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By | 22/08/2022

If the clone stamp tool in Photoshop has suddenly stopped working, in that location are a few common reasons why. Usually, with the help of a few bones settings, y’all tin can get the clone stamp tool back to working lodge in seconds. However, if you feel like you have tried everything, here’southward how to reset this tool speedily.

To reset the Clone Stamp Tool, press S to activate the tool, then click on the Clone Postage icon in the upper setting bar to reveal the tool presets. Side by side, click on the gear icon on the right of this panel, then select “Reset Tool.” Now the Clone Stamp Tool is restored to its default settings.

I’ll share the resetting process more in-depth after in this mail service, but let’s talk most some more basic solutions to your Clone Postage bug earlier we get at that place. This fashion, you don’t lose any tool presets y’all might have created for clone stamping!

How To Solve Common Clone Postage Tool Problems In Photoshop

1. Make Sure The Correct Layer Is Selected

The most common reason why the Clone Postage stops working is simply that the wrong layer is selected. If you have the wrong layer chosen in the Layers Panel, your adjustments may be subconscious or sampling the wrong affair.

For example, I have two images inside of a shape on their respective layers. If I desire to make a clone aligning to the shape on the left, I demand to brand sure that the layer is selected in the layer panel.

If yous were trying to paint on a new layer to work not-destructively, and so you’ll desire to select that layer instead.

As you tin can see, my background layer is currently selected, pregnant that I will but exist painting white with the clone adjustments since that’s what is sampled.

To solve this, I’ll click on the layer I want to clone, so press
to sample, and now the Clone Postage Tool works again!

two. Check Your Sample Settings

Some other very common reason for this tool non to piece of work is the incorrect sample settings. For example, in the upper setting bar, while the Clone Postage Tool is active, there are iii different sample options:

  1. Current Layer:
    will simply sample from the layer that is currently selected.
  2. Electric current And Below:
    will sample both your currently selected layer, and the layer directly below it.
  3. All Layers:
    will sample all of the layers below your currently selected layer.

If, for example, you have a new transparent layer above an image layer, you will want this sample setting gear up to “Current And Below.” This way, y’all can paint on your new layer while sampling the image layer directly below it.

You will find yourself constantly changing this setting depending on your needs with the tool. If your Clone Postage Tool of a sudden stops working, this setting is usually the culprit.

three. Brand Certain Your Layer Mask Isn’t Selected

Just as you demand to ensure the correct layer is sampled, y’all also need to ensure that y’all aren’t sampling the layer mask. If you do, you lot’ll end up with some weird results. This is a possible issue when y’all are adding clone adjustments directly to your image layer.

You can tell that the layer mask is selected past the white boxes surrounding it. This ways when that layer is selected, y’all will exist sampling the masking values rather than the actual image.

To ready this,
click on your image layer thumbnail. Now those white boxes volition move to the layer thumbnail and off of the layer mask.

Now when you sample and make your clone stamp adjustments, yous will be sampling the image direct.

four. Select The “Soft Round Brush” Preset

If you accept been experimenting with new brush settings, it’s possible to select a brush tip that won’t piece of work for clone postage stamp adjustments. If you had a brush tip called with a big amount of spacing, information technology would announced similar the clone stamp tool isn’t working. However, the clone adjustments are just being painted in a way you weren’t expecting.

For the best results and general-purpose use, using a soft round castor preset works best for the Clone Stamp Tool.

Showtime, access the Clone Postage stamp Tool past
pressing S, so go to the upper settings bar and click on the
brush preset options.

At the top of the brush preset panel, look for the preset that says “soft round brush,” then click on it to select it.

This will modify your brush tip and fix whatsoever issues y’all may accept had if you had a custom clone stamp castor in use.

v. Set up The Opacity And Flow To 100%

Similar to the brush tool in Photoshop, there are opacity and menstruation settings for the clone postage tool. If you don’t accept either of these settings adjusted correctly, your clone adjustments will be hardly visible or totally transparent!

With the clone stamp tool active (S), get to the upper settings bar and make sure the opacity and catamenia options are at 100%.

If they aren’t, accommodate them accordingly to brand your clone stamp aligning be fully visible.

half dozen. Set The Blending Manner To “Normal”

Similar a layer blending mode, the clone postage stamp blending mode changes how your cloning adjustments blend into your image. If yous have changed this setting and forgot to set it back to normal, information technology’s like shooting fish in a barrel to call back that the clone stamp tool is broken.

Luckily irresolute the blending mode back to Normal is like shooting fish in a barrel. Simply
press Southward
to access the clone postage stamp tool, and then go to the upper settings bar. In the Blending choice, this should be set to

If it isn’t, click on this option to reveal a drop-down menu. Select “Normal” at the top of the list to make your clone adjustments work the way they ordinarily do!

seven. Endeavour To Redefine Your Sample Area

Another reason for the clone postage tool not to work is because of your sample surface area. The sample area is the place you define before painting clone adjustments to tell Photoshop what y’all want to utilize as the cloning material.

If you accept yet to create a sample, you will want to practice that first.

To do that, hold
Alt or Selection
and click on your canvas to ascertain your sampling area while the clone postage tool is agile.

However, if you accept already set your sample area, you may have sampled a transparent area on your canvas or layer. If that happens, naught will be painting with your clone adjustments since you lot sampled transparency.

To set this, hold
Alt or Choice
and click on an area of your canvas or layer that
is not transparent
and attempt again. Now your clone stamp tool will be working correctly once again.

Clone Stamp Tool Nonetheless Isn’t Working? Here’south How To Reset Information technology:

Now, if y’all’ve tried all the other troubleshooting methods above and still aren’t finding a solution, you can always reset the clone postage stamp tool. The merely problem with this is that you will lose whatever clone postage presets you lot may have created by doing this. That’s why I only suggest this as a last resort selection.

To reset the clone postage tool,
printing S
to access the tool, then click on the clone stamp tool icon in the upper settings bar.

In the panel that appears, click the
gear icon.

So select
“Reset Tool”
from the provided options.

This volition reset all of your custom settings for the clone stamp tool and reset information technology to its default state. This way, you will get rid of any weird settings that may be throwing off the tool and causing it not to work.

Happy Cloning!

Brendan 🙂

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