Photos Taken With Nikon 10-20mm Lens

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When starting out in wedding photography, one of the nigh common questions that gets asked is, “What lens is a must have for my first wedding?” The most popular answers to this question are all over the map. They range from 50mm to 85mm to lxx-200mm and and so on. What you probable never encounter on the list is something like a 20mm lens, but for me, I will ever take one of these lenses in my bag.

Throughout the wedding ceremony solar day, I’ll switch between several lenses, just the first fourth dimension I suspension out my wide-bending lens is during portraits with the bride and groom. When nigh people think portraits, they call back tight and up close and personal in order to fill the frame. These are groovy and should always be a office of what you deliver to a client, even so sometimes you lot need to be able to get a sense of the scene for a adept environmental portrait. If yous are using a lens similar to an 85mm, you accept the power to step back and include your entire scene. The trouble with this situation is that it can pb to your bailiwick being likewise small in the frame.

After taking the photo above I knew I loved the location and the setup, but I wanted at that place to be more than focus on the couple. With a 20mm lens I knew I could make the couple more than predominant in the frame while even so including the bridges that originally drew me to this location.

This is a great example considering the couple is continuing in the exact aforementioned location as the first epitome, however both images are significantly different. By changing your focal length and shooting position, you can give a completely different look to an image without moving your subject or lighting. This too gives a practiced example to how the compression comes into play when dealing with unlike focal lengths. In the image shot at 20mm the bridges seem more spread out and further away from the couple. For the image taken at 85mm, the bridges are more compressed and seem closer to the couple.

I also love to take dramatic-style images that include a pregnant corporeality of sky. When shooting a wide-bending lens I’m almost always shooting up and my subject is normally in the lower half of the frame. I experience like this gives the viewer a sense of awe, since they are looking up to the couple.

One of the benefits of utilizing a wide-angle lens is that even when shooting broad open y’all are able to capture basically everything in focus. The beneath image was taken at f/i.8 (on accident, since there was plenty of lite to terminate downward) just since I was shooting at 20mm the couple and building are all still in focus. Considering my environment, I as well couldn’t support any farther without stepping into traffic, so the 20mm lens was the only manner for me to take the entire building in the frame.

That’s not to say yous can’t capture a few shallow depth of field effects to help isolate your subject. In this adjacent epitome, the foreground particular was significantly closer than my subject then I was notwithstanding able to have that detail become a pleasant out-of-focus blur that draws your eye into the frame where the couple is standing.

When you stop downwards to around f/, it makes the lens perfect for run-and-gun shooting where it tin exist difficult to go along up with your subject. In this image below, I was running aslope the couple as they were leaving the church. I could conveniently frame my shot, start shooting, and not take to worry as well much almost focusing on the couple as they ran toward me. Mind you, this was me shooting and running backward downward the stairs, not something I ever recommend.

Once we arrive at the reception location, I usually have my 20mm lens glued to 1 camera body. Shooting wide allows me capture a good overall shot of the venue. Then, from that betoken I use light to draw the viewer’s eye to the subject.

One of my favorite parts of the day is when the traditional offset-dances have ended, and the political party dancing begins. Originally, when I first started shooting weddings, I would hover around the outside of the dance floor. When I began shooting with the 20mm lens, I found that it required me to become upwards and in the action. This tin can exist a niggling awkward at times, merely one time y’all leap in in that location, you tend to receive more interaction from guests and they outset to loosen up and show off for you.

Although I attempt to crop most of my images in-camera, when shooting super broad information technology tin sometimes exist difficult to go close enough to the action. Other times, you but have a divide second to catch a special moment before information technology’s gone, so you don’t have fourth dimension to move closer. In instances similar this I have no issue cropping a photograph in post to tighten up my frame.

The thing to keep in listen when shooting with a 20mm lens, or any other wide-angle lens, is the effect it tin can have on people’s faces. The closer your bailiwick is to the edges of the frame and the closer your subject is to the photographic camera, the more this baloney can affect your image. That is why I just utilize my 20mm lens for full trunk portraits. For more information about how baloney affects the face, check out this great commodity on how a lens’ focal length shapes the face.

Another baloney to keep in mind is perspective distortion. This can be seen in the image above with the big building. Since I’thousand fairly close to the building, I have to tilt my camera up to get the entire building in the frame. By utilizing this technique with a wide-angle lens, it can seem that the edges of the building are falling in toward the centre of the frame. I don’t retrieve information technology’s necessarily a bad affair, merely information technology is something to be mindful of. This can exist fixed in postal service, to an extent, simply when you lot have subjects in the paradigm, they may end upward looking stretched or misshapen if you’re not conscientious. Considering of this, I try to keep my subjects a decent altitude away from the camera, besides as in the center of the frame, to help minimize this distortion from affecting them.

What exercise yous think? Practice yous have a wide-angle lens equally function of your kit? How exercise you like to use your broad-angle lenses?