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Written by Kathleen Frank

Nothing is more 90s than a point and shoot film photographic camera. We beloved them because they are meaty, lightweight, and couldn’t be easier to use.

But, mostly, we love them considering they are fun. They’re perfectly designed to exist used spur of the moment and capture life as it’s happening.

While non known for the best image quality, due to their depression quality lenses and limited features, they are still the film camera for parties and get-togethers, a twenty-four hour period at the beach, and road trips. They are meant to live life with you.

We’re going to have a wait at five of the all-time point and shoot film cameras that would exist a groovy addition to any photographic camera purse.

Not only exercise these analog cameras accept all of the fun and simplicity that make point and shoot cameras so special, only nosotros also wanted to find the indicate and shoot film cameras with the best image quality.

1. Contax T2

Information technology’s tough to make a list of indicate and shoot motion picture cameras without talking near the Contax T2. The T2 is arguably the most popular p&due south camera effectually right at present.

It’s ever had a solid reputation and fan base of operations in the motion picture customs, but after being hyped by a few celebrities, it’s gained some mainstream popularity too (for better or worse).

While it’due south a beautifully simple photographic camera with clean lines and a solid metal build, information technology’south lens is what makes this camera so astonishing. The Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 38mm f/2.8 lens is one of the sharpest lens you’ll find on a point and shoot.

The Contax T2 Point and Shoot Film Camera - 5 Point and Shoot Film Cameras by Kathleen Frank on Shoot It With Film

It volition too give you much more than control over your images than y’all might await from a indicate and shoot. With the Contax T2, you can manually set your discontinuity and exposure compensation, and information technology also has an AE lock feature, allowing y’all to focus on your subject while metering elsewhere.

This amount of artistic control and the sharp lens gets you much closer to the paradigm quality of an SLR with the ease of a point and shoot. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel to run into why people beloved it and so much!

Equally a side note, y’all cannot manually set up your ISO with the T2, but this commodity volition help you hack your DX code so you can change the ISO on any camera that auto-detects ISO.

The downside to it’s hype and popularity is it’s price tag. Oof. It is the most expensive photographic camera on this list at around $850.

Find the Contax T2 at KEH Camera or on eBay.

If you’re interested in the Contax T2 but want something more than affordable, the Contax TVS series may exist worth a try.

The TVS series is very similar to the T series, with the same sleek pattern, exposure bounty, and exposure lock feature, just with a zoom lens. The lens won’t pack quite the aforementioned punch as the stock-still-focus prime number on the T2, but it’southward nonetheless a high-quality, great lens for a point and shoot.

Check out this review to read all about the Contax TVS.

two. Yashica T4

Most point and shoot movie cameras are pretty similar. They’re small plastic cameras with simple controls, but durable enough to be thrown in a bag, merely null fancy.

So what sets some analog point and shoots autonomously from the rest? Information technology’southward the lens. It’south always the lens. You’ll notice the cameras on the list all accept remarkable lenses.

The Yashica T4 is no exception. It’south Zeiss Tessar T* 35mm f/iii.5 is sharp and renders colors beautifully. Information technology will give your images nice dissimilarity with rich colors. The 3.5 aperture is a picayune slower than ideal, merely it does retain it’s sharpness wide open.

The Yashica T4 Point and Shoot Film Camera - 5 Point and Shoot Film Cameras by Kathleen Frank on Shoot It With Film
Prototype: George Rex

Where the Contax T2 is more than of a point and shoot that wants to be an SLR, the Yashica T4 is very much not. It is the signal and shoot of point and shoots. Information technology has a classic plastic body and almost no controls. Automatic exposure, half press the shutter to lock focus, toggle the flash on or off, and that’s about it.

Forth with the quality lens, the Yashica T4’due south wink it’s other principal attraction. The T4 has been famously used by way photographers to create a punk artful with the strong direct flash look.

Here’s a video with a good overview of the T4 with some great examples of the fashion aesthetic: Yashica T4 Review from New Nostalgia

This is another camera where its popularity has created a steep price tag. I promise there are some cheaper options on this list! The Yashica T4 can be found for around $450.

Find the Yashica T4 at KEH Camera or on eBay.

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3. Olympus Stylus Epic / Olympus Mju 2

The Olympus Stylus Ballsy, also called the Olympus Mju II, is a fully automatic, beautifully compact betoken and shoot film photographic camera.

At that place are two Olympus cameras on this list, and that is because of the Olympus lenses. While not quite the same magic as a Zeiss lens, the lens in the Olympus Stylus Ballsy really holds it’s own. It has a sharp and fast 35mm f/2.8 lens, even chirapsia out the Yashica T4 for speed.

The Olympus Stylus Epic / Olympus MJU II Point and Shoot Film Camera - 5 Point and Shoot Film Cameras by Kathleen Frank on Shoot It With Film

The Stylus Epic is fully automatic with motorcar exposure and focusing, but yous tin can apply its spot metering way.

Past pressing the self-timer and the wink-mode button at the same time, you’ll plough on the spot mode. Then, you can aim the camera where you’d like to accept an exposure reading, press the shutter half-style, and information technology will lock in the exposure and focus. Then y’all can recompose and shoot. This mode does reset when you plow the camera off, and then information technology’s a scrap of a cumbersome feature, simply it’s notwithstanding nice to take.

The Olympus Stylue Ballsy is also weatherproof! For a plastic camera, it’s quite durable. If you’re looking for a signal and shoot that can handle rain, snow, and other adventures, this might be a great fit.

You tin can also read our detailed review of the Olympus Stylus Epic / Mju Ii here.

The Olympus Stylus Epic / Olympus MJU 2 can be found for around $200-$250.

Find the Olympus Stylus Epic at KEH Camera or on eBay.

4. Olympus XA2

The Olympus XA2 is an interesting camera and the 2nd Olympus point and shoot camera on this listing. It is the smallest and the most blank bones photographic camera out of the v nosotros’re talking about today.

I matter that makes information technology so small is that information technology does not have an integrated flash. It has a flash zipper that connects to the side of the photographic camera. Information technology’s an interesting design that makes the photographic camera quite modest when the flash isn’t attached.

The Olympus XA2 Point and Shoot Film Camera - 5 Point and Shoot Film Cameras by Kathleen Frank on Shoot It With Film

It also doesn’t have machine-focus. Information technology utilizes zone focusing. There is a small-scale toggle side by side to the lens where y’all select the focus altitude of 1.v meters, 3 meters, or infinity. While the lack of car-focus might feel like a negative, it really makes the camera incredibly quick to employ.

Without a DX code reader, so y’all’ll need to manually set up your ISO on the Olympus XA2. This is another less advanced feature that actually leads to more freedom and control while shooting. Information technology’due south a little exposure compensation hack.

The Olympus XA2 is small, unassuming, and super quick to shoot. This along with its great lens makes it a favorite for street photographers. Information technology is gear up to become the second you open it! You don’t need to expect for focus to lock or dabble with settings. Information technology is a true point and shoot that produces reliable, quality images.

The XA2 tin be institute at a smashing price point also. It is one of the least expensive cameras on this list at under $100.

Find the Olympus XA2 at KEH Camera or on eBay.

5. Nikon L35af

Rounding out our listing of the best point and shoot film cameras is the Nikon L35af. Information technology is some other great option you tin can pick upward for nether $100.

It has a abrupt, fast 35mm f/2.8 Nikon lens with a smashing focusing system. The lens likewise has threads for filters. Such a rarity in a indicate and shoot!

With the exposure meter located right under the lens backside the filter, you can even use ND filters without having to worry most exposure bounty.

The Nikon L35af Point and Shoot Film Camera - 5 Point and Shoot Film Cameras by Kathleen Frank on Shoot It With Film
Prototype credit: Wutthichai Charoenburi

The Nikon L35af too has a few other cool features worth noting. It has a manual ISO setting (no DX lawmaking reader), so you’ll exist able to manipulate your exposure a scrap.

There is also a 2 stop exposure compensation for backlit images. This is a lever on the side of the lens, and so y’all’ll demand to hold the lever down while shooting. It doesn’t have incremental exposure compensation, merely the +two feature.

The camera is pretty bulky, though, and not the about pocketable. Information technology’southward the largest camera on this list with a square, functional, 80s mode design to it. But if y’all don’t listen the size, information technology has a fantastic lens at a great price point and gives you a skillful amount of command over your images.

Find the Nikon L35af at KEH Camera or on eBay.

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