Opposite Of Command Z In Mac

By | 18/11/2022

The Opposite of Ctrl Z and The Best Manner to Recover Deleted Files

Some users say they used lost files past accidentally pressing Control Z. Have you ever faced such a state of affairs? The shortcut of Control Z brings united states much convenience. But information technology also can delete your files by mistake. Do y’all know how to undo Control Z, or how to retrieve the deleted files back to your computer? In this commodity, nosotros figure out some methods of how to disengage Control Z, also as how to recover files deleted past Control Z. If y’all are finding such solutions, just begin reading this article now.

Opposite of Ctrl Z

Opposite of Ctrl Z

  • Role 1: How to Undo Control Z
  • Part 2: The Best Style to Recover Files Deleted by Ctrl Z Shortcut

Office 1: How to Undo Control Z to Recover Data

When you want to recover the deleted information, yous can disengage Control Z to reach your aim. Do you know what is the opposite of Ctrl Z? If y’all don’t, yous tin follow the next elementary steps to the operations which are contrary of Ctrl Z.

Method 1: How to Undo Control Z on Keyboard

Usually, if yous happen to delete a file past pressing Control Z, you can press Control and Y keys on your keyboards at the aforementioned fourth dimension to undo Control Z. Control Y is the default shortcut of redo. But yous should know, the redo functioning can be different in unlike applications.

Method 2: How to Disengage Control Z Quickly

When you fail to restore the deleted files by pressing Control Y on your keyboards, you can merely terminate the process of how to undo Control Z on your computer with Undo Delete feature manually.

Step 1:

Click “Start” on your estimator and then choose “Figurer”.

Step 2:

Now y’all need to find and locate the folder that your files deleted by Ctrl Z used to be saved in.

Pace iii:

When you notice the folder, right-click on the folder and you tin see an option chosen “Undo Delete”. Simply select it.

Function two: The All-time Style to Recover Files Deleted by Ctrl Z Shortcut?

In what we mentioned above, nosotros list some ways which are contrary of Ctrl Z to help yous recover Ctrl Z deleted files. If these ways fail to restore the before deletion by Ctrl Z, you tin free download Aiseesoft Information Recovery to recover these deleted files.

Aiseesoft Data Recovery is a powerful and safe data recovery software, which tin assist you lot recover almost all deleted or lost files from reckoner, hard drive, wink drive, etc. on Windows and Mac. Whatever the files you lot lost, this file recovery software tin e’er be your best assistant. If you are interested in recovering files deleted by Ctrl Z shortcut, you can read and follow the next steps.

Step 1:

Download Aiseesoft Data Recovery

Commencement of all, you need to download Data Recovery on your figurer from Aiseesoft official website. Then install it following the guide information technology gives you. When you lot finish installation, run this data recovery software on your calculator.


Step 2:

Cull file types

When you encounter the main interface of this recovery software, you need to choose the file types y’all want to recover outset. Then select the location where y’all may find the lost files deleted by Ctrl Z.

Choose File Types

Footstep 3:

Scan the deejay drive

After choosing the file types and disk drive, you demand to click “Scan” button. This information recovery offers two scanning ways. If you lot want to browse your files quickly, but click “Browse” button. And if you can’t discover lost files, you tin click on Deep Scan to observe your files. But information technology will take more time.


Step four:

Choose files to recover

When the scanning procedure finished, all the deleted or lost files will be listed in the interface. You lot can click “Filter” button to quickly locate the files deleted by Ctrl Z and you wish you recover. Or you tin can find by yourself and cull them.

Choose Files

Step 5:

Recover deleted files dorsum

At this point, what y’all need to do is simply to click “Recover” button. And wait for a moment, y’all can handily get all the deleted files past Ctrl Z back to your computer. You can also click “Open Folder” to find the files.



In this article, you tin can learn some operations of how to undo Command Z, as well every bit how to recover data deleted by Ctrl Z shortcut. If yous still have questions about the solutions which are opposite of Ctrl Z, yous tin can contact with us. You can also share this article to your friends who are in need now. Hope you lot can proceeds something useful from this article.

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