Photoshop Scratch Disks Are Full Mac

By | 21/10/2022

Scratch Disks Are Total

I have had this problem for a couple days now and take researched it just to no luck. Im on a MacOS Mojave version 10.fourteen. This error will not permit me to even open photoshop. Any help would be wonderful!

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Well, let’s manus it to OP for posting a VERY common problem with an normal solution, then NEVER responding. Nifty chore!

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How much space is available on your hard drive?

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Wait upwardly purging, helped me out temporarily.

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It but means you need to free more space from the partitions y’all’re using as scratch disks (by default the same partition on which the operating system is installed is used as primary scratch disk). Delete the files y’all don’t demand, back upward large files you rarely always need on external difficult drives if y’all can. One time you lot can launch Photoshop, become to
Edit->Preferences->Scratch Disks
and add more than one if yous tin can by checking the related box. Scratch disks are basically partitions used by Photoshop as temporary storage during the editing.

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How much room do you have on your drive?

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Completely close downward your computer and restart. That should clear the temporary caches plenty to let you open photoshop. Once open, you need to ready up a new scratch disk before continuing to edit.

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Make clean My Mac and Gemini volition help you free upwards space rapidly. Worth it.

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The message is saying that your disk is full (or at least too full for yous to be able to work). Free up some space, and so endeavour again…

If yous have more than one drive, so it is specifically stating that the disk(s) used every bit scratch disk is the ones that are full. Past default this would be your system drive if you haven’t changed information technology.

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i had aforementioned trouble today. it told me i didn’t had any space on C deejay, simply i was 100% sure i had more than 100gb free. i closed photoshop deleted photos what i’ve downloaded and when i looked at the storage information technology went dorsum to normal. any ideas wtf was that ?

edit: my hard bulldoze has ii terabyte free but photoshop didn’t fifty-fifty touched it

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2 terabyte

photoshop but stores temp files in the disks y’all mark in the performance preferences