Prom Send Off Ideas For Guys

By | 27/08/2022

Offset comes the promposal, then comes prom night! To make your dark as special as possible, recall that the magic is in the planning. Beyond the apparel or the tux and the corsage or the boutonniere, the prom theme is one of the most important aspects of prom night. It sets the tone for the experience and adds something a little extra to the ambience.

If yous’re part of this year’s prom-planning committee and need some ideas, we’ve put together the ultimate listing of themes.
Cheque out the fifty best prom themes—from chic and elegant to creative and funky.

50 Best Prom Themes

i.The Great Gatsby

One of the almost classic prom (and fifty-fifty nuptials!) themes of all time, decorations should set the vibe of the roaring 20s and can even include the optics of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg from the book.

2. Casino Dark

Think Katy Perry’southwardWaking Upwards in Vegas
music video! Casino Night will forever be a pop prom theme, thanks to the super fun decorations—vibrant red, black, and aureate and carte du jour games galore.

3. A Night in Paris

Because what’s more romantic than a night on the streets of Paris?

4. Neon Nights

For Neon Nights, you need neon lights! It’s all about vivid, glowing colors with this party theme.

five. On Cloud nine

Caput up in the clouds? That’s exactly how this prom theme should feel, like yous’re walking through the sky.

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half-dozen. Red Carpet

Paparazzi, a long red carpet, cameras flashing. You should experience similar the star of the premiere on your prom night and this prom theme ensures that.

7. A Dark at the Disco


Throw information technology back to the 70s by making the disco ball your inspiration for an unforgettable night of fun.

viii. Through the Decades

Why focus on one decade when you can pay homage to them all?

9. What Happens in Vegas

Rolling dice, carte du jour games, dancers adorned in feathers. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, baby!

10. Under the Body of water

In this classic prom theme, you’re the mermaid princess and the water-themed decor around you is your personal grotto haven.

eleven. Moulin Rouge

What’s more fun than burlesque as a theme?! Embrace the ability of dearest throughMoulin Rouge‘s ruby-red-and-gold color palette and bright lights. Not to mention, you’ve got a song of the same name that
exist added to the playlist—no exceptions!

12. A Walk Through the Enchanted Forest

Take a walk through the enchanted wood. Think: polka-dotted mushrooms, fairy-lit lanterns hanging from the copse, and row subsequently row after flowers.

xiii. Winter Is Coming…

Are your fellow HS classmates
Game of Thrones
obsessed? Better starting time practicing your braiding because with this
theme, the hair possibilities are endless.

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xiv. Candy Country

At that place’s no prom theme sweeter.

15. Fire and Ice

Fire, ice, and everything prissy—this hot-and-cold prom theme features 1 half of the venue that’s decked out in fiery red and orange and the other half that’s an icy, snowy bluish.

xvi. Garden Party


Dinner table gear up for party, with candles and blossom arrangements, romantic restaurant

Flowers—all the flowers!

17. To the Moon and Back

Nosotros love this prom theme thought to the moon and dorsum thank you to all of the amazing photo opportunities.

18. Out of This Milky way

A prom backdrop featuring planets, stars, and galaxies is totally out of this earth.

Comic Book Prom

Superheroes, speech bubbling, and exclamation points galore.

xx. An Island Paradise

Prom is then much better if information technology transports you to the beach.

21. Winter Wonderland


There’southward something so inexplicably magical about wearing a gown amongst a wintry wonderland scene.

22. Masquerade Ball

Another perfect become-to theme, your masquerade brawl should accept masks (the not-coronavirus kind for the eyes), chandeliers, feathers, and lanterns to bring that sleek, sophisticated vibe.

23. Grecian Paradise

Make prom paradise… simply against the bright-blue shores of Santorini, Greece.

24. Hogwarts’ Yule Ball

As anyHarry Potter
fan will tell you, theGoblet of Fire‘s Yule Ball is definitely an iconic moment. Channel the gloriousness (and sometimes awkwardness) of Harry, Ron, and Hermoine’s starting time ball with a frosty backdrop and white string lights.

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25. Carnival Celebration

At a funfair-themed prom, there are tons of games to play and tasty foods to eat.

26. Through the Looking Glass


Inspired byAlice in Wonderland, autumn downward the rabbit hole with this magical garden party. Evoke Alice’s run a risk with behemothic, singing flowers in the photobooth, black-and-white checked linens, and imperial lighting that mimics the Cheshire Cat’south grin.

27. Black Necktie Effect

Demand to go on information technology unproblematic merely classy? Everyone tin get downwards with a Black Tie Outcome. It’s crisp lines, classic silhouettes, and fancy to the nth caste.

28. Rustic Romance

Go country on ’em with this laidback theme. Trip the light fantastic toe amongst the haystacks and if you lot can, rent out a rustic—only still elegant—befouled for the venue.

29. Hawaiian Luau

Bring the tropical vibes to prom by citing Hawaiian luaus every bit your prom’s inspiration. Beautiful, big flowers, tiki huts, and prom trees—ahem,palm
trees—will ship your entire class to the beaches of Maui. At least for a few hours.

30. Butterfly Garden

This is no regular old garden. Accept a stroll through the Butterfly Garden, where these creatures symbolic of rebirth palpitate in a higher place your head, reminding you that it’southward never too tardily to start again.

31. Roaring 20s

It’south stillGatsby, only a bit more than on the general end of the spectrum. A Roaring 20s-themed prom should take bedazzled decorations, pearls, feathers, and that old-timey romantic vibe.

32. Sometime Hollywood Glamour


If the 20s aren’t an pick, but you lot still desire to stir up the classic feel of Old Hollywood Glamour, pull out the cherry carpet and style those finger waves for this prom theme.

33. Arabian Nights

Inspired by the architecture and color palette of southwest Asia, Arabian Nights equally a prom theme should feel magical—like on prom dark, annihilation can happen.


All Around the World

For a well-traveled theme that pays respects to all cultures, go international. The classic All Effectually the World prom theme celebrates some of our globe’s most stunning architecture, most meaningful traditions, and most beautiful places.

35.Downton Abbey
Tea Party

No demand to actually sip the tea for this prom theme, simply if you and all your classmates agree thatDownton Abbeyvibes are the manner to get, then break out the corseted dresses.

36. Be Our Guest

Stay with u.s. on this one considering although it tin feel theteensiest
bit cheesy, there’s yet a lot to be said for all the romance Disney tin convey. The best role ofBeauty and the Fauna
is undoubtedly the musical number “Be Our Guest,” so simply think about all the fun you could take focusing the dark on decorations like dancing and singing forks and high-quality food. Oh, and you tin’t forget Beast’s glass-covered rose.

37. Country Fete

It’s a hoedown! You lot won’t need authentic cowgirl (or cowboy) boots to run across this prom theme’s criteria, but nosotros do recommend decorating with touches of the pop farmhouse aesthetic—rustic woods, galvanized metal, and eucalyptus.

A Starry Nighttime


39. The Galaxy in Rebellion

Take your prom theme to the adjacent level by hosting a prom with a touch of science fiction.

40.RiverdaleMurder Mystery

Do Murder Mystery but do it better by incorporating every teen’s favorite drama. For backdrop, we’re thinking Popular’s, the iconic piffling diner where it all goes down in
and for decor, a snake or ii to nod to the Southside Serpents.

41. Frozen Fairytale

Let information technology go—as in, let go all of that prom-planning stress y’all’re holding onto. For this theme, prom takes identify in Elsa’southward crystallized ice castle and snowflakes and rainbow-throwing shards of ice hang from the ceilings.

42. Clair De Lune

Translated to “moonlight” in French, the Clair De Lune prom theme is all about a night under the stars in France. Crescent moons, gold and silver accents, and maybe even a glance at the Eiffel Tower.

43. Camp

Think when the Met Gala theme was Military camp? OK, if non, then maybe you’re too young. Regardless, Military camp as a theme is all about playing with shape and color and texture. Going over the pinnacle only for the sake of going over the elevation.

44. Nighttime in Times Square

There’due south no properties like that of the Manhattan skyline. Aqueduct the lit-up streets of NYC that never sleep with a Times Square backdrop and the vibrant signs of Broadway.

45. Shakespeare in Dearest

Shakespeare’due south near notorious couple didn’t exactly have a happy ending, and then instead of making this prom theme aboutRomeo & Juliet, nosotros’ll proceed it cryptic. Every bit a prom theme, Shakespeare in Dearest is all about whimsical romance, garden views, blood-red roses, and hand-written beloved notes.

46. Gold Rush


There’s not much to this theme aesthetically because information technology’south all about a prom that’s dripping in golden. It’s luxe, it’due south chic, it’s glitz
it’s glam.

47. Safari Celebration

Want to party amongst the wild animals? Transform your prom venue into a jungle with greenery in every corner and brute eyes lurking in the shadows.

48. Welcome to Neverland

Here, you never have to abound up! Channel Peter Pan’south favorite place, Neverland, with his ship, The Jolly Roger, in the background, the silhouettes of Wendy and Peter against the moon, and a little fairy dust a la Tinker Bell.

49. Party on the Beach

Not every prom theme has to be all about the high heels and the glam… Go boho with a Party on the Beach aesthetic. After all, beaches are romantic, too!

fifty. 1950s Rock’n’ Whorl

It’s a regular old Sock Hop! Decorate with a Jukebox, tile the floor black and white, and brand sure at that place’s a retro pinkish-and-teal diner as your photo opp backdrop.

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