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Photoshop How To Select By Color

By | 22/11/2022

A quick tutorial for you today on how to change a color from an epitome in Photoshop using a
Color Range
choice. Color Range is a selection tool that allows you lot to select parts of an epitome based on its colour. This makes it easy to select i a specific color and and then modify its hue, saturation and/or brightness. The all-time part is that you won’t have to mess effectually with making manual selections with tools like the quick selection tool or the magic wand tool.

1- Color Range Selection

To brand a color range selection, but become to
Select > Colour Range. The
Color Range
dialog will appear:

Photoshop Color Range

The Photoshop Color Range dialog

With the selection radio button agile, click around the little preview area or in your image backside the dialog to select the color you desire to select. Y’all tin can and then play around with the corporeality of
to tweak the range amount of similar colors that should get selected.

You’ll also run across that in that location are two additional sampling tools. I to add colors to your pick (the eye dropper tool with a plus sign), and one to remove colors (the eye dropper tool with a minus sign). These are actually useful if you want to select more than one color. With these extra sampling tools, yous tin can also
click + drag
in the preview to add or remove from a whole area of colors.

Now simply click on
and your selection will become active.

Screenshot: active selection

The active color range selection

Here are a few extra color range selection tricks/tips for you lot:

Play a trick on 1: Select Options

The default colour range selection works with sampling colors that you choose yourself in the preview area, but at that place are as well a few other very useful selection modes. Merely open up upward the
dropdown, and yous’ll see you lot can select by a specific main color, by highlights/midtones/shadows or even past peel tones.

Trick 2: limit the area for the color range selection

If y’all want to select a color from an image, but but from a sure area of the paradigm, just make a rough selection first using something like the
Lasso Tool
before opening the Color Range dialog. This volition limit the pick to only the preselected area.

Trick 3: selection preview

Utilize the
Option Preview
dropdown to besides run into a larger preview of the selected areas in your actual image. This can aid to see in more details what will get selected.

Screenshot: selection preview

Preview the pick

ii- Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer

With your choice agile, just add a
aligning layer.
is what we’ll use to change the colour. When y’all add an adjustment layer while a selection is active it’ll automatically utilise a mask that only shows through where in that location’s a selection.

At present just play around with the
slider to select the color you want to change to. The hue controls the base color, but and then you tin can also play around with the saturation and brightness to get the exact color you lot’re afterwards:

Screenshot: hue/saturation adjustment

Adjusting the Hue and Saturation

🎨 And that’s all there is to it! At present, this method is commonly really flexible, but may not work in all situations. In future posts we’ll go over other methods that can be used to modify the colour of something in Photoshop.

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