Photoshop Gif More Than 500 Frames

By | 09/08/2022

Gif Making – Gear up Your Photoshop File

This is a guide for someone who is brand new to giffing.This page will take y’all through how to get frames into photoshop and get your file in a land where it’due south ready to start editing,

Y’all will need:

  • Photoshop. I used CS6. CS5 works every bit well. I’d assume CC works as well but I haven’t tried it.
  • A video file
  • (optional) A video player that can save out frames from videos (kmplayer, potplayer, possibly vlc)

There’south two methods to go frames into photoshop:

  1. Let photoshop pull the frames from a video file.
  2. Utilise a video thespian to save out the frames and then import the frames into photoshop.

I’ll go over both and why you might want to use each.

Use Photoshop to Import Frames From Video

Photoshop will let y’all specify a range in a video file to import. This is the fastest and easiest way to become frames into photoshop, merely it has some limitations. For longer videos information technology’southward hard to get the right frame range selected in the import tool. It’south also limited to 500 frames (though you shouldn’t demand 500 frames). Your video file must too be a blazon that’south uniform with photoshop.

I utilise this method for annihilation I accept a short video file for, usually clips I saved from my video game footage.

In photoshop, go to File -> Import -> Video Frames to Layers

Browse to your video file. This will pop up a piddling preview window with time sliders. Adjust the two lilliputian black sliders on the bottom every bit your starting time and end signal.

Photoshop will extract the frames and set upwards your file for you. You’ll stop upwardly with frames in a timeline at the bottom and also each frame equally a layer in the layer window.

You can bound downwardly to the Frame Delay section now if y’all want to skip over the alternative method of importing frames.

Use A Video Player To Export Frames

If your video file is too long or large or not compatible with photoshop you can consign frames using a video histrion.This procedure takes longer and is more annoying, but also more flexible.

I apply kmplayer (which is a terrible program but I like the consign options). I’ve seen other people mention potplayer and vlc. You can look upwards how to practise exports with whatever of these online, and I can add a department for kmplayer specifically if anyone needs information technology. My basic settings are this though:

You should finish upward with a folder full of frames. Y’all tin delete any you might have extracted that you don’t demand.

In photoshop become to: File -> Scripts -> Load Files Into Stack

Alter the Utilise dropdown to ‘Folder’ and hitting browse. Browse to the folder with your exported images.

Importing this way takes an annoying amount of fourth dimension. When it’s washed you’ll have a photoshop document with all your images as layers, but no frames in the timeline yet.

In your timeline, striking the Create Frame Animation button.

Y’all’ll have a unmarried frame in your timeline now which is manifestly not what yous desire. From the bill of fare in the upper correct of the timeline, choose ‘Make Frames From Layers’.

Now y’all should have all your frames in the timeline. Finally, go back to that aforementioned menu you were just in and choose ‘Opposite Frames’ (photoshop brings them in backwards).

Frame Delay

The starting time thing to expect at is the frames on the bottom. Each frame volition have a little number in the bottom correct. In this example information technology’southward 0.03:

This is the frame delay. It’southward how long a delay to have between each frame. Usually yous’ll want a delay somewhere betwixt 0.02-0.07. The smaller the filibuster, the faster the gif plays. Y’all’ll get a experience for what sort of delay you want with time.

To alter the frame delay, shift-select all the frames (y’all’ll usually want the same delay between all frames), and click the trivial downward arrow next to the frame filibuster number on whatever of the frames. The preset numbers are all pretty bad, then choose ‘other’ and blazon in the filibuster yous desire.

Photoshop is going to mess upwards this delay in the next step when we convert to video timeline. (It will round to either .03 or .07 for no apparent reason). If the speed of the gif you lot relieve out is non what you want, y’all can change it after you lot finish. Meet the cease of this wiki for how to exercise that

Convert Frames and Layers

Open the carte from the button in the top right corner of the timeline and choose ‘Catechumen To Video Timeline’.

Y’all’ll see your frames disappear and get replaced with a agglomeration of purple video clips.

In the layers window, select ALL the layers, right click, and hit ‘Convert to Smart Object’. If you did everything correctly you should now have one imperial video rail in the timeline and i layer in the layer editor.

This is what I consider the starting state of a gif edit file. I’ll commonly brand a carve up psd per gif and get all the psds into this country before I commencement working on them.

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