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By | 25/08/2022

Go along the Wheels Turning Using Zoom on “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”

Keep the Wheels Turning Using Zoom on “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”

We ofttimes hear from Zoom users near our platform’due south crawly ability to connect people, especially its power to deliver the contiguous communications you would go from a business trip without always having to leave the office. Nevertheless, many users may not realize the
extent of its versatility. Zoom not simply allows you to connect and collaborate without traveling, it is also platonic to aid you stay in touch every leg of a journey if you
accept to travel. To illustrate that signal, I thought it would exist fun to share some stories about Zoom meetings held in planes, trains, automobiles–and fifty-fifty on a bike.

Since I joined Zoom equally its CIO in March of this year, I take had occasion to travel to encounter colleagues in other Zoom offices, attend technology conferences, and visit beau CIOs. While on the road, I all the same need to participate in presentations, meetings, and ane-on-i calls with my team–in curt, I need to “keep the wheels turning” no matter where I am, and Zoom has proven invaluable in letting me do that!

Zoom’s Features “Just Piece of work” for Travel

I have used Zoom to conduct meetings while in the air over Iceland, traveling by railroad train from New York City to Philadelphia, in Ubers driving beyond town, and while walking on Park Avenue in Manhattan. Zoom’due south flexibility and ease-of-use permit me to quickly transition from one mode to another and to adapt to my environment in
types of settings. For example, I have Zoomed in audio-only mode while riding my cycle, and then switched to video once on the train. I have discovered that Zoom’s collaboration features provide the same awesome, easy-to-utilize experience on the go or in the role. When I accept needed to explain something to a colleague while traveling, I have pulled up the whiteboard in my Zoom meeting and started cartoon a diagram or annotated a shared a document– all from my phone! When content is shared with me on my phone, I am able to “zoom” in and see it very clearly, with perfect reliability.

Zoom’southward versatile characteristic ready makes it ideal for travel. When I am on a airplane or railroad train, I use video, but plough off my microphone and employ conversation instead. Doing this allows me to actively listen, but non talk (since that might disturb people around me). By using chat, I can still ask questions, make comments, and exist completely engaged in the meeting! In fact, I Zoomed with a colleague to discuss this blog post while flying from New York to Houston recently. Additionally, Zoom just announced iPhone virtual backgrounds. This feature allows you to accept a professional backdrop from anywhere – no physical dark-green screen required.

Zoom “Saves the Day” for Other Users On the Route

You practise not accept to accept it from me that Zoom provides frictionless communications in nearly any setting–you lot tin hear it from our customers likewise. Nosotros recently received a letter from a user who recounted how Zoom “saved the 24-hour interval” by allowing him to close a very important deal while traveling in the Philippines (you can read the full account here). He got caught in traffic and had to telephone call into a meeting a client scheduled using a legacy screen sharing tool–while he was a passenger in an Uber. Not only did the call fail, but and then his laptop battery died. Fortunately, he was able to reconvene the meeting using Zoom on his mobile phone. He reported that he could non only hear and run into the clients perfectly, merely that the clients liked the experience so much that they asked to use Zoom–instead of the legacy solution–for the adjacent meeting!

We likewise heard from a Notre Dame professor who used Zoom to participate in his students’ year-end project presentations while he was flying to Detroit from Amsterdam, where he had just spoke at an of import conference. His teaching assistant placed an iPad near the front end of the auditorium where the students were presenting the projects, assuasive him to see and hear everything, and to communicate with everyone involved. By using Zoom, he avoided having to skip the briefing or reschedule dozens of students’ presentations.

Travel No Longer Means Downtime

Zoom has been a huge benefaction to my productivity, and as you lot have read, has helped Zoom users in some unique ways too. I tin go more done now than I had e’er been able to, and travel no longer creates scheduling obstacles or is synonymous with downtime. I’m not sure where my travels volition take me this summertime, but peradventure I’ll mail a video of me Zooming on a jet ski soon!

I would honey to hear about how Zoom has helped you on the road or in the office. You can transport me your stories and comments at

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