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Peak Design Capture V2 Vs V3

By | 09/11/2022

Capture Clip V3

$70 | Peak Design.com

The original Capture Clip was a darling of Kickstarter, raising nearly $15 million back in 2011. V2 debuted in 2013 and was replaced by V3 at the showtime of 2018.

Starting time released on Kickstarter in 2011, the Top Design Capture Clip aimed to give photographers an easier way to bear their photographic camera. Seven years later, we now have the Capture version V3, a much sleeker and more streamlined iteration of the original product.

Central Features

  • Arca-compatible plate
  • Aluminum construction
  • Anti-slip pad on mounting surface
  • Quick release button with security lock
  • Clip fits straps up to six.4 cm wide and ane.6 cm thick
  • Organisation tin hold upwardly to 90 kg (200 lb)
  • Available in silvery and black


$69.95 gets you the Capture Prune, an Arca-compatible plate, x2 hand-drive screws, x2 4mm hex screws (non shown), a hex wrench and a microfiber pouch for storage.

V3 boasts a ‘smaller, lighter and lower profile’ than V2 – more specifically information technology’southward 57 k / two oz lighter (prune plus plate), 2.i cm narrower, 1.ii cm shorter and 0.8 cm thinner. From a design perspective this means an accessory that looks less similar a chunky piece of gear and more similar an integrated piece of pattern affixed to your bag or strap. It’s fabricated of all aluminum (minus some rubber $.25 for gripping your bag strap) and has a smooth anodized finish, compared to the power-coated finish of its predecessor. The Capture Clip is also at present available in two colors; Silver and Black.

With V3, Peak Pattern has simplified the Capture lineup to only one product – V2 offered both the Capture Standard and CapturePro at different price points. The former had a drinking glass-reinforced nylon back and was cheaper than the all-aluminum Pro.

Like the V2, you can withal integrate a variety of add-ons to your Capture system such as the Manfrotto RC2 uniform Dual Plate or the Meridian Design Lens Kit. This means y’all can use the Capture Clip for its base purpose but still take the option to expand its functionality well beyond just carrying a camera on your purse.

What’s also dainty is V3 ships with two different sets of clamping bolts, hand-driven ones and a set that are driven in using a hex key (included).

In Utilize

The Capture Clip, in action.

The Capture system is extremely well designed and works exactly how yous would expect it to: With the plate fastened to your camera, just slide it into the clip from to a higher place. When you desire to recollect your photographic camera, press and hold the small button on the right side while sliding your camera back upward.

The commencement time I attached the system to my bag, I honestly didn’t expect to love it but quickly found myself enjoying the convenience it provides. In fact, all of the following gripes I have are admittedly nit-picky stuff because frankly the Capture Prune works well.

Even with a heavy photographic camera attached, the Capture feels very secure

Attaching the clip portion to your handbag for the outset time tin can be a flake of a hassle but the key is simply to loosen it more y’all think you demand to. Most folks will attach it to a haversack but it can easily exist fastened to a messenger bag, belt or something else entirely. Once attached to something it’s not hard to remove and replace. I tried it on both my Pinnacle Design Everyday Backpack and my well-nigh decade onetime Camelbak backpack and information technology fit securely on both.

Even with a heavy camera attached, the Capture feels very secure. The only time I worried while using it was when pulling my backpack off my shoulders. I sometimes instinctively like to toss my bag effectually – non a proficient idea when your precious gear is connected to the forepart.

While writing this review, I used the Capture with 4 different cameras: a Nikon D750 westward/ 50mm one.eight (1 kg / 2.19 lb), Nikkormat FTN w/ 50mm i.iv (ane.1 kg / 2.43 lb), Bronica RF645 due west/ 65mm f/4 (1.1 kg / two.44 lb) and Hasselblad 501C westward/ 80mm f/2.8 (1.47 kg / 3.25 lb). All of these felt confidently secure.

Peak Design says the Capture is rated for up to ninety kg / 200 lb so safe-wise almost anything you would put on in that location is a non-issue. For me personally, the Hasselblad was a fleck too heavy to be comfortable. But it wasn’t just the weight; I also didn’t feel comfortable with the manner large cameras or those with long lenses tend to pull down, potentially jabbing into your body.

Bottom line

The Capture system not only makes it unproblematic to carry your photographic camera, but it also means y’all always have a plate attached for tripod mounting.

My biggest hangup with the Capture is simply getting used to having your camera on your chest (that’s where I wore it at to the lowest degree), but it only took me about an hour of walking around in a park to get used to it. And by later that aforementioned day – while on a unlike shoot – I found I was using information technology instinctively.

My biggest hangup with the Capture is merely getting used to having your camera on your breast

Overall for the toll point of $69.95 the Capture Clip V3 isn’t cheap, but it’s worth the money if you lot’re looking for a new arroyo to the way yous deport your camera. And if you’re looking to add another clip to your arsenal or upgrade from a previous version, you lot have the choice of buying simply the Clip solitary for the lower price of $49.95.

Peak Design continues to bring a photographers-first arroyo to their pattern with a very strong sense for what works and what doesn’t. In this writer’s opinion, the new Capture Clip falls squarely in the “works” column.

What nosotros like:

  • Very comfortable, lightweight and slim
  • Rated for up to 90 kg / 200 lbs, very secure and condom
  • Very quick learning curve and extremely easy to get used to
  • Feels great ergonomically
  • Lots of options for placement and expanding uses with other add-ons
  • Fashionable, really

What we don’t:

  • Pricey
  • Gear hangs forward on chest
  • Hex screw requires y’all to continue the hex wrench with you

Source: https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/review-peak-design-capture-clip-v3