Photos Taken With Canon 50mm 1.4

By | 06/08/2022

  1. So right earlier a hiking trip, I dropped my 50mm 1.iv from waist height onto
    carpeted floor. The carpeting was pretty thick and the lens bounced off the side
    of a bed before hitting the floor so the impact wasn’t that bad.

    Anyways, I just picked it up and put it in my camera bag without checking information technology cuz
    it didn’t seem similar that bad of a drop. Sure plenty, on my hike, I discover the
    lens is damaged.

    So what seems to be the problem is the autofocus. On autofocus (it’s a FTM
    lens), when I plough the focus ring, information technology’s totally fine. On manual focus, it’s
    totally fine. But on autofocus (when trying to focus with the body), information technology would
    be slow when the focus is near infinity and gets slower when the focus gets
    nearer. When information technology approaches the close focus range, the autofocus would ho-hum downwardly
    to a hault and pretty much get stuck there. I can manually focus (total manual
    or FTM) the lens abroad from that point and AF would work slowly once more but halt
    again somewhere near close focus.

    So I’m guessing the USM got knocked out of alignment or something like that.

    I’chiliad not sure how this micro USM works but I’m wondering if anyone has had this
    problem and how they solved it or is there some easy to follow Practice-It-Yourselves
    online to fix similar problems. Maybe it simply needs a “knock” in the right
    direction to re-marshal the USM or something similar that. Any suggestions? If non,
    then I’ll probably accept to ship it into Canon, or if it’south an easy problem to
    fix, I might bring it to a local repair shop.

    Oh, I’ve also tested the lens on some other body and the aforementioned symptoms exist.

  2. The problem with that lens, though it has USM and ftm, Information technology’southward non a ring USM, therefore it withal use gears to movement the glass elements when auto focusing.

    The damage might have something to do with a gear being damage , due to the front of the lens taking the touch on of the autumn.

  3. From what you write, this lens wants to see a canon repairsman.

    Especially the l/1.4 is (due to the somewhat strange combination of a micro-usm and total-time-manual) known to be kind of fragile. And since a lot of parts are plastic, there isn’t much y’all tin practice yourself.

  4. Information technology’s non and so much the focusing applied science that makes this lens delicate; it’s the fact that the

    front end element moves–information technology thus absorbs whatever front touch direct with the focusing gears.

  5. On the offset day of my Rockies trip I dropped my 20D with 17-85mm IS lens fastened from waist loftier onto a wooden floor! It fell onto the lens and smashed the filter (no hood attached), bent the filter ring such that I needed a wrench to remove it. The near centre stopping moment of my holiday. The lens appeared undamaged and I contined my trip using the lens to no ill effect thank goodness. I know that there are frail components in the photographic camera and lenses just, in my case at least, they seem robust enough to survive such a driblet.

  6. >>> Perhaps it simply needs a “knock” in the correct direction to re-marshal the USM or something like that. <<<

    I am non sure if this line is serious or if y’all are just letting off a bit of steam from frustration (understandable).

    But if you want to try it concord the lens over the carpet, in the same position just 180 degrees around and drop it again: that should set it.

    OK: that is dizzy advice and of little utilise to you, so besides IMO is dissecting the if`southward, just`southward and possibly`s about the lens blueprint etc.

    1. Get an thought of how much it will to fix past a qualified technician.

    2. How much is a new one?

    3. What is improve value to yous?

    Sidebar: 2a. Are you happy using it as a manual focus lens only?

    Also: I read (here at photonet I call up) that at that place is a schoolhouse of thought that believes manually focussing this particular lens when the selection is `AF` is detrimental. Sorry I tin can not retrieve further details, and, at the fourth dimension of reading, I did not ostend the sources.


  7. I fabricated 2 long scratches on rear element in 100/2.8 macro USM few days agone

  8. I dropped my 50mm i.iv once, soft enough landing to avoid exterior scratches or harm,

    and information technology didn’t seem to focus well subsequently that. A trip to Catechism restored its adequacy. The job

    ticket accompanying it said something inside was cleaved and replaced.

  9. I dropped my 70-200 f4 L anout a pes on to concrete and got the aforementioned problem – no autofocus. I was told it was a damaged helicoid though some lens barrel parts and the mount were inverse at the same fourth dimension as they were marked. It was not cheap. It was done part-paid under house insurance. Ask for a quote then see if information technology is economic to fix.

  10. I’d get a repair gauge from a local shop. If it is more than $80 to repair, I would either:

    ane. Buy a 50mm f/ane.8 with the $80 you lot would spend fixing the ane.4, and keep the 1.4 for manually focusing and/or when y’all demand f/1.4.

    2. Trade it to the shop as office credit toward a used f/1.4 model, if they have i. You should be able to get at least $100 credit, mayhap more.

    iii. Sell it on East-Bay with a description of what you have posted here, an esitmate of the repair costs, and get a replacement.

    Luckily this is a reasonably priced lens!


  11. Light weight, pocket-sized size, lots of automation, cheap price, all add up to a fragile lens.

    Older well fabricated manual focus glass would survive this. New mode plastic, merely replace it. I would not bother letting a repair person hack it upward and then ownership a new one anyhow.

  12. Exact aforementioned thing happened to me (same symptoms)–I dropped information technology less than viii inches onto carpeted floor. Give up trying to fix it yourself–it’s 1 of those gears within. Just transport it in to Canon to fix. I paid $140, including shipping. It works great now–just like new and I’one thousand more conscientious.

  13. I think information technology would need to see a repairman straight away, so that you practise not harm the mech any more with use.

    Equally it appears to exist a competition regarding dropping lenses, I managed to drop an erstwhile lxxx-200 telephoto down an ready of stone stairs in a church, it striking every step on the way down (thirty five or so). When I defenseless up with I expected shards of glass to drop out of the finish, but the drinking glass wasn’t fifty-fifty scratched. Information technology worked fine, and fifty-fifty subsequently submerging myself in a river with it in the pocket at a later engagement, I still sold it for 50 pounds on *bay! So that 1 was definitley indestructible as information technology worked fine when I sold it!

    Best of luck with getting yours fixed though.


  14. Savas Kyprianides >> How much did the repair cost you lot?

    Thank you for the comments anybody. Looks similar it needs to go back to Catechism. I’m in Canada and the closest dealer is in Calgary Alberta. I hope it’ll cost no more than 150 canadian.

  15. This is VERY frail lens especially to shakes / falls. The AF on mine stopped working for no apparent reason 1 mean solar day. On doing some research on the boards & the net, it seems like the AF on this lens is very very flimsy and volition break for no apparent reason.

    If you lot desire it repaired, check out the Horizon electronics folks @ Camera Clinic 295 Gentry Way #6 Reno, NV 89502 775-829-2244. AFAIK, it costs ~110 to repair + aircraft.

    — V

  16. Weiyang Liu,
    I but purchased a new Catechism EF 50mm f1.4 USM for $283 USD from Adorama. In that location is a Catechism $25 rebate on this lens until the end of the calendar month. They oftentimes have used lenses at that place, so information technology might be worth cheching. I accept bought two used lenses from Adorama and I believe that they are reliable, both in checking the functionality of used equipment and backing their sales with proficient return policies.


  17. I dropped my 17-55 f/2.8 IS terminal onto the hardwood floor of the church concluding Sat correct before the hymeneals started. Luckily, I put my human foot out and sort of kicked it earlier it hit the floor, then it landed rolling fast. Picked it upward, and no damage was done. Sometimes you just get lucky.

    The 50 f/1.4 is a fragile lens. Mine’s been dropped too, simply not by me. It’s focus was bounden, so I took information technology apart to come across what’due south the matter. There are some plastic cam followers in there that slide in the cam slots of i of the sleeves. Both the screws that agree the followers and the cam slots themselves are quite fragile. On mine the cam slots got slightly aptitude and are causing the binding.

    I should either club the parts or send it in I suppose, but I’ve read reports that repaired copies of this lens often take poor optical operation. Honestly, I’m not sure it’s worth doing.

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