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  1. Hi everyone,
    I have read that windows picture viewer is ofttimes different to photoshop, which it appears to be on my computer. My question is – which 1 is the ‘right’ image, the one other people volition see when I give them a disc of photos? They will encounter the windows viewer photo, correct? If I have that correct, and then practise I need to edit my photos using the proof colours set to Windows Viewer?
    See attached photo… image in photoshop and in an email…
    Thanks for whatever suggestions!

  2. What you are likely running into is a lack of other programs to read different color spaces.
    Before you salve your jpg, become to edit>catechumen to profile and select sRGB.
    This is the default for web browsers and well-nigh other programs and information technology’s what they can understand.. I’d bet when you are importing your colour space is probably being gear up to adobe rgb or something else, which will cause issues for people viewing online or in many applications outside of photoshop.

  3. Have you lot profiled and calibrated your monitor? If not, then none of the renditions is “correct”.

  4. It appears to me that Windows Picture show and Fax Viewer is “sort of” colour managed. I find that some ProPhotoRGB images look substantially the same in PSCS2 and Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, while some await very different, depending on the colors. Here is an case where the 2 applications produce similar results.

  5. Here is 1 where the results are very different – evident in the blueish sky.

  6. “Have you profiled and calibrated your monitor? If not, so none of the renditions is “right”.”
    If it’due south on the aforementioned machine, this shouldn’t matter.. should look the aforementioned everywhere on your computer. Calibration just becomes an issue when transferring the image out to a printer or to someone else.

  7. which one is the ‘right’ image, the one other people volition see when I give them a disc of photos?​

    It’s a good question, and the answer is depressing, for those who care most such things. Firstly, unless you’ve calibrated your monitor, neither is right. If y’all’ve calibrated your monitor then the Photoshop one will be “correct”.
    Yet you have no control over what other people will run across when you lot give them a disc (or, equivalently, when you mail service a flick on a website) unless they’ve calibrated their screens as well, which most likely they haven’t.
    See this series of pages for more info:

  8. Color shift in photoshop has been or is a dilemma for so many people including myself. The photo would look the same in photoshop as in the ‘save for web’ window but then there was always a color shift when opened in a web browser or the windows default flick viewer. Someone mentioned that y’all convert to sRGB and you lot’ll be fine. That is not quite correct. You must catechumen to your monitor profile from whatever profile your photo has to be able to assess what it will expect like inside your web browser. If your monitor is indeed sRGB then it’s fine to convert to sRGB but if you’re on a calibrated monitor you must go:
    edit>convert to profile and select your monitor contour

  9. there is one caveat though with cs3. In the salve for spider web dialog there are hidden settings behind small arrows. Find the one where it says ‘convert to sRGB’ and uncheck it. Otherwise y’all will reintroduce the sRGB contour, assuming your monitor is using a calibrated contour and non sRGB.

  10. Thank you for all the responses – I’m relieved to see it’due south non only me with this trouble! My monitor is calibrated. I seem to have found a good solution for my purposes… I changed the colour infinite settings in photoshop to lucifer my printer – all of a sudden the photos looked a lot amend matched in all other programs too.
    Thanks once more for the advice

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