Photography Frame Within A Frame

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What is a Frame within a Frame in Photography?

A frame within a frame is a photography composition technique. Within the iv-sided frame of the photograph, some other frame enhances the composition. Information technology could be an actual frame similar a window frame. Doors can make interesting frames. Even a moving-picture show frame can fit in a frame within a frame photography. You can use a natural frame or your own frame.

Placing a frame inside a frame can help add together depth and is a pop compositional technique for this reason. When you lot create interesting frames, information technology can help draw the viewer’s eye to your chief subject area. One time you starting time looking for framing opportunities, you lot’ll offset to notice so many ways you can employ them to make a successful composition. Sometimes you lot may even be able to utilize multiple frames inside a frame.

Every bit with whatever compositional technique, using a frame within a frame is best when yous incorporate frames that work well together with your principal discipline. Hither are some composition tips for how to brand the virtually of using a frame within a frame.

Why Identify a Frame Inside A Frame?

There are many adept reasons to apply this frame technique. How you frame photos is a central attribute of all good photography. Adding a frame inside a frame brings a more than interesting dynamic to the various shapes inside a limerick. In one case yous spring elements that announced in your composition with a 2d frame, yous immediately influence how these elements relate to each other.

Placing a frame within a frame tin create depth. Framing well can draw focus to a main subject, even if information technology is relatively small inside the frame. You can emphasize your chief subject by working on the elements and how they are positioned in the frame. What’s closest to the camera and mayhap the largest matter in your photo can be somewhat minimized using this technique.

When you use this frame method, information technology’s important to consider the relationship between your main subject and the frame. How does using a frame within a frame affect your principal discipline? Is it drawing attending to your discipline?

Sometimes changing this human relationship can exist a matter of irresolute your point of view a niggling. If you lot are not happy with how your main subject appears in the frame, moving even a piffling will change the relationship between your subject and the frame.

365 project.

Using Another Compositional Technique Together With A Frame Within A Frame

Just because y’all have already chosen one composition technique to use does not mean you tin’t as well make use of another one. Or more than.

Adding a shallow depth of field, leading lines, foreground involvement, or any other composition technique you like will non suspension your pic. But it’southward always all-time to make sure yous etch so your photo looks all-time, non just because you idea of another limerick rule you’d similar to try out.

Don’t force the use of leading lines if your composition will not benefit. Be conscious of adding depth, rather than blurring the background, when at that place are interesting elements to be seen.

Always recall about how your images will be fabricated more than interesting past the composition techniques you chose to apply. Is the groundwork important? If not, apply a shallow depth of field. Is the window you are using as a frame is interesting, don’t distract from the story by calculation another technique. Photographers tin as well oftentimes complicate compositional choices by calculation more than when it’southward not needed.

Together with a putting a frame inside a frame you can use whatsoever other technique, so long as it works well. Don’t try creating something but because yous want to squeeze in a particular technique. I constructive fashion to ruin a skillful epitome is to overuse composition techniques.

In this photo, the photographer has successfully placed a frame within a frame twice. Or more, if you have into business relationship you lot can encounter both frames in the phone the guy is using to have the photo with. At that place are also leading lines and a shallow depth of field.

Within and Outside

When creating images using the frame within a frame technique your primary subject can be in front end of or behind the frame you are using. This is sometimes a matter of pick. Or a photographer may have no selection considering the frame or field of study cannot exist moved or manipulated.

Either mode, you can still brand use of a frame in interesting ways. Often information technology’s more than natural to frame a subject field on the far side of a door or a window frame. Former though a subject field framed in the foreground, closer to the camera than the frame is, can also piece of work well.

looking at a building through a window frame.

Sometimes this volition depend on the size of a subject. Subjects that are larger than a frame, similar a door frame, cannot be framed well when they are in the foreground. You lot’ll need to place them further away from the camera so they wait best.

If a photographer does place their larger primary field of study in front end of a frame it volition overlap the frame. This tin can also work well then long as the framing is intentional. If the subject obscures too much of the frame, the effect of a frame inside a frame is minimized and not so constructive.

Hand in a frame within a frame.

In this paradigm, the lensman has placed the chief subject field in the foreground and information technology overlaps the frame. The relationship between the hand and pen and the white paper, which is framing them, is strong enough that the break of the frame is okay.

A Frame Does Non Have To Be Complete

To finer frame your primary subject field inside a frame, your frame does not demand to be complete. Natural frames are often incomplete. Think of trees used as frames. Or clouds or anything that does not have iv sides.

Shapes used in the foreground can be used well to imply a frame within a frame even when that frame is non completely airtight. This can make an prototype fifty-fifty more interesting because it prompts the viewer to think more nigh the photo.

Using an outline of a frame that is incomplete you tin draw a viewer’s eye around and and then into your chief subject. A broken frame might likewise be used to take the viewer’south attention to other objects in the composition.

When composing with a subject that intersects with the edges of your frame that is broke, be careful non to diminish the touch the frame might have. But, at the same time, be enlightened that creating an interesting composition is more of import than trying to use a technique that may be redundant in the situation.

Forcing the use of any compositional technique onto any discipline will lessen the impact an image has.

Doors in a row on a building frame.

Using an Existing Frame or Adding Your Ain

Working with the frame within a frame photography composition technique, you lot tin make use of existing frames. Or you can add you ain frames into your images.

One of the almost common, and very cliched, ways to add a frame within a frame is to use a movie frame to surround your bailiwick. The 4 edges of a picture frame create a readily recognizable consequence that can heighten a field of study.

Another affair people like to exercise is use their hands to make a heart shape to frame their subjects. This is fun just is also rather cliched.

Hands making a heart frame within a frame.

Existing frames are oft easier to discover and take a photo with. Frames tin can be created from all kind of objects when you put your mind to information technology. Trees may not exist the main focus of your photograph, just they can certainly be used well to frame a subject.

Tree framing a wedding couple.

Even bloom petals can make an interesting frame for the detail at the flower’s middle.

close up image of a yellow flower in the center of the frame.


Whenever you chose to employ a frame within a frame, brand sure it volition enhance your image. Don’t use this method of framing just because y’all want photographs in your portfolio equally examples. It’s e’er best to use a frame inside a frame when it will truly enhance your limerick.

Framing with windows and doors is ofttimes very natural. But making apply of tree leaves, clouds, or even contrast levels in an image can work. Position your primary subject field and frame so they interact well together. Place your discipline in front of or behind the frame. Wherever information technology will await the best.

hands are a frame.

Retrieve that any frame within a frame you employ does non need to be a complete frame. A frame inside a frame tin exist broken. It might be naturally broken, or your bailiwick might intersect with information technology. When a frame is cleaved, brand sure it’s still like shooting fish in a barrel for a viewer to make sense of a scene.

The best way to learn to etch a frame within a frame is to practice often. Like anything, the more frequently you practice, the meliorate you will become at doing this thing. Learning photography in this way you will certainly notice a big comeback in the quality of your photographs.

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