . .

Pity for the tasks of others globally on the planet – faced with the aforementioned soul upgrades equally the residue of us – to embrace and trust a greater Lite, Dearest, Truth, and Transparency than we take known in a very long fourth dimension despite the unknowns yet to unfold in this birthing process . . .

And Pity for the exposures that still must arise in lodge to clear all of the old prototype’s residual energies and to pave the manner for the New Prototype’due south Divine Design for Greater Expressions of Divine Calorie-free and Light-Filled Living . . .

will require tremendous spiritual fortitude, faith, courage,
and a profound willingness to continue forth in this g
planetary endeavor and divine assignment.

But nosotros know how to do this.

We were born to do this at this fourth dimension.

Zippo could exist more of import
at this time.

It is Time to live from Love, Truth, Higher Sight, and More than Expansive Lite.

And it is thus Fourth dimension to Embrace and Embody a Greater Light in the world than we previously have been trained, controlled, or merely able to see.  So that we can more fully co-create and Low-cal-fully manifest a New World that is organized and soul-fully governed by Principles of Low-cal, Divine Law, Unity, and Oneness.

We tin do this. Nosotros know this.  We ARE this.

We are these Light Beings on Divine Consignment at this perfect fourth dimension, here to spread our Vastly Infinite Wings, to see from a Higher Perspective of Truth and Honey, in order to co-create a Brand New Earth.

Let’s do this essential Work.  Let’s rise in our Middle Centers.  And permit’due south get Started.