Photography Reflector Before And After

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One of the near essential photo editing tools you need to become familiar with is the Lightroom Earlier And After comparing tool. It will help you quickly see how much y’all’ve changed your original image since y’all first cropped it in Lightroom and made a ton of changes to information technology. This will assistance you determine what else you lot may nonetheless demand to edit in your photo before information technology’s a masterpiece.

There are several ways to view Before and After in Lightroom. Let’s break them down.

The Lightroom Earlier And Afterwards Shortcut

The quickest mode to see Before and Later in Lightroom is to use the backslash key [\].

This keyboard shortcut volition requite you an instant, full-sized view of how your image started out. This works in Adobe Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic and all previous versions of Lightroom.

In order to cycle the other Earlier And Afterward views in Lightroom Classic and prior Lightroom versions, employ the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Before Only [\]
  • Left/Correct [Y]
  • Top/Lesser [Alt + Y] Windows / [Option + Y] Mac
  • Left/Correct Divide Screen [Shift + Y]

Lightroom Classic Before And After Keyboard Shortcuts Menu

The last three options in the list above are currently not available in Lightroom CC. This is discussed in more particular below.

How To Meet Earlier And Later In Lightroom Archetype & Prior Lightroom Versions

To admission the Before And Later on tool, you’ll need to exist in the Develop module first. If you’re not already in that location, select a photo from your Lightroom Library and press [D] on your keyboard to enter the Develop Module.

Lightroom Before And After Menu

If yous don’t see the push on the lesser left of the Develop Module that has a “Y|Y” on information technology, click the small triangle under the image and choose View Modes.
Now y’all’ll be able to choose the Lightroom Before And After comparison view you adopt.

Side By Side Photo Comparison

Besides viewing a photo’s Earlier state past itself, the next fashion to compare your original image to your edited i is to view a next comparing. To practice this, simply click on “Earlier/After Left/Right” in the Earlier & Subsequently tool.

You can also just press “Y” on your keyboard to quickly jump to the Left/Right image comparison.
Pressing “Y” once more volition take you lot dorsum to your edited image.

Before And After In Lightroom Side By Side Comparison

Top / Bottom Comparison

The next way to view a earlier and after comparison in Lightroom is the Peak/Lesser view.
To activate this view, select “Earlier/Later on Top/Bottom” from the Before & Later on tool or press [Alt + Y] on Windows or [Option + Y] on Mac.

This will display your original image on height and your edited version on the bottom. This works peculiarly well for horizontal images.

Lightroom Before And After Top Bottom Comparison

Split Screen Comparing

Finally, another not bad way to view your original epitome as compared to your edited one is to activate Carve up Screen view.
To actuate a Left/Right Separate Screen view, click “Before/Afterwards Left/Right Split up” from the Before & After tool or press [Shift + Y] on your keyboard.

This mode allows y’all to run into your entire epitome on it’s own, only with half being unedited and one-half existence edited. This is convenient if yous want to make sure y’all’re not overdoing information technology with your edits.

For instance, you may use this view to ensure you’re satisfied with the overall color temperature of your photograph or that you haven’t overly exaggerating skin tones.

Lightroom Classic Before And After Left Right Split Screen

You can also view your image in Split Screen mode from Top to Bottom.
To do this, just click “Before/After Top/Bottom Split” from the Earlier & After tool or printing [Alt + Y] on Windows or [Option + Y] on Mac.

Lightroom Before And After Top Bottom Split

How To Alter The “Before” Country

It’south great to be able to compare your current edited photo with the original. Just what if you want to compare it to an edit you made halfway through your post processing?

You tin!

Here’due south how to change the “Before” State during any of the photo comparisons we’ve covered in this mail service:

  1. Activate a “Before & After” comparison view.
  2. On the left side panel, click “History” to expand a listing of your past edits for this image.
  3. Click and elevate whatsoever edit listed onto the “Before” section of your agile comparing.

Nail! Now y’all’ll be able to see the difference between whatever edit you’ve fabricated compared to your most contempo state.

How To Come across Before And After In Lightroom CC

Crazy plenty, Lightroom CC currently just has the option for users to view a full-sized version of your original prototype. There is no way to view this as a side-by-side, elevation/bottom or carve up screen comparison.

You tin, however, use the Versions tool which allows you to go along track of how your image looked at dissimilar stages of your editing.
To do this, just click on Versions at the lesser right of the Edit panel. You’ll be presented with two options, Named and Auto.

Lightroom CC Versions

The Named option allows you to create a version (a virtual copy) of your image in it’s current country of edited-ness (certain, that’due south a discussion!).
You can then click on that version at any fourth dimension to compare information technology to where yous were at that moment versus your photo’south current state. This is super useful if you desire to try out dissimilar styles or concepts with your photo.

The Auto selection volition automatically save different versions of your photo at regular intervals as you edit.
So you if y’all don’t like the direction you’ve gone in your last few edits, you can revert back to an earlier version of your photo until you’ve found where yous want to pick upward and try again.

Before And After In Lightroom Epitomize

The quickest and easiest method for comparing your original epitome to your edited image is past pressing the [\] fundamental.

Other than that, just follow the instructions we’ve outlined here to view a side-by-side comparison, a pinnacle/bottom comparison and a split screen comparison.

And remember, yous can e’er modify the “Earlier” country to see your current edited paradigm compared to any edit yous’ve made during your editing procedure.

Happy editing!