Photoshop Warning No Pixels Are Selected

By | 10/08/2022
  • “WARNING: no pixel selected” with the magic wand


    Product: Adobe Photoshop CS5 64-bit

    OS: Windows vii 64-bit

    I’chiliad working on the application of a coating that is textured to a field of hexagons, but not for their “Grout”, i.due east. the border thickness between each hexagonal “mosaic”. I made a option of the “Grout” and then reversed so that now my hexes were selected, brand a new layer filled with black, then using the magic wand tool, I deselected about two/three of the selections in Allen. Employ noise, motion mistiness, makes a fine metallic grain. Invert the selection, remove the backlog black, then reverse and save the selection. Ascertain as overlay, super good. Then layer, load my option of the Hexagon, 1/iii of the responsible for the selection of France that I’ve done before (so I do non utilize two textures on any of a hexagon) and I go nigh 2/3 of the hexagons selected. New layer, fill information technology with black, just like the last time. Except that… when I use my magic wand to deselect, I get ‘ Warning: No. Pixels were selected “and I lose the entire option. Can I deselect using square or the quick selector, but non the magic wand. Now I well recorded and could recreate then no real piece of work is lost, but it is easier deselect each Hexagon bit (there a LOT of them) with the magic wand of monstroustly. Why this all of a sudden is upward?

    Thank yous for your time,

    Charles DiGiovanna

    How is the box to sample all layers [] at the acme of the master window of Photoshop?

    If it is not checked, the wand volition only employ the data on the layer that is currently selected.


  • The polygonal Lasso tool – no Alarm WARNING: no pixel is selected more than 50%. The edges of the choice will exist non visible.

    I tried for hours without success to snap a portion of a photograph by using the tool “Polygonal Lasso” and I get the fault “no Alert Warning: no pixels are selected to more than 50 percentage.” The edges of the selection will be not visible.  No matter where you are looking for a solution, information technology always seems to suggest that you change the “brio”.  I did this.  Several times with nothing success.  At that place must be another solution.  Can you help me delight?  Thank you.

    Brian Stephens

    You set the
    in the toolbar options to
    0 px
    (nothing) earlier using the Polygonal Lasso tool?

  • Why I get this message when y’all use the magnetic lasso tool: “WARNING: no pixel is selected to more than 50 percent.”  The edges of the selection volition be not visible. ?

    Why I get this message when you use the magnetic lasso tool: “WARNING: no pixel is selected to more than than 50 pct.”  The edges of the selection will exist not visible. ?

    See hither:

    Warning: no pixel is selected more than 50%

  • How to activate the alarm “no pixel is selected?

    How to actuate the alert “no pixel is selected?

    When I selected an empty layer in photoshop, it lets warn me Alert: no pixels were selected.  How activate this setting prompt warning again?  Thank you.

    Take you tried”reset all warning dialog boxes” in Photoshop > Preferences > General.

  • Could non be completed, no pixel selected

    I desire a cantankerous-hatch cross-state all a Umag.  But I can’t because “WARNING: no pixel is selected.  How can I select pixels (I already tried ‘All’ and “All layers” – not skilful)?  Human foot 11 Mac.

    Brand sure that the active layer has your photograph in it, rather than an aligning layer or a layer is empty. Hover over the layers panel, then click on the one yous want.

  • Elliptical selection tool – “no attending WARNING: no pixels are selected to more than 50 percentage.” The edges of the selection will be non visible.

    I am convinced that information technology is a bug in Photoshop CC 2014. I am on Windows seven, 64-fleck. The 2014.ii.2 version, and the version is 2014.204.r.310 ten 64. If I select a zone by using the Rectangle tool, the surface area is described as usual. All the same, if I use the elliptical choice tool and select the aforementioned area, I get the alert. Even if I make full the region using the paint bucket, I e’er get error if I effort to select using the elliptical framing box. Is always successful with the rectangle. I’ve seen other users re issues. the lasso tool with the same beliefs and warning. The usual reply has been put at the border of the feather to 0. However, information technology is by default (on my system) to 0.0. Using the selector to improve the contour and by replacing the value 0 (or any other value) makes no difference and in fact after this and clicking OK, the warning screens.

    Is this a issues with the elliptical choice tool? I’ve updated Photoshop just before submitting this question, and the behavior is unchanged.

    Hi irwin,

    There are different possibilities to solve this situation. Try one of the post-obit options;

    • Decrease the radius of softening of the choice tools,
    • Increase the size of the selection
    • Increase the size of the paradigm (this may decrease the quality of your prototype),.
    • Ignore the warning message and keep going to work on your file (call back that your pick is notwithstanding there).
    • Also, make certain that you selected and the targeting of the right layer.

    Y’all may adopt to ready the plume to zero in on the selection tools and use the pen (Ctrl + Alt + D) command for each specific selection. Using the plume command does not modify the parameter of smoothing (zippo value) on choice tool, then you don’t need to wory on previous selections feather RADIUS.

    Let us know if that helps.

    Kind regards

    ~ Mohit

  • I am running CS5.ane on my IMAC with OS x.7.5. When I try to grab an expanse for the settings I go the following warning: “WARNING: no pixel is selected more than than 50% the edges will be not visible.ยป Then, I can’t continue with my edit. What it ways. It’s j

    The above problem when trying to grab a space for aligning just became a problem.

    You tin accept the pen in the Options bar set to a value that is too high. Reduire reduce to zero, and so try again.

  • Pixel choice – LCD Pixel limit

    I’m working on LCD screens, where we need to create screens in Photoshop to produce a BMP. Hardware / software dictates that only 4 colors is used on each icon screen.

    If I create a white icon on black background, the limit of pixel assemblies from black to white, creating more than than iv colors. I can run on the LCD screen, past irresolute each pixel manually, by removing this “shadow”.

    We volition be producing over 50 screens each in a different language. Is there an easier way to modify this limit to produce an edge last pixel?

    How practise you create icons? If you are using forms, you should be able to take “Snap to pixel grid vector tools” selected in the preferences. To lines and shapes non at ninety degrees, yous must use the polygon lasso tool to create the class and have the off anti-allonym box when selecting, and so fill the pick. You tin can also employ the magic wand tool to make a choice of an item and and then fill up in on a new layer. There an border difficult pixel.

  • Pixel option issues, what I am doing wrong?

    Ofttimes, when I try to select the pixels with the select either fast or magic wand, for some reason tool, the tool is picking up the strange habits of pixels in the prototype and simply delete the unwanted areas of the fair option translated by picking up a unlike arrangement of pixels, so is unfortunately not a solution. Knowing me, information technology’s probably something actually obvious that I missed. I tried to reset the tools with no luck and I practice not see why the file type (JPEG) must be the cause of all the bug… I’m quite a novice this ideas as a user of Photoshop! Just here’s a pic to give y’all an thought of what I mean:


    I have used earlier versions of Photoshop in the past and have never encountered this before. Can’t seem to notice advice online, so I’m puzzled! Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


    According to adobe the crusade is not having of
    processor graphics employ
    enabled in
    Edit > Preferences > Performance

    (restart photoshop afterward checking the box processor graphics use)

    See this postal service

  • Part ‘Once again cut layer’ to the pixel selection.

    Hey guys. This is a fairly minor feature, but it might be useful.

    The device would be a single comand that could remove the pixels of a layer and paste it into a new layer.

    CTL – X does technically, but since CTL – Ten clears the selection, the dough doesn’t have a guide in the gild paste the pixels in the aforementioned location.

    CTRL-C, DEL, CTRL-V, has the effect of pixels in the cup of a layer into a new layer while preserving the selection, but information technology would be prissy to take as a single command.

    The obvious shoice would be CTRL-SHIFT-10, merely information technology’s the fluidity, and I beloved it.

    And so, I suggest ALT-SHIFT-X. I know that the combination of alt – shift keys always used, just honestly, this isn’t a characteristic really is seedbed

    Thanks for reading.

    Already command-J (new layer past copying) and control Maj J (new layer past cutting) – which is exactly what yous asked for. Redload the selection you can simply click on the new layer – for the almost role, y’all wouldn’t do that, because it is just in the way. You lot could if you wanted to.

    Practice you seriously retrieve that photoshop version
    xi– wouldn’t this shortcut at present? They came back 4 or 5 at to the lowest degree

  • Alarm the current selection

    If it is possible there is a way to encounter if a choice is present or non

    I wish the script needs to exercise this task:

    If the selection and that must start an action

    If not, and information technology should review that the selection is not present.

    Thank yous

    Alarm (hasSelection());

    selection control.

    hasSelection() {} function

    ref10 var = new ActionReference();

    Ref10.putProperty (stringIDToTypeID (“Property”), stringIDToTypeID (“selection”));

    Ref10.putEnumerated (charIDToTypeID (‘Dcmn”), charIDToTypeID (‘Ordn’), charIDToTypeID (“Trgt’));

    var docDesc = executeActionGet (ref10);

    Return docDesc.hasKey (stringIDToTypeID (“selection”));


  • Path to selection does non

    I created a path and want to make a selection to a layer mask. When I did initially that he chose only the outermost path (not treating the path as a compound path). I tried changing the settings to exclude forms overlapping and now he turned to the “grey” path window and does not let me to make the path a selection. He says: “WARNING: no pixel selected. I added a page so you can run across the thumbnail.PHOTOSHOP-ISSUE.jpg

    Exercise you this past selecting the path and here:

  • When you use the Polygonal Lasso with thirteen elements, I get the message ‘no pixels are not selected to more than 50% ‘ why and how to remedy?

    When you utilise the Polygonal Lasso with thirteen elements, I become the message ‘ Alert: no pixel is selected to more than 50 percentage. ”  Why – and how to ready information technology?

    Brand certain that the correct layer is selected.

    Decrease the corporeality of feathers.

  • Selection of Pixel single column, then paste…


    This might look like a very unusual request, merely I was upset to find the reply.

    In a given photographic image, I would cull a single pixel in each
    of pixels, running up and down in a
    columnof a pixel.  Then, I want to eliminate (Cup) nothing else on the Web with the exception of the one column of selected pixels. From at that place, I would take the pixel selected in each line and copy the pixel color
    each line on the left and correct of the pixel selected.

    The finish upshot is that I have a series of horizontal lines of pixels meridian of one colour (based on the color of the selected pixel) through the epitome of left and right.

    Looking at this picture:

    Select a single pixel on each line in a single column-

    xxxxxx XXXXXXS

    xxxxxx XXXXXXS

    xxxxxx XXXXXXSouthward

    Remove/cut everything except the selected pixels in only ane cavalcade-




    Now, on each line, copy unmarried pixel selected to the left and the right of the selection, to the extent of the canvas-




    Interesting challenge or Easy-Peasey?


    Easy. Use the brand single pixel tool to select a line of pixels. Cmd/Ctrl-J to copy pixels into a new layer. CTRL/cmd-click on the layer icon to select these pixels. CTRL/cmd-T to turn those pixels on the width of the image.

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