Photoshop Split Image Into Multiple Images

By | 17/08/2022

How to Split an Image in Photoshop

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Splitting an image into equal sections may be required due to multiple reasons. You may demand to employ unlike effects and adjustments to separate sections, use them for social media grids, or print them separately to make a large banner. Here is how to split an image in Photoshop co-ordinate to advisable dimensions.

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  • How to Split an Image in Photoshop Using Three Ways
    • Split an Epitome into Multiple Sections Using the Slice Tool
    • Dissever an Image in Half Using Marquee Tool
    • Split an Prototype in Half Using the Ruler Tool
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How to Split an Image in Photoshop Using Three Means

Whenever nosotros demand to divide an image into sections, you may feel concerned about doing it right. In that location are a lot of things to consider, such as the pixel dimensions and appropriate size of sections. If you try to do it manually, information technology volition certainly feel incommunicable.

Thank you to the intuitive tools in Photoshop, splitting an image is a quick process. You can finer dissever an image into every bit many parts equally you want using the Guide Layout, Piece tool, Ruler tool, and the Marquee Tool. You can later export the sections every bit divide images effortlessly.

Below, nosotros will explicate the processes and so that you can follow them to split images accurately.

Split an Prototype into Multiple Sections Using the Slice Tool

The slice tool conveniently divides an image into equal portions without you lot needing to piece of work out numbers. Here is the consummate process of using the Slice tool choice:

Open a New Image and Form its Indistinguishable Layer

  1. Import the image in Photoshop. Yous can create a new document with a blank layer co-ordinate to a specific layout and and then paste an image. Or, you tin straight open the image by using the Open push.
  2. Create a duplicate layer of the image. Select the background layer and printing CTRL + J (on Windows) or Command + J (on Mac) to form a duplicate layer. This step is essential to ensure non-destructive editing.

Use New Guide Layout

  1. One time on the new layer. Get to the View carte du jour on top and select the pick New Guide Layout.
Opening a New Guide Layout

  1. A dialog box will open up, where yous need to brand a few adjustments. First of all, select the number of columns and rows, which volition decide the number of sections you want in the epitome.
  2. Keep the Gutter value nothing in both columns and rows, equally this value determines the distance between the guides, which we do not want while splitting the image.
  3. Click on Ok.

Employ the Slice Tool for Splitting

  1. Take hold of the Slice tool from the toolbar on the left-mitt side. It is bundled upward with the crop tool and is represented with a knife.
  2. At present go to the View card once again and make sure the Snap selection is checked.
  3. On the options bar of the Piece tool, choose the selection to Slice From Guide.
Using the Slice From Guide option

  1. You will now be able to see the number of sections with a blue pick effectually it.

Saving the Divided Sections of the Prototype Separately

  1. Now Relieve these divided sections separately into a folder on your estimator. There is a different mode to save these sliced images as you can not do so with the usual save and save every bit tools.
  2. Go to the File menu on acme. From the Consign option, select Save for Web (legacy). At that place is a quick Photoshop keyboard shortcut for this function that is ALT + SHIFT + CTRL + S on Windows and OPT + SHIFT + CMD + S on Mac.
  3. From the Salvage for Web dialog box, select the type of the paradigm as JPEG, and cull the desired quality.
  4. Click on Salve.
  5. Another pop-upwardly will open, asking you to select the destination binder. We highly recommend making a new binder in the destination to continue these sections off the image split up and organized.
  6. Also, in that location is an option called Slices at the bottom of this popup. There will be three options to choose from this drib-down. Choose All slices to save all the sections of the split image.

Dissever an Image in Half Using Marquee Tool

When you demand to split up an image into ii equal parts, the marquee tool tin can assist you with that quite easily. In this method, we will employ the New Guide selection to assistance with the middle point.

  1. Open the epitome that you intend to split in one-half in Adobe Photoshop CC.
  2. Make a duplicate layer by using the right click selection (right click on the Background layer and click Duplicate Layer) or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL / CMD + J. You don’t want to stop upwards with a carve up image and losing the original one.
  3. At present go to the View menu, and select the New Guide option.
  4. From the Popup that appears, select whether you want a horizontal division of the image or vertical. Input 50 % in the position value. You lot volition see that a guiding line volition appear in the centre of the image.
Splitting an Image in Half Using a Marquee Tool

  1. Now select the Rectangular Marquee Tool from the toolbar.
  2. Make a pick co-ordinate to the guide and select half of the image.
  3. Now press CTRL + J on Windows or CMD + J on Mac to make this pick a new layer.
  4. Hide the other layers to view the half section and use it for any purpose that you want. More often than not, this method is used when you demand to apply two different Furnishings/ Masks/ Gradients to the separate sections.

Split an Image in Half Using the Ruler Tool

Another quick method to cut the image into two parts is by using the Ruler Tool for guides.

  1. Import an image into Adobe Photoshop CC.
  2. Exercise the same standard practise of duplicating the background layer.
  3. To get the thought of the centre point of the image, press CTRL + T on Windows or CMD + T on Mac. this will enable the transform tool, which we need to run into the bounding box in the middle.
  4. Select the Ruler Tool by pressing CTRL + R on Windows or CMD + R on Mac. It volition testify the measurements on the horizontal and vertical centrality of the image. Wherever you place the cursor, the position volition be indicated on the ruler.
  5. Note the position of the bounding box along the horizontal or vertical axis, depending upon whether you want to separate the epitome vertically or horizontally.
Bounding box at the center of an image

  1. Using the Marquee tool, make a pick of the exact half of your image.
Splitting an Image in Half Using the Ruler Tool

  1. Press CTRL + J on Windows or CMD + J on Mac to put this half section into a new layer.
  2. Or, copy the option using CTRL / CMD + C and paste it onto a new certificate.

Common Uses of Carve up Real Estate Images

Splitting the epitome is a ofttimes used functionality, specially in real estate photography.

  1. Ordinarily, the images used for marketing cloth like flyers and brochures require displaying interior and exterior views in varying furnishings. For this, y’all can simply split the view in half and apply two dissimilar effects on each section, similar a mean solar day and night view or a cool and warm color gradient.
  2. Multiple sections of an image are uploaded on Instagram, where the complete image can be viewed equally a puzzle when you open up the Grid. Styling the Instagram filigree layout is a prevalent tactic for promoting item properties.
  3. You tin can also split a large panorama image into multiple images and post them in a unmarried Instagram post to get a swipeable panoramic view.
  4. You may wish to testify a specific department of an epitome in-depth, for which yous need to split that office of the prototype.
  5. Utilise different furnishings on the split sections and merge them later to create an heart-pleasing collage of a single view.
  6. You tin print a large prototype past splitting information technology into sections co-ordinate to the print newspaper size and afterward joining them together.


With the advent of image editing software like Adobe Photoshop CC, dividing an image can be done quite accurately, and that likewise in a affair of minutes. You lot can create as many sections of the image every bit yous want. Moreover, yous can save them every bit dissever files to use in whatever way you want.